Why Does My Dog Bark At His Food Bowl And How To Stop It

One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a pet owner is why does my dog bark at his food bowl.

There are so many reasons but the most common one is that your dog is either hungry or thirsty. If you’ve ever had a pet that’s gone without food or water for a period of time, you know how frustrating it can be.

However, it’s so common, and it can be tough to figure out why your pup might be doing this.

But don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas for you that will help you stop your dog from barking at their food bowl!

Why Does My Dog Bark At His Food Bowl And How To Stop It

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First, Figure Out Why Your Dog Is Barking At Their Food Bowl

Dogs bark at their food bowls for several reasons, but the vast majority of them are based on one key idea: your dog is trying to tell you something.

Dogs barking at their feeder can often mean that they aren’t getting enough out of it or that there’s too much in there and they’re having a hard time eating it all.

Dog Is Not Getting Enough Food Out Of Their Bowl

If your dog is showing severe food aggression because they simply aren’t getting enough out of it, try putting less in there.

If you are feeding them once a day, split their daily ration into two smaller meals that are half as much each.

Your pup will get just what they need to be full and satisfied after each meal instead of having too much and having to work through it.

It’s also important not to let your dog eat their food so fast that they aren’t chewing or tasting anything, as this can lead them to feel hungry after just a few minutes of eating.

why does my dog bark at his food bowl

Dog Is Getting Too Much Out Of The Bowl Because The Food Comes Out Too Quickly

If you’ve found that your dog is barking at their food bowl because they’re eating too fast, it’s time to slow them down.

Try putting the kibble in there and then filling up a water dish with some of the same food so that when your pup dips their paw in for a drink, they’ll get some wet pieces stuck on it.

Then give them just one piece at a time, letting them lick the water off each one before giving another.

You can also try putting in some of their kibbles and then filling up an empty pouch with more so that when they start licking it, little bits will come out to slow them down even further.

Dog Is Eating Too Quickly Because There’s Too Much In There

It might be necessary to reduce the serving size if your pup is barking at their bowl because there is too much food in it.

Some dogs prefer more room to play with their meal before they eat.

So consider only filling up half of the dish each night and putting some sort of mat or tight barrier around that side so that they have to eat around it.

You can also try mixing in some of their kibbles with a little bit of wet food!

So that they’ll get used to the taste and slowly increase how much dry there is as time goes on until you’re able to cut out the extra liquid altogether.

Dog Has Too Many Things Going Into His Bowl At Once

You may have to cut out a few things from your pup’s food if they are barking at it because it contains too much.

First, make sure that all of the added extras are okay for them to eat, and if they’re not, remove those from the dish immediately.

It can also be helpful to put something like a mat or tight barrier around the food bowl so that your pup has to eat around it before they can get any of their kibbles.

You can also try feeding them in an area with fewer distractions, especially members of the opposite sex if you have more than one dog.

You Changed Your Dog’s Food

It’s a common myth that dogs only need to eat one type of food their entire lives, but this is simply not true.

Each dog has different nutritional needs depending on its size and activity level and the amount of time they spend outside in extreme weather conditions or swimming, which can decrease their ability to digest certain foods.

If you recently changed your dog’s food, they might be barking at their feeder because it doesn’t agree with them.

You can fix this by gradually changing the ratio of old to new over a period of days until there is no more left and then just feeding them the new brand.

Dog Sees Another Animal Eating Out Of His Bowl

If all of these tactics have been tried and your pup is still barking at their food bowl, something else might be going on.

It could be that they’re trying to protect you from the other wild animals in the house or strangers outside by warning them off of their food.

You can easily fix this by setting up a dog feeding station where everyone eats separately so that there is no competition for food.

Dog Doesn’t Like Certain Smells In Their Bowl

Finally, if you’ve tried everything and your dog still seems to be bothered by something in their food dish or water bowl.

It might just be a matter of finding them a new one that they prefer.

