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Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog? A Complete Guide

Do you have an itchy dog, and you are thinking of taking it to the vet? Before you rush for the nearest veterinarian, consider if your dog may benefit from some anti-itch cream. Let’s look closer at this issue and find out whether or not it is safe for dogs to use.

Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog?

Yes! Many owners use canine anti-itch cream to alleviate itchy skin. Typically, the creams are made of chamomile vera oil, witch hazel extract, and aloe vera gel. However, it is wise to give a little thought before you purchase the product.

For instance, not all creams are safe for dogs to use. Some products may contain ingredients that can hurt your pet. Therefore, look at the label carefully before you buy any particular brand.

It is also important to note that anti-itch creams do not have little or no side effects. In fact, they may harm your dog’s health if they use too much of it. When using the product, ensure that you apply small amounts of the cream at a time.

If you are unsure of how to determine the correct amount, ask your veterinarian for help. Besides, be sure to follow the instructions given on the label. For instance, some creams require washing afterward. But if there is no need to wash off the cream after application, you should not do it. Otherwise, some dogs will feel uncomfortable and may scratch more.

Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog

General Composition Of Anti-itch Creams

1.Chamomile Vera Oil

The herbal remedy chamomile vera gel is known for its anti-itch properties among dogs and puppies. Home remedies such as chamomile oil are often prescribed for wounds and sensitive skin conditions.

Many owners choose this anti-itch cream for dogs as it does not irritate the skin. However, be aware that vet-approved creams are safer than homemade solutions.

2.Witch Hazel Extract

Another excellent natural remedy for itching skin is witch hazel extract found in canine anti-itch creams and commonly used to reduce inflammation and swelling in humans.

Witch hazel extract works similarly with dogs too. In fact, such anti-itch creams are often recommended by veterinarians to relieve itchiness in dogs.

Interestingly, witch hazel also contains tannins that are natural astringents. As a result, it has many medicinal properties for better skincare.

3.Aloe Vera Extract

Besides chamomile and witch hazel extracts, many canine anti-itch creams contain aloe vera gel as well. However, the quality of aloe vera may vary depending on the brand you purchase. Therefore, if possible, try to look at few products before purchasing one.

Also, keep in mind that Aloe Vera has some side effects and may cause harm to your dog if used excessively. So be careful.

What type of cream cannot be used on my Itchy dog?

Following kinds of anti-itch creams are not appropriate for dogs:

Homemade remedies made from plant oil or herbs

They may contain bacteria, fungus, or even harmful substances that can make your pet sick. While they may relieve itching in some dogs, they can cause harm in others. Thus, you should avoid a homemade lotion if you experience issues with itching skin.

Pet shampoos and bath products made from artificial ingredients

While these ingredients are good for your skin, they might irritate your dog’s skin if it comes into contact with it too often.

Anti Itch Creams That Are Written For Humans (can i use human anti itch cream on my dog? )

A few creams contain ingredients that may not be suitable for dogs to use. This is true, especially if you need a product that has no side effects. When buying anti-itch creams, make sure that the label clearly states what ingredients can harm dogs.

For instance, your dog can have bad reactions to some of the derivatives found in anti-itch creams for humans, such as benzocaine, homosalate, and cetyl alcohol. Moreover, use caution when using a dog’s conditioner or shampoo with eucalyptus oil, as it may irritate your pet’s skin.

How to apply the Anti-itch cream on my dog?

Once you have selected an anti-itch cream, you must learn how to apply it properly. To begin with, always trim your dog’s hair around the area that needs treatment. For example, if your pet has dry skin on its back, you should ask a haircut and spread a light layer of the anti-itch cream.

Allow it to soak in for about 20 minutes before washing it off with mild soap or shampoo. Occasionally, you may have to reapply the product for maximum relief from itching skin.

Bear in mind that make sure your dog is not exposed to direct sunlight during this time. Otherwise, it might get burned and may require medical attention too.

