How to Stop Maltese from Barking: A Guide for Dog Owners

Barking is a natural dog behavior. It can aggravate neighbors and other people in the community, but it’s how dogs communicate with each other. But how to stop Maltese from barking?

There are a lot of things that can trigger your dog to bark. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can get back some peace and quiet by teaching your dog not to bark so much.

How to Stop Maltese from Barking

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The Maltese are a small, white dog that has long hair. It’s beautiful and loyal, but it can be pretty noisy when barking because they are so loving!

To stop your dogs from barking all day long, you need to provide them with lots of attention or use other methods such as training classes or positive reinforcement methods for more effective results- whatever works best for this furry friend in your life.

But why do most dogs bark at things, you ask? Here are a few reasons:

Common Reasons for Maltese Barking

Some common barking issues in dogs include:


Dogs are really smart animals. If they get bored, they will find things to do- like barking! When you leave your Maltese at home during the day for work, they can be really bored and lonely. They may bark continuously to let you know that they need some attention or because they want to go outside.

Seeking attention

Dogs want to please you. When they see that their barking gets your attention, they will keep doing it repeatedly because eventually, they’ll get the “reward” they are looking for.

Protecting their territory

When your Maltese is out in the yard, they may bark at strangers because they see them as a threat. The dog wants to protect you and your home, so when an unknown person comes into the yard, they bark  and show their territorial behavior to let you know.

Teaching your dog not to bark all the time is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will work eventually with some patience.


Dogs can be stressed out by many things. Sometimes they bark because of stress and nervousness, so getting them into a class or activity that relieves anxiety and stress can help the excessive barking problem tremendously.

How to Stop Maltese from Barking


When you get home, does your dog bark in excitement because they are so happy to see you? If so, teach them that when lots of people come home, it’s time to sit and be quiet.

When the door opens, give your dog a command such as “sit” or “be quiet.” If they start barking, gently put them in the spot and pet them when they are quiet.


A dog can be frustrated by things too. If your Maltese barks at the water coming out of the hose, you may need to teach them that it’s okay to be near the hose when water is coming out.

If they bark at their leash, keep them on a short lease and don’t let them drag it around (they should only wear the leash when you are walking with them).


Dogs that are afraid of things can be terrified, and they may bark to try and get them away. If your Maltese is scared of the sound of fireworks, for example, they may bark because it’s so scary. You can help your dog be brave in these situations by reassuring them that they are safe.

Separation anxiety

When you leave your Maltese alone, they may get anxious because they don’t want to be separated from you. They love being with their family members so much that when you’re gone, they feel lonely and scared.

When this happens, make sure to give them lots of love when you get home to make up for the time you were gone.It will also help if its excessive barking is because of separation anxiety

The more noisy your Maltese is, the harder it will be to stop them from barking. Some dogs are naturally more talkative than others, but there are ways to teach them not to bark so much or at all.

How to Stop Maltese from Barking?

Now that you know why dogs bark, let’s talk about how to stop your Maltese from barking:

Boredom is one of the most common causes for dogs aggressive barking. So try to keep them entertained! Play with them, take them for walks, give them toys to carry around the house.

You can even teach your dog some tricks or do agility training session with them. If you’re not home, hire a dog walker or pet sitter to come to take care of them while you are away.

Don’t give attention to barking: This means that although your dog may bark because they want attention, you should ignore them when they do it. You can’t give your dog the affection they are looking for when they are barking, so if you provide it to them when they do bark, the bad behavior will continue.

Give them some Chew Toys-

Chew toys are great distractions for your dog. If you give them something to occupy their time, then they won’t bark as much because they’ll be too busy chewing on their new toy.

Distract your Maltese with a treat

This is similar to giving them chew toys, but instead, you can use their favorite treat to keep them busy. Distracting your dog with a biscuit or some other kind of treat will prevent them from constant barking while they eat it.

Ignore the barking

This is the most important tip to a dogs attention seeking barking, but it may seem counter-intuitive. If you ignore your Maltese when they start barking, then eventually, they will stop barking on their own.

The more attention you give them for barking, the more they’ll want to do it because that is what gets them what they want.

When your Maltese barks, say “no” in a firm voice- This is an effective way to let them know that barking habits is not okay. You say “no” in a way that’s firm and assertive, but you never yell at your Maltese.

Help your dog learn basic commands

This is a great activity that will keep their mind active and busy while also teaching them how to listen better. You can start by giving one command at a time, such as sit or rollover, then give them the reward. Once they get better at this, you can add more commands until your dog is doing each command on their own when asked.

