How To Get Huskie To Stop Howling And Barking

The husky has a natural tendency to bark more than most other breeds, and it is important for the owner to understand why. Huskies were originally bred as sled dogs in northern climates where they would have had long periods of time without human contact during winter months, so barking was one way for them to communicate with others.

Huskies are cute and cuddly, but how do you get them to stop barking? Huskies howl when they’re happy. They howl when they’re hungry or want attention.

Some huskies howl just because it’s the only way that they know how to communicate with their humans. We’ll go over a few things in this blog post to help you figure out what is going on and how to keep your husky quiet!

How To Get Huskie To Stop Howling

Huskies are howling, how can I stop them from barking all the time?

This is a great question, as your huskies are howling their hearts out. Barking can be the result of many things so determining why they are barking is a crucial step.

If they are kept outside, their barks may be due to being alone or wanting back inside the house, so try leaving them with a radio or some background noise on and see if it helps.

When you know why they bark, then you will have an idea as to how to stop this behavior from continuing further. Whether it’s separation anxiety or your huskies need a little more entertainment in their life, you will be able to stop the barking.

Common causes of a dog barking

Random Barking

Huskies bark for a variety of reasons. But, does your husky’s barking happen at certain times of the day? You may need to work with their schedule to figure out why they are barking and when this happens. For example, if your dog is outside during a time period where there is a lot of activity in your neighbourhood, he will be more inclined to bark because he is trying to tell you something.

When the barking happens at certain times, you may need to try and figure out ways to alter your schedule so that activities or triggers do not happen during those times. For example, if they bark when someone comes over for a visit, then send them away before it gets too late in the afternoon.

Separation Anxiety

If their barking is due to separation anxiety, or you see any symptom of separation anxiety in them make sure that you give them lots of love and attention before leaving the house so they know you will be back soon.

Keep their minds busy by giving them a bone or some other toy to play with while you are gone for longer periods of time. This way, your husky will not be anxious when you leave.

If they are indoors, make sure that there is no way for them to escape the house and get outside to bark at people passing by.

This can also cause other medical issues like becoming lost or getting hurt so make it impossible for this to happen. You may need a stronger fence if your dog has broken it several times.


When they are barking out of excitement, try to determine what is causing this canine behavior. Does your husky bark when you come home from work? If so, find ways to keep them busy while you are gone so that their happiness does not transfer over into excessive barking or howling at the wrong time.

You may need to give them a bone or toy so that they are not too excited for when you get home. If your husky is barking in excitement during play time, try playing with them for longer periods of time so they do not get excited when you stop playing with them.

How To Get Huskie To Stop Howling

Hunger ( How To Get Huskie To Stop Howling )

If your husky is barking due to hunger, you will need to increase their food portions so it doesn’t make their behavior worse. You may also try feeding them little portions throughout the day to keep their hunger at bay until you get home.

This will stop them from barking and howling endlessly until you get home at night or in the afternoon to give them their next meal. If you leave food out all day, they will become reliant on it and may not eat the meal you have left for them once you get home.

Not Enough Exercise

Sometimes dogs bark because they are not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. This can lead them to boredom which causes anxiety when it is time for walks. Find ways to tire out your dog so that he has no excess energy to bark.

You may need to give him more walks or have a wide variety of play time with them each day if you want them to behave better and show correct behavior.

Barking At Other Dogs

If your husky is barking at other dogs, make sure that they do not have access to window where they can stare outside and bark back. This will only encourage territorial behavior if one dog barks then another does as well. Keep them inside as much as possible and find ways to keep their minds busy.

Tips On How To Get huskies To Stop barking

Some of the most important tips that can help stop your  Husky barking are to make sure they get enough exercise, keep their minds busy with toys and bones, play games with them or take them for walks, and do not make any form of punishment after they bark.

If you punish your husky when he barks at night or in the morning, then he will just learn to wait until you are gone before barking.

Some other methods include the following.

Use of anti-barking collars to get Your huskie to stop howling and  territorial barking

Another way that you can prevent barking is to use an anti-barking collar. While you should not leave this on your dog all of the time, it can be useful to have it around during times when your husky is barking excessively.

The goal should be to train them instead of using the collar as a solution, but this can help stop howling and excessive barking in its tracks so that you do not have to worry about any problems for anyone else who may hear your dog’s obnoxious behavior.

Spay or neuter your husky if they’re not already fixed

Finally, if you are looking for a permanent solution to stop your vocal breed husky from  excessive howling or barking excessively, spaying or neutering them may be your best option.

This will stop hormones from being involved in the equation, and it can help decrease howling or other types of barking overall so that you enjoy peace and quiet around your home. Other than that you can also make use of the following tip to stop your husky from excessive barking and howling.

1.Give attention or a toy when they do not bark. This can help reinforce the good behavior in dogs of being quiet versus doing nothing at all.

2. Make sure that you have a lot of toys available for your husky. This way, you can keep them busy even when no one is home with the right distractions.

3. Make sure that there are plenty of things to do outside so they have something fun to occupy their  quality time during walks or playtime in general.

4. Give them a job! There are many activities you can teach them to do that will help keep their mind busy in change their body language.

