10 Best Shock Collars For Dogs With Thick Fur In 2023

Shock collars are not for everyone, but they can be a great solution if you have a dog with thick fur. When it comes to shock collars, there are many different options out there, depending on your needs and budget.

There are many different options when it comes to shock collars. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but they can be a great solution if you’re looking for something that is more humane than other methods of training your dog.

In this article, we will go over some of the best shock collars for dogs with thick fur, along with their advantages and disadvantages. So that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your furry friend Best Shock Collar for Dogs with Thick Fur

Best Shock Collar For Dogs With Thick Fur

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Best Shock Collars for Dogs with Thick Fur

1. Petrainer Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote

It’s your duty as a loving pet owner to make sure that they have a perfect life possible. It’s understandable if you’ve been searching for ways to train them, but now there is none better than with the Petrainer static shock collar!

This collar comes with 3 training modes along that include beep, vibration mode and shock with 100 levels of static shock to help train your pup. The Petrainer also has a remote that is waterproof for up to 30 feet. It also features a remote with LCD screen for you to customize the settings, all at your fingertips!

This device offers a wide range of control for your four-legged friend up to 330 yards away. You’ll never need to worry about being inconvenienced by wires and cables again when training in the backyard or park.

This collar is adjustable enough to fit any size dogs with necks, size ranging anywhere in between 14-25 inches.

The Petrainer Wireless Receiver Collar is the perfect yet affordable option for you if you’re looking to train your fur baby, but want a collar that is humane, remote-controlled, and waterproof. With plenty of battery life of around 30 hours, this collar is perfect for any dog with thick fur.

So it won’t matter what type of behavior problem your pup may be struggling with because this collar will make your long haired dogs a well behaved dog in no time.

2. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

This adjustable Collar for long haired dogs made from high-quality and also equipped with several attractive positive reinforcement features. The collar is suitable and one of the best shock collars for dogs with thick fur for dogs with thick fur, so it doesn’t matter if they’ve got short or long hair.

This collar has six alternative methods of correction: vibration, static, beep, warning tone, momentary, and continuous stimulation. These attractive features are great if you’re looking for a collar that can give your pet plenty of stimulation, but not too much where they get overly anxious and stressed out.

This professional dog trainer offers 10 different levels of correction levels along with a vibration option just in case you need something more than mild static shock. Thanks to its handy design, it’s possible to simultaneously use this collar both indoors and outdoors without worrying about it getting damaged by rain or snow.

It also features a safety stop button so that you can quickly turn off the device if you need to. When you’re trying to show affection to your pet and receive an unexpected correction for doing something they shouldn’t, you can use this to your advantage.

This means you never have to worry about the product harming your dog. You know for sure that safe-surfing and maximum training is always at your fingertips.

Furthermore, this collar comes with two standard contact points and two straps. You also have the option of selecting either a standard or extended battery life, depending on how long you would like your training sessions to last.

The Pet Resolve Shock Training Collar makes it easy to train your pet wherever you want with its water-resistant remote control and receiver collar. Furthermore, you can also use it around any of the pets in your household, so you can purchase this powerful shock collar for multiple dogs if necessary.

best shock collar for thick haired dogs

3.  Easy Educator E-Collar

It’s not easy to find a collar that is both remote trainer and waterproof, but if you’ve been searching for one, then the Easy Educator E-Collar may be exactly what you need!

You can use this collar indoors or outdoors, whatever your situation calls for. The bright LCD screen means it’s easy to see where your pet is during training, even when playing in low light conditions.

This collar has four different types of correction modes: vibration, tone stimulus, static shock, and electric shock. Moreover, you also have the option of using any level between 1 and 255 to ensure that you can control every moment during the training. This makes it possible for you to tailor-fit your pup’s needs.

It’s also highly effective for training stubborn dogs that like to wander off into dangerous situations. This collar will keep your pet safe, secure, and away from harm by stimulating them when they go near hazardous areas.

Since it is equipped with a robust impressive range of 2000 feet , now you can be confident your dog won’t stray very far at all while wearing this product.