Exercise and Discipline

One way to keep your Maltese from barking is by keeping them active. Exercise keeps their energy levels down, so they will have less of a need to bark. This is a great way to keep your dog from barking when they are left at home because it will tire them out so much that they will fall asleep.

If barking occurs while playing

If your pooch bark while playing, then you can try to teach them how to “speak” and “quiet.” First, say the word they should be using when barking (i.e., quiet) in a happy tone of voice and treat them when they stop annoying barking for at least two seconds.

Then wait until it is silent for five seconds and then say the word “speak” in a happy tone of voice, followed by another treat. Keep repeating this until they are quiet on command.

If barking occurs when there is someone at the door

If your Maltese starts to bark whenever someone is at the door, you can try to use an interruption technique: Make loud noise with a can of coins, a broom, and dustpan, or an air horn.

Give your Maltese a treat when they stop the barking episodes. Repeat this as much as necessary until they learn that the noise means silence instead of barking is expected.

If barking occurs to protect their food

If your dog barks at you whenever there’s food on the table or when they are eating, then it is because they are trying to warn you that their food is in danger.

To stop them from barking in this situation, put your hand over theirs while feeding time begins and give a treat when the meal ends. Keep doing this until they learn to be quiet during the entire process of feeding time.

If barking occurs when they are left alone

If your Maltese barks at you whenever they are in a different room, then it’s probably because they are anxious. You should try to keep them close by while doing simple daily tasks so that they know you are not leaving for good.

You can also use essential oils on their crate, bedding, or even on a bandana to help them feel more relaxed.

If barking occurs when you are taking their leash off

If your Maltese begins to bark every time you take the leash off, then it is likely because they have been trained before in an environment where being quiet does not mean anything good for them.

In this case, give them a treat every time they are quiet until the behavior stops. Try not to be too excited when you take their leash off, as it may make them think you want to play or go for a walk.

If barking occurs at another dog

If your Maltese starts barking at other dogs while on walks, then there is most likely another dog in the area.

You can try to walk them along a path with fewer dogs, or you can also follow an obedience training methods  like looking at their leash and then giving them a treat when they follow your lead.

If barking occurs when there is thunder

If your Maltese barks whenever it thunders, then you should consider getting them some calming supplements like Rescue Remedy.

You can also make your own by adding five drops of lavender oil and ten of Roman chamomile to a glass of water, then giving it to them before the storm starts or when you first hear thunder rolling in.

If they are already stressed out, though, avoid using essential oils as their smell may increase anxiety levels even more.

If barking occurs at the mail carrier

To stop this behavior, try teaching your Maltese “quiet” whenever someone is at the door with treats. Then say quietly again once they’ve stopped barking, followed by another treat for good measure.

This type of training should teach them that being calm gets them something positive while still letting people know they don’t want visitors coming in.

If barking occurs after an accident

If your Maltese only barks when they’ve done something wrong and then tries to redirect it onto you, try putting a bell on their collar so that whenever they start to bark in the house, they will hear the sound of the bell and remember what happened last time. Then give them a treat as a way to remind them that they won’t get anything good from barking.

Don’t let them bark for attention

When they do something good, ignore them. Only give your Maltese attention when they are being quiet and calm. This will teach them that they won’t get rewarded for barking, and therefore, there is no point in it.

Don’t give in if your Maltese barks at you when you are trying to leave the house. Ignore their requests until they stop making noise before finally leaving.

If you don’t go back and let them out or pick them up, they will eventually learn that their barking wasn’t working and stop doing it.

If your Maltese barks at you for food put a hand over theirs while feeding time begins and give them a treat when the meal ends.

Keep repeating this until they start to understand that being quiet throughout the entire process of feeding time means good things happen to them.

Contact A Professional Dog Trainer

If you have tried everything and your Maltese is still barking excessively, contact a professional dog trainer or an animal behaviorist. They will be able to go over different options to help you control barking of your pet according to your specific situation.


Do all Maltese dogs bark a lot?

No, not all of them do. Many dogs never bark or only barks rarely. However, some Maltese dog breeds bark a lot. This is why it’s important to know what causes the barking and how you can make sure your dog doesn’t bark.

Barking is a natural behavior for dogs, so it’s not something you should punish your dog for doing.

Do Maltese dogs bite?

This is a common misconception. While they were bred to be companion dogs, Maltese can still bite if they feel threatened or scared and don’t know how to let you know they aren’t comfortable.

When do Maltese puppies calm down?

Maltese puppies usually calm down around four months old. However, this will vary from dog to dog since every breed has different levels of energy and levels of barking.

How many times a day should I walk my Maltese?

You can take your dog for two walks each day. One should be before lunch, and the other one should be after dinner. This will ensure that your dog has enough time for daily exercise while also giving their mind a break after being cooped up all day.