5. Make sure they are getting enough exercise in general, but you may need to schedule times for walks if your dog is getting too excited when guests come over or other dogs pass by. This way, you can control the outcome and make sure it does not become a bad situation.

6. If they are barking to be let out or in, make sure that you schedule their walks for right before leaving the house. This way, your husky will not bark excessively because he is anxious about when it’s time for him to come back inside. You can also do this if they want to go outside during other times of day. 

7. If you have a fence, make sure that it is high enough for your dog to not jump over and escape. You may need to add an extra barrier on top of the current one if they keep escaping or find a way around it in general by digging underneath.

8. Keep them inside during times when there are lots of people walking or driving by. This can cause your husky to bark as well because they are so excited, but you will have no way of controlling the situation if this happens outside.

9. When all else fails and nothing seems to be helping with barking or excessive howling, it may be time for a professional trainer that can help figure out what is going on.

This may be due to separation anxiety or something similar, but it will require specialized training , or some positive reinforcement methods in order for the behavior to go away completely.

10. Try not to give your dog too much attention when they are barking because this will only reinforce their destructive behavior and make them want to bark even more next time you leave or come home so that you pay them more attention. Dogs are like kids so they  cant differentiate between positive and negative attention.

11. If you have another dog, make sure that they are not barking or howling too! This will only encourage the normal behavior if your husky hears a bark back and then goes into overdrive with their own barking to be heard as well.

12. Always make sure that your husky has access to plenty of water and food in general because this will help them stop barking in addition to their destructive chewing when they are hungry.

13. If all else fails with training methods it may be time to consult a professional trainer that can help figure out what is causing the behavior and make sure your dog gets enough exercise, mental stimulation, and care overall.

14. You may also want to consider keeping them in the house when you are not home or during times when there is a lot of activity nearby like people walking by often.

This can help prevent your husky from barking excessively every time they hear someone walk outside, and it will keep their aggressive behavior under control so that everyone who comes over has an enjoyable visit.

15. Try to avoid giving your dog too much attention when they are barking or howling because this will only reinforce the quiet behavior. You can also try looking for toys that keep them busy and occupied during times you are gone so they do not become bored, anxious, or frustrated overall.

16. Also keep in mind that you may need to schedule walks for right before leaving or coming home if your husky starts barking when other people walk by so they do not get too excited.

You may also want to consider crate training your dog if you have to leave them alone during those times as well.

17. If your husky barks at people walking by the house put them in a different room where they cannot see what is going on outside. When the person walks past and doesn’t get barked at anymore, let your husky out of their playpen or whatever room they are in.

This way, your husky is not going to think that the person is a threat and will stop barking when you let them out of their room.

18. If your social animals bark every time someone knocks on the door or rings the bell, put treats right by where someone would ring it. When they go over there but don’t bark, give them the treat.

They will associate ringing the doorbell with treats and being able to eat something so they won’t continue barking.

This is similar to what you can do if your husky barks at people walking by; just make sure that they always get a treat when someone walks past but don’t bark.

19. You may also want to invest in some calming treats that will reduce their stress levels when they start howling again. This is a good way to train your dog and get them used to being calmer during these times.

20. There are also anti-anxiety medications that can help reduce barking and howling when your husky is anxious or stressed about something. These may be a good way to get them under control

21.An animal behavior consultant can also help you get your husky to stop being overly aggressive or anxious and show ​natural behavior, especially if they are barking constantly at other animals.

They will be able to give you a better idea of what your husky may be going through in their daily routines, and they can help provide the best solution for whatever is causing your huskys antisocial behavior.

22.Musical instruments and live music can also calm down your dog and make it easier to train them to stop excessive barking. Make sure that the volume isn’t too high and that your dog is able to relax before you start playing the music so they don’t get over excited.

You may have a family member or friend who can come over to your house and play an instrument as a form of communication for a few hours, or you may want to take your husky out on walks where you can find a street musician playing to help get them used to the sound of music and starting to calm down.

23.Crate training is a good way to help your dog get used to being inside for longer periods of time, and it can also help eliminate barking when they are not feeling well.  

If they are used to being in their crate when you are home, it will be easier for them to get comfortable with the idea of staying in it when you are not there.

Also make sure that the crate is the perfect size for your husky, and that it is comfortable and not too cold or hot all of the time. This will help them get used to it faster, and calm behavior is what you want when your dog is not out running around

24.The use of a shock collar can be helpful in enforcing positive behavior in dogs that are harder to train or deal with barking more than usual. They may not like the feeling of the shock, and it may help them stop barking when they hear the high-pitched sound of the warning signal.

Always make sure that whatever method you use to train your husky, that they are getting plenty of exercise and stimulation outside as well.


A noisy dog can be an effective guard dog as well since their barks often sound quite fierce. However, nothing can ruin the mood quite like a husky barking for no apparent reason. Therefore, make sure you know the right way to train your husky to stop barking before you go out.

For any husky owners out there who are struggling to keep their pets quiet, I hope you found this blog post helpful in answering the most frequently asked question how to get huskie to stop howling . I would be more than happy to answer any questions, so feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!