There are tons of types out there, so go shopping together and see if anything strikes their fancy.

Dog Has Separation Anxiety When You Leave The House

If your dog is barking at his food bowl because he’s anxious when you leave the house, there are a few things that can help.

First, try feeding them at least an hour before you leave and then leaving them with a frozen Kong or toy stuffed with their favorite treats.

So that they have something to occupy themselves during the separation.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to try putting them in a crate or gating off an area of the house during your absence, so they have a safe place to be until you get back.

The Dog Is Barking At His Food Bowl Because He’s Bored. 

Many dogs happy bark at their food bowls because they are bored or have excess energy that needs to be burned off.

Try feeding them in a new area, make some of your own food puzzle, and rewarding them with long walks or play sessions might help stop his demand barking .

If that doesn’t work, try giving your dog away to release their energy, such as an interactive toy like a treat ball so he’ll be too busy eating the kibble to bark at his food bowl.

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Your Dog Feels Threatened

If you’ve tried everything and your pup is still barking at their food dish, it might be because they feel threatened by something in the area.

They could see it as a power struggle over who gets to eat first, or there may actually be something dangerous lurking beneath.

Try moving their feeder somewhere else like another room before feeding them and then gradually moving it back.

If that doesn’t work, try feeding them in a different room with the door shut so they can eat without feeling threatened.

Your Dog Is Barking At His Food Bowl Because They’re Anxious

If you’ve tried everything and your pup still barks at their food bowl, it could be because they are anxious at their meal time.

When our canine companions become eager or experience heightened stress levels, their body releases cortisol, interfering with digestion.

Your pup may not want to eat until the anxiety has subsided.

Try giving them a stuffed kong before bed to help them work through some of that pent-up energy, and then provide them with something else to do like a chew toy or long walk to improve his mental stimulation.

Your Dog Wants To Communicate Something To You

Finally, if your dog is barking at their food bowl, it could be because the dog is frustrated with the type of bowl their food comes in, and they are trying to get your attention.

Or they have something that they want or need from you.

Try giving them a new toy and rewarding them with treats so that the toys become associated with good things.

If all else fails, talk to your vet about a way of helping your pup feel more secure when you leave the house.

One of the major reasons dogs show signs of aggression at their bowl is that they are frustrated with whatever type of bowl pet parent has chosen.

This goes down to is a matter of preference, and what might work for one dog won’t necessarily work for another.

Some dogs just don’t like the style or shape of specific bowls, so they will try anything to get their parent’s attention.

There are many different types of bowls on the market today, that arrive in a vast variety of colors so take some time and do a little research to find which type will work best for your pup!

How To Stop Dog Barking On Food And His Food Bowl?

Your dog barks every time he sees his food bowl as if to say, “I want it now!” It may not be that bad, but it can be really annoying.

To stop this aggressive behavior, there are many ways to accomplish this.

One way is with a command such as “be quiet” and training him using treats, so he responds to the command when he is in that situation.

Give Them A Toy To Play With

Dogs love to play, and often when food is out, they want it more than anything else.

You can give your dog a toy to play with instead of his food to avoid this issue.

For dogs who like chewing, you can give them one of their own toys that they love to chew on.

This can help to keep them occupied the entire time and take away their interest in his food bowl that is usually the source of attention anyway.

Stop Putting Food In A Bowl All Together

It can be challenging for dogs who are used to eating out of a bowl to stop doing that altogether.

One method you can try is to put your dog’s food in a toy that they have to work for it by rolling around, shaking, and pushing the ball or other object with their nose until the food comes out.

This will take some time before he eats, so his excitement has been removed from this situation as well.

Use High-Quality Bowls That Do Not Make Noise

If your dog still barks at his food bowl, it may be the material that the bowl is made out of.

You can try using metal or ceramic bowl instead of plastic to see if this makes any difference in how he responds in different period of time.