As you know by now, canine anti-itch creams have special ingredients that can alleviate the itching skin caused by seasonal and topical allergies. For dogs who aren’t responding well to traditional therapies, one of these creams might help relieve the itchiness.

However, before using them, be sure to consult with your vet. In some cases, certain types of anti-itch creams may contain harmful ingredients for your pet’s health. Thus, always buy from a reliable source. Furthermore, ensure that you follow the instructions on the package.

Do not forget to stay at home until your dog is fully recovered. Otherwise, your pet will not get the best results from anti-itch creams and may suffer from some additional problems.

By staying away from your pet, you will also leave it alone with other pets that could harm it. Finally, do not overuse these creams as they can result in skin irritation if too much of the product is used. If this is the case, contact a vet immediately for professional advice and treatment.

Treatment For Itchy Dog

There are many things you can do at home to make your dog more comfortable with itchy skin. But first, you must see your vet because treatment and diagnosis of the particular problem may depend on the cause.

If your pet has allergies or has developed an allergy to its medication, then you should schedule an appointment with your vet to review and possibly change his treatment plan.

According to Dr. Mark Goldsmith, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, owners should bring their pet into the clinic for a good history when the itching is severe or refractory. Some simple methods of treatment include anti-itch creams, a bath, and anti-allergic medication.

Use of anti-inflammatory cream with sedation

Many owners are uncomfortable using anti-inflammatory creams on their pets, but these creams are the best to reduce your dog’s itching.

According to the veterinary dermatologist Dr. Richard Goldstein, anti-inflammatory creams may minimize itching by 30 to 50 percent. Add a sedative for a soothing bath with the cream, and your dog should feel soothed after just one application of both.

Use less than you normally would as these anti-inflammatory creams are more concentrated at times and maybe too strong for some dogs and cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog


Bath soaps and shampoos without preservatives or fragrances are the most common type of bathing for dogs. The addition of dandruff shampoo may help with some dogs but always talk to your vet before applying any chemical product. The use of anti-itch or pain-relieving medications like Benadryl or Tylenol may also help.

These products can cause similar side effects as those that cause vomiting, including a burning sensation and nausea in some dogs. You should, therefore, thoroughly wash the dog after bathing with soaps or shampoo.

Giving the dog a medicated bath for treatment

You can also apply a medicated bath. Several forms of homeopathy involve bathing the pet in herbal products that contain anti-itch ingredients. Examples of these products include aloe vera gel, which soothes and reduces inflammation on the skin.

It is important to be careful when applying herbal baths as some dogs may have adverse reactions such as vomiting or diarrhea from it, but you can always refer to your vet if you need help.

Don’t use chemical products on an itching dog (Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog)

Some people may use flea and tick shampoos or spot-on medications on their dogs to treat them for allergies or flea bites. While these products can help kill fleas and ticks, they can also cause skin reactions or irritation, which may cause more itching.

An allergic dog may develop an allergy to the chemical ingredients in the shampoo or spot-on treatment. To avoid this problem, you should ask your vet about any medicated bath options they have on hand.

Looking at existing skin conditions

Dogs tend to develop allergies during their lifetime. Sometimes these allergies can be mild, but others can be so severe that a dog will scratch all day long. A good example is when the dog develops an allergy to grass or pollen when he goes outside for walks.

If this occurs, you should ask your vet about anti-itch or anti-allergy medications your dog can take during walks. Many owners may also want to consider this option if their dog has a mild case of allergies, and they want to keep them as mild as possible.

More serious issues may need a vet visit for full treatment that could include allergy tests and possible injections.


Desensitization is another treatment that involves treating a dog with sensitivities to environmental, food, or other allergens. This type of treatment consists of giving the dog small doses of the substance they are allergic to.

Although it may sound odd, research suggests that this treatment can be quite effective, and your dog should be able to tolerate having exposure to their allergen after just a few doses. The best approach is to go through your vet for this type of treatment because it is best administered in medical facilities and by professional veterinarians.

