Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food | Guide 2023

Dogs are curious animals that enjoy exploring their environment. This means they may try to eat anything they come across. But, Can dogs eat hot temperature food?

The answer is YES, but with a few caveats.

Dogs can safely eat some types of mildly hot foods, but there are also risks associated with feeding them too-hot items.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different ways you can safely feed your dog hot temperature food and provide some tips on how to avoid any potential danger.

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Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food

Yes, while it’s generally safe for dogs to eat food that’s been cooked at a high temperature, there are a few things to keep in mind.

In general, it’s best to let food cool down before giving it to your dog, and be especially careful with any sort of spice or sauce.

Some dogs may have trouble digesting hot foods, so you’ll want to watch them for signs of discomfort after eating.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For Dogs To Eat Food From?

The temperature that’s generally considered to be too hot for most dogs to eat is anything over 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 38-39 °C. Dogs, like people and most mammals and birds, typically maintain a normal body temperature of about 100 °F (37.8 °C).

Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Feeding Dogs Food That Is Too Hot?

Possible risks associated with feeding your dog food that’s too hot include:

  • Upset stomach or diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Extreme thirst
  • Excessive urination
  • Burns to the mouth, throat, or stomach

If your dog shows any of these signs after eating a meal, take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

While generally not life-threatening, these risks can be serious enough that it’s best to avoid the potential problems and let your dog’s food cool before giving it to them.

Also, some dogs may be more sensitive than others, so it’s important to monitor their behavior after eating hot food. Dogs that are too hot may become restless or lethargic.

What Are Some Signs That A Dog Has Eaten Too Much Hot Temperature Food?

Some signs that your dog has eaten something too hot include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Unusual pawing at the mouth
  • Unusual panting
  • Excessive or bloodshot eyes
  • Pain when moving bowels
  • Acting disoriented or confused

If your dog shows any of these signs after eating, take him to the vet as soon as possible

Do Dogs Like Their Food Warm Or Cold?

There are differences of opinion among experts when it comes to the question of whether dogs prefer hot or cold food.

Some say that because wild canines prey on animals whose body temperatures are close to that of the ambient environment, they prefer a diet that’s similar.

On the other hand, there are experts who say that wild dogs are more likely to prefer food with a temperature similar to their own.

There are some studies, mostly involving wild dogs, that say dogs do prefer food with a temperature similar to their own.

On the other hand, there are many domestic dogs who actually prefer ice cream, which is obviously cold.

In general, dogs who are fed a homemade diet may prefer food that’s closer to their own body temperature.

On the other hand, dogs who are fed kibble may prefer food that’s cooler than they usually eat so it can be chewed more easily.

What Are Some Tips For Preventing Your Dog From Eating Food That Is Too Hot?

If you own a dog, you know they can be quite sensitive to heat.

If your dog is eating something that feels too hot to you, there’s a good chance that your dog can’t tolerate it either.

Here are some tips for preventing your dog from eating hot temperature food.

  1. Always use a microwave-safe container. If you are microwaving something for your dog, make sure the container is safe to go in the microwave.
  2. Do not put hot water in your dog’s dish. When filling up their bowl, use tepid or cool water instead.
  3. Do not pre-heat your dog’s dish. If you are going to be giving your dog a bowl of food, do not put it in the oven or microwave to heat it prior to serving them. The container may become too hot for them to handle and they may burn their mouth as a result.
  4. Use a bowl made from the proper material. If you are opting for a metal or ceramic dog bowl, make sure they can handle heat without hurting your dog’s mouth.
  5. Cool down your food prior to serving it to them. If you have accidentally gotten something too hot and want to give it to your dog immediately, take the bowl of food and place it in your refrigerator or freezer for a while. This will help cool it down before you give it to them.
  6. When in doubt, let their body temperature be your guide. If you are not sure how hot something is, offer them a small piece. Their mouth should be able to handle it. If they don’t seem to be having any issues, you can give them the whole thing.
  7. If your dog does burn their mouth by eating something too hot, take them someplace where you can run cold water over their tongue and gums. This will help soothe their mouth and act as an antiseptic for any cuts they may have. If the burn is bad enough, contact your veterinarian to see what you should do next.

Can Dogs Eat Warm Chicken?

Yes! But be sure to ensure it is in a cold dish, or that you let it cool for an appropriate length of time.

Be aware that your dog may appreciate it more if you give them a dish that is closer to room temperature, but we recommend always having cold water available for your dog in case they do find the dish too hot.

Can You Give Your Dog Ice Cubes To Cool Down Their Mouth After Eating Food That Is Too Hot?

