How to Stop a Dog from Howling When Left Alone: Tips and Ideas

Does your dog howl when left alone? Howling is considered a nuisance to neighbors and can be dangerous if you live in an apartment or condo. You can, however, control this behavior. If you are looking for how to stop a dog from howling when left alone, then look no further! This blog post will provide tips that have helped other pet parents with the same problem.

How to Stop a Dog from Howling When Left Alone

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The best way to keep your dog from crying when left alone is by making sure they have something fun and exciting as a hobby. Keeping their mind active will combat any loneliness or different other signs of anxiety that might be bothering them, which in turn leads them into boredom- an even worse situation for these dogs.

Tips To Keep your dogs from Howling When Left Alone.

Give your dog a hobby that will keep him busy.

When you’re not around. For example, if he likes to play with toys, then buy him a bunch of them and keep them in his designated “busy box.”  When he’s in his crate, you can put one or two toys out of the box at a time.

He will spend hours trying to get the toys out of his busy box. When you leave, he’ll have something to do other than think about how much he misses you. In addition, you should teach your dog that “quiet” means good things are happening, like he’s about to get a treat.

how to stop a dog from howling when left alone

 Get your dog some chew toys

Give your dog a rawhide chew if he starts whining or barking. Chewing is an excellent way for dogs to release energy, particularly if they feel anxious about being left alone. Chewing also helps to calm a dog down, as it can have a natural sedative effect.

Give your dog a stuffed toy.

As soon as you notice your dogs persistent howling while you are preparing to leave for work, give them a stuffed animal. A new toy is great for distracting your pet from the situation. It can also help ease dogs with separation anxiety.

Take Him Out on Walks

Whenever your dog is becoming anxious or restless while left alone, take him out on a long walk. Lots of exercise really helps and it will tire your dog out, and it will also help distract him from the fact that you are not around.

Take your dog on a car ride.

Whenever you leave town, you should take your dog with you in the car for a few hours. This will help eliminate the stress of separation. It also gives your dog a chance to explore new surroundings with you around.Moreover its also helpful in treating severe anxiety issues of your pet as well.

Give your dog a high-value treat.

Dogs love treats, so it is worth giving them one if you notice that they are howling while you are preparing to leave. Make sure that the treat is high-value, however; otherwise, it will not work as well at distracting your pet from feeling anxious about being left alone.

Give your dog attention.

Sometimes all a dog needs to stop howling or barking when left alone is some extra attention. Before leaving for work, give your dog some pets and affection before putting on your shoes or coat.

These actions will calm the dog down significantly.Try to spend quality vacation time with him this will make him fell better and will release a great deal of stress as well.

Only use your leaving procedure when you are about to go out.

Although dogs must learn proper and calm behavior in order to stop them from excessive howling when left alone, it is also important that you are not too harsh with them.

If your dog knows that whining or barking will cause them to receive a treat, for example, then they may do so just because the animal enjoys being rewarded in this manner.

Use positive reinforcement

Instead of using negative reinforcement when teaching a dog not to howl when left alone, it is important that you use positive reinforcement. This means feeding your pet tasty treats or giving them attention and quality time whenever the animal does something right.

Don’t punish

Never punish a dog for barking when you leave the house in order to stop them from doing so in the future. If you punish them at this time, the animal will only start barking even more to get the negative attention and ensure you are aware of what they are doing.

Make your departure less noticeable.

To prevent your dog from attention seeking howling when you leave it alone, then it can be helpful if you try not to make your departure so noticeable for the animal.

This means not putting on your shoes or coat right next to them; for example, doing these things in another room can make it less obvious that you are about to leave the house and go out onto the street.

Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time.

Although it is normal to leave your dog at home for a few hours to go to work, you should not have to do so for too long. If possible, make arrangements with a friend to stop by and walk your dog or take him out for an extra-long walk during the middle of the day.

Get a second pet

Dogs often enjoy companionship from other animals and pets as well as humans, so it may be worth getting a second pet if you notice that your dog is howling because they want some companionship while you are home.

A second dog can help keep the first one company when left at home alone, and it also provides your pet with some extra love and affection when you are not around.

Familiar sounds

If your dog is howling because it is left alone when you go to work, it may help if there are familiar sounds in the house.

For instance, some musical instruments or if your dog is used to hearing you put on the coffee pot or go for a shower in the morning routine before you go to work, then it may not be as upsetting to the animal for you to leave and go about your daily routines when they hear these sounds.

