8 Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Growl And Lick At The Same Time

Is your dog always growling and licking? You’re not alone. Many dog owners have experienced this behavior from their pet. While it can be confusing, there is usually a reason behind it.

In this post, we will explore some of the most common reasons behind the most asked query that why does my dog growl and lick at the same time.

We’ll also provide tips for how to address this behavior. So, if you’re curious about what’s going on with your pooch, keep reading.

Why Does My Dog Growl At Me But Nobody Else?

If your dog is growling at you more than usual, there’s probably a reason for it. This could be because of some anxiety or fear that your dog is feeling.

On the other hand, it could be because your pet doesn’t feel secure around you anymore. If this is the case, it could be because of some change in your household, such as the addition of a new family member.

Moreover, If your dog only growls when he is around you, it could be a sign that something isn’t right. You may feel like your dog is trying to dominate you.

Another possibility is that your dog is feeling threatened or protective around you, which is why he may be growling. Whatever the reason for your pet’s unusual behavior, it can affect his well-being in the long run.

Therefore, it’s important to find out what may be causing these changes so you can take action to resolve the problem.

To determine the real reason behind your dog’s aggression, it’s important to take them to a veterinarian.

They will be able to give you valuable insight into what is happening with your pet and how you should proceed.

Why Does My Dog Growl And Lick At The Same Time

Why Does My Dog Growl And Lick At The Same Time?

There can be a variety of reasons why your dog growls and licks at the same time. This behavior can sometimes be sign that your dog is feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

In other cases, it may be a way for your pup to show dominance over others. Also, the growling and licking may just be a way to get attention from you.

Let’s take a look at each of these reasons:

1.Your Dog Is Feeling Anxious

Growling and licking can be a sign that your dog feels stressed or anxious. One of the typical causes for this behavior is kennel stress .

This occurs when dogs are placed in a new environment, such as a different room or house, and they begin to feel scared or uncomfortable.

In some cases, dogs may even develop kennel stress after a long period of time in their familiar environment. Kennel stress can be challenging because dogs typically won’t tell us they’re feeling this way.

Licking and/or growling as a sign for anxiety is also commonly seen with dogs who have been through a traumatic experience .

For example, some pups may become anxious or scared during veterinary visits due to previous visits that were unpleasant. In other cases, your pet’s fear may simply come from not knowing what to expect from a new situation.

2.Your Dog Is Trying To Show Dominance Over You

If your dog licks or growls while you’re holding them or being affectionate with them, it could be a sign that they are trying to show dominance over you .

This is common with puppies and younger dogs. For instance, your poochie may not want you petting them or hugging them while they are eating their food bowl.

3.Your Dog Is Playing With You

You may also notice that your dog is licking and growling while they’re playing. This is a common behavior in most dogs. In fact, it’s completely normal for them to do this while they’re being playful.

For instance, when your pet see you or another person, they may initiate a play bow . During this time, your dog may start to lick and growl as part of their effort to play with you.

4.Your Dog Is Trying To Get Attention From You

Puppies often use this behavior as a way to get attention from you. While it’s typically cute when pups do this, it can also lead to more significant problems if it becomes a habit.

One way to help break the pattern of your dog growling and licking for attention is by ignoring them during these moments . You should only give your pup affection when they are calm and quiet.

If you do pet your pup during the times they are being bad, eventually they’ll learn that they get your attention this way.

5.Your Dog Is Afraid Of Something

In some cases, dogs may growl and lick when they’re afraid of something . One possible reason for this behavior is that your pet sees a trigger that scares them.

This can include things like people, animals, moving objects, and other dogs. In other words, if your dog is scared of someone or something in their environment, they may start growling and licking.

6.Your Dog Is In Pain

If your dog has a chronic health condition , it’s possible that they may start to lick or growl when they begin to feel pain . This behavior tends to occur more frequently with geriatric dogs, but younger pups can also be affected if their conditions worsen. Some common reasons for pain include:

  • Ear infections
  • Arthritis and joint pains
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

In most cases of chronic pain, there isn’t a single reason for it. Instead, many of these conditions are the result of multiple factors such as age, genetics, and even weight .

In some cases, poor diet can worsen these issues and make them harder to manage.

7.He Wants To Tell You Something

If your dog licks or growls when you’re giving him a treat, it’s possible that he wants to tell you something . For example, if your pup starts licking your face, they may just want attention.

However, if your pet begins to lick their lips or nose while staring at you, it can be an indication that they need to go outside and relieve themselves.

In other cases, your dog may have a condition such as hyperthyroidism that makes them lick excessively .

8.Your Dog May Have A Medical Problem

Growling and licking can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as canine compulsive disorder . This is when dogs perform repetitive behaviors for no particular reason. If you are concerned about your dog’s behavior, make sure to speak with your vet to rule out any possible health issues.

If you think your dog may be acting aggressively due to anxiety or fear, please contact us today ! We offer special animal behavior programs that can help overcome

By understanding the root cause of this behavior, you can better help your furry friend feel more comfortable and confident.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Growling And Licking ?

Don’t Pet Your Dog When He Is Being Bad

If you pet your canine during the times they are being bad, eventually they’ll learn that they get your attention this way.

Ignore Him

Don’t make eye contact or talk to your pet when he is being bad. Eventually, he’ll learn that the only time you pay attention to him it’s when he is calm and quiet.