You could also use bowls with no noise inside them, so they do not make as much noise when he goes to eat.

Get Rid Of The Bowl Altogether

For some dogs, the bowl is not the problem at all, and it may be that he just has a lot of energy or excitement in general around his food time and for that reason he shows excited behavior.

In this case, you can try getting rid of the bowls altogether and feed him by hand instead.

This you can try putting his food in a place that is not as easily accessible for him.

For example, you could put it on top of the counter. Hence, he has to jump up and wait for your command before he eats instead of being able to just eat right away when the bowl hits the floor or ground.

This way, you can still feed him, and he will be more used to waiting for your command before eating.

Regular Exercise To Calm Him Down

If your dog is still very excited when it comes to food time, you can try giving him more exercise before he eats.

This way, he is calmer and not as excited to eat, which can help avoid bad behavior and barking at his food bowl.

Socialization To Make Him Calmer

For dogs, it can be good to socialize with other animals and people. This will help him become more used to new things and situations, which can help him be less reactive.

For example, if your dog is barking at the door when the mailman comes by, you can gradually socialize him to the situation, so instead of different types of barking, he just sits and waits for his expected treat.

Train Using Treats

Using a tasty treat like dry kibble for pet training is a valuable resource for teaching them new behaviors.

It can also be used to reinforce existing ones. For this situation, you might try training your dogs bark with a command such as “be quiet” so he understands when he needs to listen.

Once they have learned the quiet behavior, you should not need to use treats as often, but it can help if they forget what is expected of them.

If your dog continues this behavior even after trying these methods, he may have a medical issue such as an allergy, infected fleas or pain that needs to be treated.

Give Them More Time Between The Meals

You can also try to give them more time between the meals. It will not only help him from barking at his food bowl, but it will also keep him from becoming obese.

Just remember that you might need to switch up your schedule depending on what works best for your dog.

Use Anti-Bark Collars To Control Angry Bark

If you have tried all of the above methods and your dog is still barking excessively, bark at sights or bark at people one other method you can try is using an anti-bark collar.

Anti-bark collars work by emitting a loud noise or spray of citronella when the dog starts barking. This will startle him and hopefully stop the barking behavior.

There are many different types and brands of anti-bark collars on the market, so be sure to do your research to find the best one for your dogs compulsive behavior.

A citronella collar is one of the most popular types of anti-barking devices. It uses a citrusy smelling spray to deter dogs from barking and helps control aggression between animals.

These type of collars are not recommended for all dogs, as some may have an adverse reaction to the spray and may make the behavior worse.

If you decide to use an anti-bark collar, be sure to closely monitor your dog for safety reasons the first few times he wears it to make sure he is not experiencing any adverse effects.

Consult An Animal Behavior Expert

If your dog continues to bark at his food bowl, you may need to consult an animal behavior expert.

They can help you determine if there is something else going on that needs immediate attention or if it’s just a behavioral issue itself.

There are many ways to stop your dog’s food bowl barking, but the most important thing is to be patient and consistent with it.

If you are not consistent, your dog will know that they do not have to listen. On the other hand, if you are too aggressive with it, your dog will be afraid of you, which is not good for the trust between you.

One method to use with stubborn dogs that is often successful is to start feeding them by hand.

This way, they will be less interested in food and focus on you instead of the bowl or plastic dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my dog barking at his food bowl?

There are many reasons for a dog to bark at his food bowl.

He could be barking because he is hungry and trying to get your attention or because he is frustrated and wants to get rid of the bowl.

He might also be barking because it’s fun for him.

Why is my dog suddenly afraid of his metal food bowl?

There are many reasons why a dog might be afraid of his food bowl.

For example, he could have had something unpleasant happen while eating, such as seeing a scary object in their metal bowl choking or almost being hit with food.

He also could have been punished for eating and the bowl scares him because he associates it with punishment, so he is afraid to eat.

Why is my dog acting weird around his food?