Allergy tests

Allergy testing can also help determine if a dog has allergies or other skin conditions. Your vet will test the dog for allergies by applying a testing substance to the skin and observing how the dog reacts.

The results will give your vet a better idea of what is causing the dog’s itchiness. It is possible to document the reaction by taking photos and recording any reaction such as itching, swelling, red areas, or skin irritation.

If your pet appears to suffer from any of these conditions, you must take your pet to see their veterinary dermatologist for treatment and monitoring.

Best Anti Itch Medicines for Dogs

If your dog has developed some irritation or itching, but you are not sure what could be causing it, then ask your vet about anti-itch products. These products can help eliminate most of the itching caused by various skin conditions while keeping your dog calm and feeling better. Some of the most common medications include:


This is one of the most common anti-itch creams available to dogs to reduce the redness in their skin and get rid of inflammation. Cortisone creams also make great moisturizers when applied to dry or irritated skin, especially during severe cases where the pet is in pain. A cream is an excellent option for dogs that are not comfortable with anti-itch medications.

2.Vitamin A

This product serves as a first-line treatment for allergy symptoms. Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep the skin moist and moisturized, especially during dry seasons. Your vet may also apply it to the dog’s eyes to prevent infection or to help relieve symptoms of the red-eye caused by allergies.


Aspirin is also known as acetylsalicylic acid and is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Dogs can get stomach ulcers, which their itchiness can sometimes cause. If your dog is in pain and does not have a rash, you should try giving them aspirin to see if it will help reduce their symptoms.

4.Zymox Shampoo with Vitamin D

While anti-itch or anti-allergy medications are an excellent option for some cases, other options can help. One is a product known as zymox shampoo. This type of product is great for pet owners who want to try a natural approach to treating their dog’s skin conditions. There are many positive feedbacks about this product on the internet.

It will work great for most dogs who have mild skin problems without resorting to using any medicated shampoos in the future.

While this type of shampoo may not treat severe skin conditions like flea bites or allergies. It can help reduce minor itching and redness caused by dryness, sunburn, irritation, or an allergic reaction. The product is very mild and does not attack the proteins in the dog’s hair, so you should be able to use it regularly. The shampoo is also safe enough to use every day if needed.

5.Pet honesty allergy relief immunity

If you are looking for a product that can treat the symptoms of allergies without causing any side effects, you should think about using a natural cream. These types of products work great for people and their pets by clearing up red spots and inflammation in the skin.

The best part is that they can do this without any harmful chemicals in them. Pet honesty cream is a great option for people who have dogs or cats at home, as they can use it on them without worrying about any side effects. Other ingredients may include aloe, vitamin E, and essential oils that will leave your pet feeling comfortable and fresh after each application.

6.Sulfodene Hot Spot & Itch Relief Dog

Sulfodene hot spot & itch relief dog is another product to go with if you need something that can relieve your dog’s irritated skin. You should start using this product as soon as you notice your pet scratching or having an allergic reaction.

This product is perfect for any skin problem, including stubborn spots that won’t go away. All you have to do is apply a thin layer on the affected area and let it work its magic on the itching and redness.

7.Amlactin Moisturizing Lotion For Dogs

Amlactin moisturizing lotion for dogs is perfect for pet owners who want to treat their pet’s dry skin or other skin conditions without causing them any discomfort or side effects.

The product works great for dogs with many allergies or who are prone to getting dry skin. This product contains ingredients such as aloe, which makes it perfect for treating itchy, irritated, and dry skin. You will be able to notice a difference in no time, and before you know it, your dog’s coat will be looking much better, and their itching issues will no longer be there. This product works like a charm and after using this you won’t have to search the queery can I use an anti Itch cream on my dog ever again.

8.Well & Good Dog Allergy Aid Chewable Tablets

Some people prefer using Well & Good Dog Allergy Aid Chewable Tablets instead of other products out there. This product is safe for dogs and can be used by anyone who wants to stop their pet’s allergy symptoms in no time.