If your dog’s mouth is burned from eating something too hot, ice cubes can be a good way to help them cool down.

Make sure you don’t feed your dog ice cubes on a regular basis as it can lead to the formation of an obstruction in their digestive tract.

If you give your dog ice cubes and they pick up anything off of the ground and eat it, contact your veterinarian to see what you should do next.

You can however also give your dog a small piece of bread to help cool down their mouth. This is especially good for dogs that cannot tolerate the feeling of cold water in their mouth.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food When They Are Sick?

If they are not feeling well, dogs generally do not have the same tolerance for hot food.

It is important to monitor your dog’s temperature when they are sick and to not feed them food that is too hot.

If your dog is healthy, you can always offer them a small piece of the food you know is too hot for them. This can help to ensure they do not get burned.

Can You Give Your Dog Human Food That Is Too Spicy For Humans?

While dogs can obviously tolerate spicier food than humans, it is not advised to give your dog something that is spicy on a regular basis as it can damage their digestive tract.

If your dog is used to eating spicy food, make sure you monitor the quantity they are eating.

This will help ensure they do not eat too much of it. Repeatedly giving a dog spicy food can also make them more liable to stomach aches and other issues as a result of it.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Sauce?

It’s generally safe to give your dog food with a bit of spice, however, it is advised that this be done in moderation.

If they like spicy food, you can give them a small amount of the sauce from something such as buffalo wings.

Keep in mind that you should never give your dog something that is too hot for them. Make sure the food is cold before you give it to them so they do not burn their mouth with hot sauce.


If you give your dog food that is too hot, monitor them for any signs of discomfort.

If the burn does not seem to be bad and their mouth feels fine, you can give them something cold to drink.

If the burn is bad, contact your veterinarian for advice on what you should do next. If your dog does eat food that is too hot, monitor their temperature for any signs of discomfort.

I hope after reading this article you have a better idea of can dogs eat hot temperature food and how to care for your dog if they eat food that is too hot.

If you still have any concerns, comments or questions feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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Can you heat up dog food in the microwave?

Yes. You can heat dog food up in the microwave, however, it is not recommended.

Microwave ovens are designed to heat food up quickly, which is not the healthiest method of cooking your dog’s meal.

It can be done, but pet parents should take precautions when microwaving food.

Food in the microwave can cook unevenly, so you run the risk of burning your dog’s mouth when they try to eat the food.

It is always recommended to heat up their meals on the stove or in a regular oven, so you can be 100% certain that it has been cooked all the way through and is not too hot for your pup.

Microwaves create high levels of friction which can actually change the molecular makeup of your pet’s food.

Cooking certain types of food in a microwave can actually kill some of the nutrients and enzymes that are so beneficial to our dogs’ diets, which is why it is recommended to heat up their food on the stove.

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Can dogs eat steaming hot food?

It’s not recommended because the Hot steam can hurt your dog’s insides. When warm or hot food is consumed, it can cause bloat which is extremely dangerous and even fatal for dogs.

The steam from the food may not be what you think is too hot for your dog as pets have a much higher tolerance to heat than we do, but obviously, this doesn’t include scalding water or molten metals! Always wait for the food to cool down, even if it feels luke-warm.

Even though microwaves cook food very quickly at high temperatures, they can still cause serious internal burns in dogs.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and always wait for the food to cool down before feeding it to your pup.

Can puppies eat cold food?

Puppies also like cold food just as much as adult dogs do. If you can, try to cool down their food before giving it to them.

While some dogs actually prefer their food warmer, others do not mind it being colder. Make sure to monitor your pup’s reaction.

If they do not eat their food and you have already cooled it, it is probably because they are not hungry.

However, if your puppy does not want to eat their food, that’s a completely different story and you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Are there any other types of foods that you should avoid feeding your dog?

There are certain foods that you should not feed your dog under any circumstances.

This includes avocados, onions, garlic, chocolate, and raisins, to name a few. Not only can these ingredients cause various forms of poisoning, but they are also not usually well-tolerated by our furry friends.

What are some alternative ways to feed your dog their meals?

One of the best alternatives to feeding your dog their meals is by using a slow feeder bowl.

These bowls are equipped with ridges that force your pup to eat their meal by moving their head around, building up more of an appetite.

You can also soak dry dog food in water or broth before serving it to them, which helps soften the kibble and make it easier for your dog to chew and swallow.

Another option is feeding your dog raw food as opposed to canned or kibbled food.

Some dogs even enjoy it when you feed them their food by hand, so this can be another way to make sure they are actually hungry for the meal.