There are many reasons why a dog might act weird around his dry food items. He could be acting this way because he associates the bowl with something unpleasant.

He could also be afraid of the bowl because he associates it with punishment, for example, if you’ve made him eat when he wasn’t hungry.

He might also be feeling nervous because he is hungry, and the bowl represents his only chance to eat. Moreover, it might also be a form of resource guarding metal bowl barking in individuals at periods of time where food is scarce.

Why does my dog bark at his bone?

Dogs can bark at their bones for any number of reasons. He might be hungry, and the bone is his only chance to eat besides his food bowl.

He might also be bored, and the bone is his only toy to play with besides you or other toys.

Lastly, he could think of bones as a challenge and is showing food bowl aggression to assert his dominance.

How do I stop my dog from barking at me while I’m eating?

If your dog barks at you while you’re eating, the best way to stop it is by giving him something else he can do.

For example, you can give him a toy, a metal bowl, or maybe ice cubes that he’s not allowed to have while you’re eating or when it’s in the same room as you.

You can also try giving him a special treat when he’s not barking.

If you notice your dog barks in specific situations, for example, before dinner or while you’re eating, you can address it by taking him to his safe space while you eat.

Why does my puppy bark at me when I eat?

There are many reasons why your puppy might be barking at you while you eat.

It could be that he’s hungry and is trying to get your attention to feed him. In this case, it’s normal behavior for dog to show.

He might also be bored and is barking because he wants your attention or a toy, for example, when you’re not paying attention to him.

Lastly, he could be barking because he wants something to happen, for instance, you giving him food, a drip water bottle, or playtime. So you should note his body posture, aggressive tendencies, and approach-avoidance behaviors closely and act accordingly.

How to stop demand barking for food?

If your dog is barking for food, there are many ways you can stop it. You can try to feed him with an occasional treat before he starts barking, so he’s not hungry when you need to eat.

You can also try giving him a toy or playtime instead of food.

If your dog is barking for food, you should take him to his safe space or away from the room during mealtime. By positive reinforcement, you can eventually stop your dog’s compulsive barking for food.

How to stop dog barking when preparing food?

If your dog is barking when you’re preparing food, there are many ways to stop it.

You can try giving him a toy instead of attention. For example, if he has a favorite ball, you can play fetch instead of interacting with him.

If your dog is barking because he’s afraid of the process, you can also try giving him something he likes during the process for example bits of cheese or bits of chicken broth to change anxiety to excitement like a positive reinforcement trainer.

Why does my dog throw his treats around?

There are many reasons why your dog could be throwing his treats around. He might be doing this because he wants to play with you, so he’s throwing the special treat so you’ll chase it.

He also might just want an extra toy to play with as well as a food bowl, so he’s throwing the treat, so you’ll give him another one.

He also could be asking for more, like an extra treat or playtime, but in a better way.

Why does my dog eat too fast?

Dogs can eat their food too fast for many reasons. He might be anxious and eat as fast as he can so he’s not alone for a long time.

He also might be impatient and want to start playing or going on walks right after eating.

He might also be trying to get more to eat, so he’s eating as fast as possible. you can treat this behavior with treats and other behavior modification techniques so they can follow a proper feeding schedule and eat peoperly.

Why do dogs wake up their owners?

Dogs wake up their owners for many reasons. They might be excited and want to play or go on a walk. He also could just have the energy to burn and wants to do something, like play with you.

Compulsive disorder or animal behavioral issues could also be the reason why your dog wakes you up.

Lastly, he might be anxious or bored and needs more attention or things to do in order to stop waking you up and give up problematic behaviors.

How do I stop my dog from waking me up at night?

If your dog is waking you up during the night, you can try taking away his energy, so he’s not waking up as much.

You can also train him like a qualified trainer to sleep by himself or in his crate.

If your dog is anxious, he might be waking you up because of separation anxiety or because he has too much energy at night to sleep.