How often should I feed my Maltese?

You should give your dog two meals each day. One in the morning and once at night after you get back home from work or school. You can adjust this schedule to fit your needs, but make sure they are getting enough food in their system to stay healthy.

Why does my Maltese bark at night?

Many Maltese barks during the night because they are lonely. Try moving their food and water bowls to your room so that you can hear them when they get up to let them know you are there. You can also keep their crate in your bedroom, so they feel safer and more secure when sleeping at night.

How to stop Maltese from biting?

If you have a Maltese that likes to bite, then one of the best ways to stop them is by giving them plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

This includes feeding them healthy food, taking them on plenty of walks each day, and playing with them as often as possible. However, if they have never done it before, you should take them to the vet to ensure they don’t have an illness.

Are Maltese puppies easy to train?

Yes, Maltese puppies are very easy to train. This is because they want nothing more than to make their owners happy and do the right thing. They also love to learn new things and will do whatever it takes to get a tasty treat or some praise from their owner.

Is it hard to potty train a Maltese?

No, it’s not difficult to get your Maltese puppy potty trained. You just need to take them outside often and keep track of when they go to the bathroom. At first, you should take your Maltese outside every hour and then slowly decrease the time until they don’t need to go outside as often.

Why does my dog bark at some dogs and not others?

It can be challenging to understand why your dog is barking at some dogs and not others. The main reason for this is because your Maltese has never encountered another animal before.

They are usually very friendly and curious, so they want to investigate the new creature that has entered their territory. However, they also want to protect you and themselves if they feel like this new animal is a threat.

How can I stop my Maltese from barking at other dogs?

If your Maltese barks at other dogs, then you should try taking them to a dog park where they can socialize with other dogs. If they are still barking at other dogs, you should get them plenty of treats treats that have a calming effect on their system so they can relax around other dogs.

How to stop a Maltese from barking when I’m on the phone?

If your Maltese barks when you are on the phone, they usually want your attention. Try to keep them in a separate room while you talk so that they don’t bark and distract you. You can also try giving them a toy that will keep their attention fixated on something else while they wait for you to finish your conversation.

How do I stop my Maltese from chewing on everything?

Malteses usually chew because they are teething. However, they also love to chew on things because it is a way for them to relieve stress and anxiety.

Try giving your Maltese a chew toy that they can carry around to keep their mind off chewing on other things. You should also give your dog plenty of mental exercise and physical stimulation to help get rid of any excess energy that they might have.

Are Maltese jealous dogs?

Yes, Maltese are extremely jealous dogs. The main reason for this is because they love to have all of your attention and hate it when you give it to another dog or person.

They also want you to provide them with as much attention as possible because they don’t like being alone for too long.

Why does my Maltese bark at me when I am eating?

Your Maltese might bark at you because they are hungry. However, this is not the only reason why your dog barks at you while you are eating. They also bark at you because they want your attention and love to be the center of everything going on in their lives.

Is Maltese an aggressive breed?

Maltese are not an aggressive breed of dog. They love to cuddle with their owners and get along great with other dogs or pets living in the same household.

They are also very gentle and loving dogs that would never try to be aggressive with anyone who entered their territory unless they felt threatened or provoked.

What is the best dog food for Maltese?

The best type of dog food to feed your Maltese is a high-quality canine kibble. They usually contain all of the nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy and strong without any empty calories or harmful ingredients.

You should also try to give your dog a steady diet and not change the food you are feeding them too often because this can cause stress and stomach issues.

How long does it take for a dog to stop barking?

It usually takes a dog several days to stop barking. However, if you are training them not to bark with an anti-barking device, it can take a few weeks to get used to the new sensation.

When does Maltese start barking?

Maltese usually start barking when they are about six weeks old. However, some dogs might not begin barking until they are a few months of age. They typically bark because they want to alert their owners that something is going on and it feels like the right thing to do.

How much can a Maltese walk?

Maltese dogs usually love to go on long walks with their owners. Their thick coat of fur provides them with excellent insulation so they can stay comfortable and relaxed while they are outside.

However, you can also give your Maltese plenty of exercise indoors by playing fetch or taking them on a walk around the neighborhood.


Maltese dogs make great pets for people who live in the city and want a small companion to keep them company. They are very affectionate and loving dogs that love to be the center of attention.

Being consistent with your dog is the key to making sure that he knows what you want. If there are any changes in his routine, this unwanted behavior will never stop because it’s all about following through on commitments!

If you want more information on properly taking care of your Maltese, then look no further than this article. I hope this article helped guide you on how to stop Maltese from barking ‚Äčand that you enjoyed reading it.