Citronella collars

Another option for keeping a dog from excessive howling when left alone is by using a citronella bark collar, which spray the animal with a stinky mist whenever they bark or howl. Although it does not hurt the dog, this type of collar can be effective at discouraging your pet from making noise when you are not around.

Anti-barking devices

Many anti-barking devices for a pet owner on the market can help you stop your dog from howling when left alone. One of these, for example, is a device that emits an ultrasonic sound whenever your dog barks or howls.

Although the animal will not be hurt by this sound, they will not like it either and may stop barking or howling as a result.

Why Does Dog Cry When Left Alone?

Dogs are social animals and, without the presence of a human companion, will feel lonely. If your dog is often left alone while you’re at work or school, you may notice a change in your canine behaviors.

An otherwise happy and playful dog might start barking excessively, howling, whining, or scratching at the door. There are several reasons why dogs howl when left alone; some of them can be.


Whenever a dog is left alone for a long period without adequate mental and physical stimulation, he can quickly become bored. Boredom may cause a dog to become destructive and/or vocalize.


If your dog lacks confidence in himself, he may feel the need to howl when left alone. He may have been abandoned before or had difficulty being adopted, which can leave him feeling insecure and lonely.

Separation Anxiety

A dog suffering from true separation anxiety often howls as a way of coping with their severe separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a mental condition, not unlike depression in humans. It can be treated through behavior modification training and medication.

Medical Problems

If your dog is in pain or has a medical condition, he may vocalize when left alone. The pain can be a symptom of a serious illness, or it can simply be caused by pain from arthritis, obesity, or other conditions.In this type of howling you must consult a vet or a board certified veterinary behaviorist and get to the bottom of the problem.


Dogs who feel insecure or have low self-esteem may howl in an attempt to raise their status within the pack. They may believe that excessive howling will cause humans to pay more attention and give them more praise.


The dog who is left without food or water for too long may use howling as an attempt to attract attention. If this is the case, you may notice that your dog howls as soon as he hears a human being in the house or even the sound of a can opening.

Excessive Barking/Noise Sensitivity

Dogs who bark or howl when left alone may be over-sensitive to environmental noises. When they hear certain sounds, like the neighbor’s dog barking or a motorcycle revving up in the street, these dogs may feel compelled to howl along.

Due to Strangers

Dogs who have been abused or abandoned may howl when left alone because they are anxious around strangers. They may be afraid that a stranger will come into the house and hurt them.

If they feel threatened or insecure, dogs may howl when left alone. This is especially common in rescue animals who have suffered abuse and trauma.

Socialization and House Training Plan

Dogs who aren’t properly socialized or trained by prospective owners may also feel the need to howl when left alone.

If a dog hasn’t been properly socialized with human families, he may not have the confidence to interact with strangers or other dogs when you’re away. And if a dog hasn’t been properly trained, he may not know how to behave on his own and feel the need to cry out for attention.


Are dogs sad when they howl?

Some dogs may seem sad when they howl, but others express their loneliness by barking and whining. The main difference between a dog who is howling because he’s lonely and one who is barking or whining to get attention is the length of time they vocalize. A howler will often vocalize for hours, while a barker will usually vocalize intermittently.

Is my dog howling because he misses me?

Because a dog doesn’t have a very complex language, it can be hard to interpret his howling as an expression of love or longing. Dogs who are howling because they are lonely do so for extended periods of time.

In contrast, dogs who howl when left alone by their owner will often stop if the owner returns.

How long is normal for a puppy to cry when left alone?

It depends on the age of the puppy. An unattended puppy during his development phase, may howl excessively. It’s not a good idea to leave a puppy alone for more than three hours at a time during the first few weeks of his life.

How do I stop my dog from howling when I’m not home?

There are several things that you as a pet owner can do to keep your dog occupied.  If your dog likes to chew, leave him with a bone or rawhide.

If he prefers toys, fill an empty water bottle with some kibble and put it in his wire crate. Most dogs enjoy a rawhide and some kibble as well.

If your dog doesn’t like to chew, you can either leave him with an empty water bottle or teach him to play fetch. When you’re home, practice teaching your dog how to bring the toy back to you.

How do you stop separation anxiety in dogs?

Dogs who have separation anxiety will often howl when left alone by their owner. If your dog has this problem, you should use positive reinforcement to teach him that being left alone isn’t a bad thing.