The tablets can be ingested quickly and will not cause your pet any discomfort while getting rid of the itching and inflammation caused by their allergies. The product is also effective in treating many different types of allergies, including flea bites, food allergies, and more.

9.Apoquel 3.6 mg

Apoquel 3.6 mg is a great anti-itch medication for dogs that need to be taken daily or every other day to avoid any issues or side effects down the road.

It is a great treatment option for owners with dogs with allergies, especially if they do not want to use creams and shampoos because of potential risks. The main ingredient in this product is Prednisolone, which treats many disorders such as allergic reactions in humans and similar conditions in dogs.

You should only get this medication from your vet, so you should check with them first before obtaining it from any other place.

10.Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Oatmeal shampoo is one of the best options for people who want to treat their pet’s dry, itchy and irritated skin. The product is very gentle and will not cause your dog any pain or discomfort while working its magic. When used regularly, this type of product can reduce the number of times your dog scratches and bites themselves in no time.

It is also perfect for dogs with allergies or is prone to getting dry skin. It contains ingredients such as aloe vera that will help keep their skin healthy and moisturized.

11.Well & Good Dog Hydrocortisone Spray

Well & Good Dog Hydrocortisone Spray is another option that can be used to treat your dog’s skin problems without causing them any side effects.

Spray the product into the dog’s eyes to help with redness, irritation, and inflammation caused by allergies. This spray is perfect for any allergy, as it contains ingredients that will help get rid of the redness and itchiness in your pet’s eyes.

12.Tick & Itch Relief Spray

If you are looking for a product that can provide your dog with fast relief from itching issues without causing too much discomfort, then you should try tick & itch relief spray from Petkin. This product works great for dogs allergic to ticks and fleas and can help reduce the itching caused by these pests.

This spray can be used every day during the spring, summer, and fall seasons to keep your pet protected throughout the year.

Tick & Itch Relief Spray is also great for dogs who get red bumps from bites on their skin or other itching problems. The product comes with a cool-mist that will help your dog while keeping him calm.

The spray contains a combination of ingredients, including glycerin to moisturize the skin and salicylic acid to kill any of the pesky bugs that cause pets to scratch or bite their fur.

13.Atopica 50 mg for Dogs

Atopica 50 mg for dogs is suitable for use by anyone who needs a product to relieve their pet’s allergy symptoms and itching problems. This product works great for dogs that suffer from chronic allergies or are prone to having these problems.

The ingredients in the formula work well together to reduce inflammation while also providing your dog with extra support. You can use this product regularly without worrying about any side effects or discomfort caused by the medication.

Atopica 50 mg for dogs is relatively easy to administer as all you have to do is give your pet one soft chew every day, or two chews every other day if needed. The manufacturer also recommends giving your dog the medication for 6-12 weeks before expecting to see any results from using the product.

Just remember, it is essential to speak with your veterinarian before giving your pet any medications for his skin issues and allergies. You will need to provide them with all of the symptoms that your dog is experiencing to determine which treatment method would work best.

If you decide to try these treatments yourself, you may be doing more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing or give the wrong product to your pet. It may be a good idea to consult with a professional before making a final decision for what product will work best for your pet’s skin issues and allergies.


If you have ever had a dog that itched itself until it bled, then you know that this is not only very painful for your pet but difficult to manage as well. Dogs can sometimes become so worked up from the itching that they will become aggressive towards you and other people.

Therefore, it is essential that you find a product that can relieve your pet’s itchiness without causing any discomfort or pain to them.

Some of the above products are best suited for use with dogs with allergies. They contain steroids and Aloe Vera ingredients that will help reduce inflammation and redness caused by allergies.

You should always consult with your veterinarian before using any of the products on this list since they are best at determining which treatment is best for your pet. Always keep in mind that even if you think your dog has a minor itch, you should consult your veterinarian.

with that i hope the question in your head that Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog is fully answered .Still if there is something you want me to add or If you have any questions, comments, or want to share any experiences you may have had using the products listed above with itching and skin problems. Please leave a comment below.

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