These are great and admirable options if you have a dog that likes to run off into the distance without being noticed. This collar will catch them easily and help you to bring them back home.

This waterproof E-Collar is explicitly designed for everyday use. This electric collar will maintain its shape during your pups indoors or outdoors activities, without being damaged by snow melting or rain falling on the device.

This rechargeable collar has an excellent battery life of 24 hours so that you don’t have to worry about running out of power, and you’ll be able to keep your pet secure at all times.

4. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Educator E-Collar has advanced features for the proper training of your long haired dogs. This standard collar makes it easier to train stubborn dogs that like to wander off into dangerous situations. You can use it around any of the pets in your household, so you can purchase this collar for multiple dogs if necessary.

Since it is equipped with a solid remote control signal up to 2000 feet away, you can be confident your dog won’t stray very far at all while wearing this product.

Featuring an ergonomic design, this waterproof and cordless collar for pets is particularly easy to use anywhere and with its 20 hours long battery life. Despite its bulky construction, it is shockproof and comes with an adjustable transmitter strap, which gives a comfortable fit for both big dogs and small ones as a result they can wear this collar for an extended period of time.

The electric stimulation levels can be adjusted from a lowest level 1 to a maximum of 100. Moreover, there are additional 60 stronger stimulation levels that come in handy in controlling your dogs aberrant behavior issues. So there is always just enough intensity for every situation. Furthermore, it’s equipped with the SOS button to help your pet in emergencies if they get lost or run away somewhere dangerous.

You will be able to stay in touch with your pet in his outdoor activities thanks to the waterproof and durable collar.

Furthermore, this reliable shock collar comes with two sets of conductive silicone prongs  for the most stubborn dogs, and it is highly effective on small, medium, or large-sized breeds.

This collar is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable positive reinforcement collar that has many features and comes at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, this electronic collar is versatile enough to suit your needs. Due to its sleek and stylish design, you may even want to consider leaving it on your pet at all times for a more modern look and for tracking purposes.

5. PATPET Dog Training Collar

The collar is one of the best behavioral training collar out there, one that absolutely any serious dog owner or professional trainer would be willing to spend their money and efficiently correct their pets unwanted behavior. This standard collar for long haired dogs comes with features that are not available in other types of shock collars at this price.

This collar is a top-rated, affordable and comfortable dog training tool with many features at an affordable price. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry that it will get wet or damaged during rain or snow.

Your dog can wear this training collar in any weather condition without being harmed by the bad weather. It’s effortless to use and has a robust design so that it can withstand even very stubborn dogs.

It comes with 16 different shock modes that are adjustable via a button on the remote control. It has three different modes for addressing your dogs behavioral issue, so they can easily learn what you want them to do.

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 14-16 hours on a single charge. The package includes a waterproof transmitter and the receiver collar, as well as a pouch for storage.

This collar comes with a 1-year warranty, which indicates the company’s confidence in its product. If there are any issues with it you can contact Pet Safe and their customer service team will help you with a fix. This product has received a lot of positive reviews, and there are pleased customers all around.

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that can withstand any weather and won’t break easily during your dog’s training session. It comes with all of the necessary features and offers high-quality performance without breaking the bank.

This is probably one of the most popular dog training collar brands. Even in some countries it is considered the market leader. The technology they develop has been repeatedly proven safe and effective for pets and owners alike.

6. FunniPets Dog Training Collar

The FunniPets Dog Training Collar is an innovative way to train your pet while having fun. It comes with 4 training modes static stimulation, vibration, and audible beeps. These modes can be used individually or in combination.

Furthermore, there are 99 adjustable levels for both shock and vibration stimulation that can be used for training. This device is handy when you have to train your dog not to bark or stop digging in the yard when they are outside.

It’s effortless to use, and even a novice owner can set it up without any issues. It also has an LED indicator to notify you when it’s time to recharge the batteries.

Both big and small dogs can wear this collar. The wireless collar range is around 2600ft, so your pet will always stay within range. This collar features an adjustable strap that allows you to customize the fit for your dog.

With its ergonomic design, it doesn’t take much effort for you to use it. It comes with a 2-hour quick charge battery that can last up to 35 hours depending on the mode you are using.