You can try giving him a safe toy or even taking him for a walk or running at night. But you should make sure he’s not waking you up because he has to go potty.

Why does a dog push food bowl with nose?

Dogs push their food bowls with their noses for many reasons. They might be anxious and push the bowl of kibble out of anxiety so they can eat quickly.

They could also be doing this to show dominance and tell you they’re the perfect breed and a house leader, so they should eat first.

A dog might also do this if it’s a puppy, especially if it’s teething, so he has something to chew on.

Why do dogs howl at sirens?

Dogs howl at sirens for many reasons. They might be trying to protect you by warning you that there’s danger coming. It’s also known as alarm barking.

He also might just be excited or curious about the loud noise, wanting to chase it or know what it is or he might have a frightening experience and that might be an aggressive reaction to the sound.

Lastly, your dog could just have separation anxiety and wants you to come home or have some other type of anxiety that makes him howl at sirens.

Why does my dog steal food and hide it?

Dogs steal your food for many reasons. He might be trying to protect you and not want you to eat it, like if he doesn’t like a specific type of food or there’s something in there he doesn’t want you to eat.

He could also be anxious and steal food as a way to relieve some stress, like if there’s a storm coming or he finds out, you’re going somewhere. He also could just want to eat it because it smells good and looks yummy.

Why does my dog keep bringing me his food?

Dogs bring you their food, dry kibble, or their puzzle toy for many reasons. They might be trying to show dominance by bringing you their bowl first, so he gets to eat before you do.

He also might just want to play with it or have more things to do. If your dog is young, he might just be trying to get back at you for taking his food away earlier by bringing it back out of spite.

Why does my dog bark after eating?

Dogs might bark and show abnormal behavior after they eat for many common reasons. They might be excited and still have energy, so they’re trying to burn off all that energy by barking.

They might also just want more food or play with you, so they’re trying to get your attention.

He might be barking because there’s something in his food making him sick. He could also be hyper and needs an activity to burn off his extra energy.

Can food aggression in dogs be cured?

If your dog is showing aggression or anxiety around food when it’s time to eat, you might want to take them to the vet.

They might be having some health problems or maybe dental pain or a Dental disease or need to be on a special diet.

If your dog is just acting dominant and putting you in your place, it might just take some time and practice for them to learn who’s the leader.

This will require behavior modification techniques along with positive associations with food, such as treats and praise to modify this behavior in dogs

Should I Get My Dog an Elevated Bowl?

A lot of people like to get elevated dog bowls, but they do serve a purpose.

They might be suitable for older dogs or dogs with joint problems or joint pain because this can put less pressure on their joints when they eat or drink.

Some people also like elevated plastic bowls for younger dogs to make them more dominant.

They might also be good for dogs with allergies because the food is up off the ground and less likely to be touched by other dogs or objects and avoids the risk of any bad experiences, allergic reaction, bad association or any health issue.

Why Does My Dog Cover His Food Bowl?

There are many reasons why a dog would cover their food bowl. They could be hiding it from other animals because they don’t want them to come over and steal their stuff.

They might also be food guarding it against other animals because they don’t want them to come over and take a bite of it.

If your dog does this, you might want to take his food bowl away and feed him when no other animals are around, so he doesn’t feel the need to do this every time he eats nor show bizarre dog behavior.


To summarize, there are many reasons why dogs do the things they do and show food bowl aggression.

They might be trying to protect you by barking at sirens or stealing your food. They might also do things like bringing you their stainless steel bowls because they’re anxious and want to relieve some stress or just want to show dominance or they might have a negative association with it.

Dogs do all kinds of things for many different reasons, so you might need to look at the bigger picture and start to notice their patterns, body language, feeding routine and common occurrence.

If you keep a diary and see if there’s a pattern to their odd behavior or strange behavior then you might be able to figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing and then come up with a plan to stop it just like a professional trainer or animal behaviorist would do.