Keep your dog’s crate in the room with you while you’re home and give him a treat when he goes in. As time goes on, your dog will become calm and quiet when his crate is around you.

How do I know if my dog is truly howling because he’s lonely?

If your dog has a medical issue or is in pain, he may cry and whimper even when you’re home. This is especially common among dogs with arthritis or other painful conditions that make it difficult to walk and move easily.

What do you do if your dog is howling due to separation anxiety?

If your dog has separation anxiety, he may not be able to calm down even if you’re home. In this case, your dog should go to a professional trainer who can help him learn to be calm and quiet on his own.

Can separation anxiety in dogs be cured?

Yes, a dog can learn to be calm and quiet when his owner goes into another room or leaves the house. It’s vital that your dog receives the right training session and that you use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior and discourage destructive behaviors. With patience, time, and effort, your dog can learn how to be alone without howling an excessive salivation.

How do you train a dog with separation anxiety?

You can train a dog with separation anxiety by using positive reinforcement when he’s calm and showing a quiet behavior. Whenever your dog is relaxed, give him treats or praise him.

If he howls when you leave, ignore him and go back to what you were doing before leaving. Eventually, he’ll learn that being calm and quiet is the best way to get your attention.

How to stop a dog from barking all night?

It can be difficult to sleep when your dog is barking and howling outside. If you’re concerned about the noise, there are a few things you can do to help your dog be quieter.

First, make sure that your dog’s crate is comfortable and big enough for him to move around in. If your dog is constantly standing up, he may feel anxious and bark because of it.

Next, make sure that you only feed your dog one time per day. Food can be very distracting for dogs, and they may bark because it’s close to dinnertime.

Finally, keep your dog’s toys and chew bones in his crate with him. A stuffed Kong or rawhide is a great way to distract your dog from barking in between naps.

Why is my dog scratching walls?

A dog can scratch at walls and furniture as a result of boredom, anxiety, or excitement. If your dog is scratching to sharpen his claws because he’s bored, you should give him more attention and exercise.

If your dog is scratching walls because of anxiety or excitement, then try to figure out what’s causing the anxiety and give him more attention.

How do you stop a dog from scratching?

If your dog is scratching walls or furniture, you can try to distract him with a toy. If your dog is scratching because he’s bored or anxious, make sure that no medical issues could be causing him pain. You can also try to teach your dog not to scratch by giving him a negative punishment every time he does it.

Is it normal for a dog to bark at the doorbell?

Yes, many dogs are protective of their homes and will bark when they hear strange background noise or sounds. You should teach your dog not to bark excessively when the doorbell rings, but it’s fine if he barks a few times.

Should I ignore my dog if he is having separation anxiety?

If your dog has separation anxiety, you should not ignore him. Ignoring his unwanted behavior will only make it worse and could cause the problem to become even more severe. Try to find out the main reason why your dog is anxious and get him help from a professional trainer or a qualified animal behaviorist.

How do I get my dog to stop barking at me and jumping on me when I am leaving the house?

If your dog is barking and jumping on you when you’re leaving the house, it could be because he doesn’t want to be left alone. You should try to figure out why your dog is anxious when you’re leaving and treat it immediately.

If your dog doesn’t stop jumping on people when you first come home, try to ignore him until he calms down. If your dog has separation anxiety, it may take some time before they calm down.

Why Do Dogs Howl at Night?

Some adult dogs howl at night because they are lonely, but others may do it out of fear. If your dog is barking or howling when you’re at home, it could be because of separation anxiety. If your dog is barking or howling when you’re not home, he may be anxious or afraid of something outside.

Why Do Dogs Howl at Sirens?

Some dogs may hear a siren and think that it’s the howl of another dog. Your dog may also be trying to get your attention by howling at the siren. Regardless of what your dog is trying to communicate, you should try to figure out why he’s so anxious and give him more attention.

How does my dog know I’m leaving?

Your dog may be able to tell that you’re about to leave just by the tone of your voice or the look on your face. If you’re getting ready to leave and start putting your shoes on, making a phone call, etc., your dog may pick up on these cues.

Final words

A dog howling when left alone is a common problem for many pet owners. If you want to stop the noise, the advice in this blog will help to teach you how to stop your dog from crying when left alone. The best way to stop your dog from howling when left alone is by taking them out for walks or spending time with him.

It may seem like a pain, but this will help keep the pet happy and content in his new home! What have you tried? Let me know what’s been successful in stopping the noise complaint and those lonely noises from coming out of your home!