The collar comes with a bright LED light on it, so even at nighttime, you can keep track of your pet. The FunniPets Dog Training Collar is a great product that comes with everything you need to start training your dog even if this is the first time you will try it.

It also features reflective piping for added safety when your dog is out in the dark.

This collar is equipped with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days, so if you don’t like it or something goes wrong with the product, you can return it and get a full refund.

You will also receive some extra bonuses like a free e-training guide and bonus training tips.

This is an admirable option if you are looking for a training collar with longer battery life than other models on the market. You can use it for both small and large breeds of dogs. The multiple modes of stimulation and sound training make this model very popular.

7. PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

The PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar is one of the very effective rechargeable dog training devices that allows you to train your pet from up to 1800 ft away. It comes with three different modes of stimulation that include beep vibration and shock, so you can find the best way to train your dog.

Furthermore, it comes with 16 adjustable intensity levels, allowing you to tailor it to your pet’s preferences. Unlike most collars, this collar is waterproof, so it can be used in any weather conditions without experiencing any damage.

It’s completely safe and humane and won’t hurt your dog because the shock is not strong enough to cause any pain. It just causes an irritating sensation that your dog will try to avoid for the rest of his life.

The remote of the collar is designed in such a way that it is easy to use, and you can operate it blindly and without having to take your eyes off the dog. The remote comes with a wrist strap, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

With this device, you will get a rechargeable battery that will last up to 20 hours. In addition, this collar is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose one that fits your pet perfectly. Moreover, depending on the weight, you can choose between 3 different models: small, medium, and large.

It’s an excellent solution if you are looking for a rechargeable training collar that can be used with multiple dogs because it comes with 2 extra collars.

The best part about this dog training collar is that when it comes out of the box, it is completely ready to use – you don’t need to program anything or adjust it. Most of the customers said that it worked well even if they didn’t read the manual.

Factors to consider before buying the Best Shock Collars for Dogs with Thick Fur

best bark collar for dogs with thick fur

If you compare models and read customer reviews, you’ll need to look for several features in a shock collar. Some of these include:

1. Size

The collar should be the proper fit for your pet. It has to be firm but not too tight so that it doesn’t hurt him. The strap also shouldn’t be too loose because the dog can easily remove it and get rid of it while you are trying to train him.

2. Safety

You want a model that is completely safe for your dog. In other words, it should have an adjustable safety shock to prevent accidentally setting it too high.

Other essential things regarding safety are the material used to make it and an indicator light. A good collar should have a light on the remote control, so you will know when it’s charged or not.

3. Ease of use

You want an easy-to-use model, even if this is the first time you will try it. Many of these models come with adjustable intensity, so you can begin with a lower level and then increase it if needed.

Other models have automatic levels, depending on the stimulation level used before.

Also, check customer reviews online to see how simple they find using each model and their difficulties when using it.

4. Durability

A good collar should last for the entire training period. This means that it has to have a durable design and strong materials to endure the use of your dog.

Check customer reviews online about how long they used their model before purchasing a new one.

5. Adjustable Sensitivity (A must have feature in the best shock collars for dogs with thick fur)

This is one of the most important features that you should look for because it gives you an idea of how sensitive this model is. You can adjust the sensitivity in a range from 1 to 100, so if your pet has thin hair or skin, you will have to lower the level significantly.

The remote should be comfortable in your hand. If you are going to use this often, then it’s essential that the remote control feels good in your hands.

It shouldn’t feel too big or clunky when using it. You also want something with an ergonomic grip.

6. Price

A good shock collar shouldn’t cost you too much. The most expensive models are the professional ones, but they can be beneficial if you have multiple dogs in your home and need a unit that can fit several of them.

There are many different types of these collars nowadays, not only with shock but also vibrate, ultrasonic, or beep, making it even more challenging to choose.

Just consider the features, price, and what kind of training method you prefer when selecting a proper collar for your dog wear.

7. Battery life

A good rechargeable collar should have a long battery life; it really depends on the battery capacity of your model. You can check this detail in the description of each unit or by reading customer reviews online.