Provide More Exercise

Exercise can help tire them out so they aren’t getting into mischief. Don’t be surprised if you find a mess of chewed things or a hole in the couch, that is why it’s best to give them more exercise.

Make sure your dog gets enough food and water- If your dog has been growling and licking for no reason, make sure they get the right amount of food and water. A hungry dog will be more likely to misbehave.

Get Rid Of  The Triggers

If your pet is growling and licking because they are afraid, make sure you remove all triggers from their environment that scare them and try to reward good behavior when it occurs.

Consult A Vet

Your dog may have a underlying health condition such as arthritis or hyperthyroidism which makes them lick excessively . Make sure to consult a vet if your dog’s behavior seems unusual.

Why Does My Dog Lick And Bite At The Same Time?

Dogs are known for licking their humans. They lick our faces in greeting, they lick us to show affection, and sometimes they even lick our hands to ask for food. But what about when your dog licks you but also bites at the same time? Here are some reasons why do dogs lick and bite at the same time.

  • Your dog is trying to get attention.
  • Your dog is trying to claim you.
  • Your dog is jealous of another pet or family member.
  • Your dog has separation anxiety.
  • Your dog is in pain.
  • Your dog has an injury or wound
  • Your dog is very excited for something specific
  • You are petting your dog and he doesn’t know how to ask for more.

Why Does My Dog Growls At Me When I Look At Him?

If your dog growls at you when you look at him, it’s most likely that he feels threatened. Perhaps he is being protective of his food or another resource, such as a rawhide bone.

If your dog becomes defensive when you walk near him while he is chewing on a rawhide bone, for example, then he may assume that you are going to take the bone away from him.

In this case, it’s important that you don’t approach him while he is chewing on the bone. You should wait until he finishes his rawhide and then give him the command to “drop” it.

While some dogs may react aggressively and attempt to attack or bite you, others might simply show their displeasure by growling.

It could also be a sign of fearfulness and insecurity , which is why you should pay attention to your dog’s body language so you can take the proper actions.

Why Does My Dog Growl And Show Teeth When I Pet Him?

If your dog only growls when you pet him, it may be a sign that he’s feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

For instance, if you suddenly change the way you pet him (for example, if you’re only scratching his back and then suddenly start petting his head), he might growl because he doesn’t like the change.

Some dogs might growl and show their teeth even when they’re feeling happy and content, simply because they don’t like to be touched in certain areas of their bodies.

If your dog growls or shows his teeth while you’re petting him, try avoiding those “tense” areas and only pet him in places where he seems comfortable and relaxed.

For example, you can avoid petting your dog’s head if he seems to dislike it when you do that.

How Can I Tell If The Problem Is Serious Or Not?

Sometimes, your dog may lick and growl for no reason at all. However, if you notice new behaviors or they are more aggressive than usual, it’s time to speak with your vet.

Aggressive animals are more likely to snap or bite if they feel threatened, which can lead to serious injury.

If your pet is growling and licking at the same time, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your vet to determine the root cause of this behavior.


Most dogs growl and lick for numerous reasons. In some cases, a medical condition may be to blame. In other cases, it may just be a natural reaction for your pet.

However, if you notice new behaviors or they are more aggressive than usual, a vet should examine them to determine the root cause of this behavior.

I hope now you know that why does my dog growl and lick at the same time and whats the root cause of this behavior in them.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to leave a comment on the blog. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come back soon.


Why does my dog growl then kiss me?

If you have been on the receiving end of a canine growl and kiss, you are probably wondering what exactly is going on in your dog’s head.

It is possible that your furry friend is simply trying to say, “I love you,” but more likely is that your dog is attempting to communicate that they are feeling conflicted about something.

It often displays a strong bond between owner and dog when they are on the verge of aggression and turn to you for support

Why does my dog lick me and whine?

Dog licking is a major part of the way in which your dog communicates with you. It can mean many things when this happens, but it is usually a sign of comfort and companionship.

However, there are times when it can be associated with distress such as whining, such as when your dog licks and whines at the same time.

When your dog licks and whines, it could be a sign of separation anxiety . Some dogs whine when they are separated from you, while others might paw at your leg or door.

If this happens when you leave, it could be that your dog is looking for companionship, either because he’s used to being with you or due to separation anxiety.

On the other hand, it could be that your dog is licking because he’s bored .

If you notice that your dog licks and whines before you leave the house, it might be because he’s not physically and mentally stimulated while you’re gone.

Try giving your dog some toys or a new chew toy to keep him entertained while you’re out.

Is licking dominance in dogs?

Yes and no. Many dogs exhibit behaviors such as licking, chewing and nipping. These can be signs of affection or they may also indicate dominance and aggression towards their owners.

Oftentimes, these behaviors may stem from anxiety or insecurity in your dog.

Understanding what motivates these actions and how you should react to them can help you avoid frustrating or even dangerous situations.

Why does my dog growl when I lay next to him?

When you want to cuddle with your pet, it’s common to find him lying on his bed or in a corner and growling.

This is actually a sign that your dog is uncomfortable with you or doesn’t want to be bothered. Although this behavior may seem odd, it’s quite common for dogs to show displeasure in such a way.

However, dog growling is also associated with fear and anxiety , so your pet might just be feeling scared of you for some reason.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to your dog’s body language and vocalizations when he tries to communicate with you.

By doing so, you can learn the reason for his unusual behavior and act accordingly to resolve or prevent it in the future.