Some models come with a rechargeable option that has to be plugged into an outlet. Still, there are also units with regular batteries.

Furthermore a low level battery indicator in collars remote will make sure you never run out of battery life so do check it out as well.

8. Range

According to your needs and how you plan to use it, it should offer a suitable range. If you want one to train a hunting or working dog, you should choose one with 500 yard range or more.

But if you are looking for something that can be used in urban areas and still work well over long distances, then look for a collar with a 100 – 300 yards range.

9. Oscillation or Vibration Collars

There are many models available on the market today that have both oscillations or vibrations included, but some of them only work with vibration while others work either with vibrations or oscillations.

If you want a model that can work with both type of correction, then you will have to do some research and read customer reviews online to find the best one on the market today.

10. Reset Button

A lot of these collars unlike traditional shock collars come with a reset button so that you can start over again without having to keep adjusting the levels.

This is great for beginners and those who want the chance to change their minds and give a lower level of stimulation. You just need to turn your dog trainer off to continue training your long hair dogs or cat.

List Of Safety Tips When Using Shock Collars For Dogs

A dog training collar is completely safe for dogs if used properly. However, you should always take the following safety precautions:

1.Don’t leave your dog alone while using the collar. If you want to use it while your pup is outside playing, have someone with him so that no harm comes to him. In addition, make sure your children are never around your dog or play with this model because they might hurt him without realizing it.

2.Don’t use it on puppies under 6 months of age – You can still train smaller dogs using the shock collar, but you should wait until he is at least six months old. Also, look for one that has a low level of stimulation because their skin and fur are sensitive.

3.Avoid clicking the remote uncontrollably – If you do this, your dog will start making associations between the pain or discomfort with your emotional state or mood. The pet could grow frightened of your anger, which is something no responsible pet owner wants. If you feel like getting mad, turn off the collar and walk away from your pet so that no harm comes to him. You can always try again later calmly and positively.

4.If you startle your dog, then click the remote – If your pet is walking outside or doing something you find pleasing, such as sitting or lying down! You should reward him with treats instead of shocking him. As a result, he’ll be more likely to continue these good behaviors later on.

5.Also, consider that it has to be properly fit – Read the instructions carefully before starting training with this device. If it doesn’t fit well, there’s no point in using it because it won’t work. Make sure that the collar fits snugly without being too tight on your pet’s neck, and it should fit comfortably but not too loose either.

6. The collar needs to be placed correctly – There are collars with two leash attachment points, one near the dog’s throat and another one in front for you to hold during training. Whenever you are using a remote control with your collar, make sure you use the one that attaches directly to his neck so that you can communicate easily. This way, you don’t have to hide behind something or change positions too much when giving him commands.

7.Make sure that it has a good battery life – The battery life of these collars can vary greatly depending on what brand and model you get, but some last longer than others. So check out reviews online before making a decision and look at how long each one lasts to help you pick one that lasts for a long time.

How Do You Train Hunting Dogs With Collars?

Training hunting dogs and aggressive dogs with collars is a process that takes time, patience, and plenty of treats.

When first starting out, it’s important to choose a collar that is comfortable for your dog to wear and that won’t rub their skin raw.

You’ll also need to find a training ground that is safe for both you and your dog, as well as any other animals in the area. Once you have all of your supplies ready, you can begin the training process.

The first step is to put the collar around your dog’s neck and get your dog used to the feel of the collar. Start by putting the training collar on for short periods of time and gradually increasing the length of time as your dog gets more comfortable.

Once they are used to wearing the collar, you can begin attaching the leash and taking them for short walks around the block.

As they get more comfortable with walking on a leash, you can start working on basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down.

Avoid cheap shock collars, which can be overly harsh and cause physical harm to your dog.

Additionally, such Remote Dog Training Collar may not have adjustable settings so you might find yourself unable to properly adjust the collar to suit your dog’s needs.

Instead, look for a humane collar for large dogs that is adjustable, and can provide your dog with a gentle reminder when it is time to heel or come.

Be sure to reward your dog for good behavior with plenty of treats and love during the training process as this will help reinforce positive behavior.

With patience and consistency, you’ll be able to train your dog to hunt with you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do shock collars work on long haired dogs?

Yes, they do. Like I said above, the key is to find one that has longer probes that can reach through your dog’s fur and still touch their skin.

As a result, you won’t need to adjust it when training him continually, so you’ll be able to correct his bad behavior effectively.

Q2. Does shock collar hurt?

Yes, and no. A person would probably think shocking a dog who barks excessively is a good idea if the dog is disturbing the peace by his nuisance barking. It does hurt them, but not like what most people think it does.

A standard collar that these companies make is designed to be more humane, so when your pet feels pain in the form of a slight tingle or uncomfortable sensation! They will stop doing whatever behavior caused the shock in the first place.

Q3. How tight should a shock collar be?

The collar should fit comfortably but not to the point where it won’t go any further. If you have one that is too loose, your dog could take it off without even realizing it.

As a result, they could end up getting lost or having an injury because the collar would probably fall into a hole.

So make sure that you don’t put it on too tightly as well. You can always adjust the size so that your pet can still breathe properly and be comfortable.

Q4. Can you shock a puppy?

You can, but it might not be a good idea if you have an extremely hyperactive and rambunctious puppy, then it would probably work on him. Otherwise, waiting until they’re older is the best option.

This way, he won’t associate the pain with something that wasn’t their fault and start blaming random things for making them feel uncomfortable. For puppies use of a harness works best.

Q5. How often should I use a shock collar?

Once they stop barking, you can stop shocking them with a shock collar. In contrast, if you notice that your aggressive dog is misbehaving in other ways as well as causing disturbances, you may have to continue shocking him until he completely stops.

Q6. What do you use a dog shock collar for?

Some people use them for dogs that bite. Others might just want to have the shock function for shocking an aggressive pet.

Some owners like using them for training purposes if they can’t find a good trainer in their area.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with as well.

So make sure to think about the reason why you wanted to purchase dog’s collar as your canine companion in the first place before deciding which model you want.

Q7. Why would you use a shock collar for an older dog?

You should consider using this type of device if your dog has entered their golden years or has started to show signs of dementia. You will not have to worry about them wandering off or hurting themselves.

After all, they can’t remember what they are doing. These collars come with remotes, so all you need to do is press a button, and your pet will be shocked if they start to wander off.

Q8. Do shock collars stop barking?

Most of these collars are designed to stop excessive barking and obtain your training goals by a shock function.

It can be embarrassing if they bark at you in front of other people considering that dogs tend to act better when there are strangers around.

These types of devices will not only help decrease the volume of their bark and remind them that annoying the neighbors isn’t acceptable behavior of dogs.

Q9. How Far Can A Shock Collar Reach?

Depending on what type of collar you purchase and how far away you are standing from it, some models can reach up to 700 feet or more.

The longer-range is beneficial because you won’t need to worry about constantly being close enough so that it can shock your pet.

You’ll be able to put it on them and wait for them to get too far away, and the device will automatically shock them.

Q10. Can shock collars be used in the water?

As you know there are different types of shock collars. Some models have a waterproof design, so you can use these waterproof collars around water or in wet conditions without worrying about any damages.

Regardless, make sure to read the instructions carefully before using the device. Otherwise, you may damage it and lose your warranty.

Q11. How long do electronic collars last?

Most models will last for a few years, depending on how much your pet is wearing them. They are similar to remote control car batteries; if you use them more often, they won’t last nearly as long as they should.

Q12. What Is A Shock Collar Made Of?

There are several different materials that these training collars can be made out of, but the most popular type is nylon material. This design is famous for various reasons because it is exceptionally durable, waterproof, and lightweight.

You don’t want any kind of device or apparel that has a tight sensation on your dog’s neck, so be sure to find the model that works best for you both in terms of quality and size.

Q13. Are electronic collars safe for dogs?

Yes, as long as you use them properly. Mostly a remote dog training collar arrives with three training modes. These three training modes (namely beep, vibration, and static) can be adjusted as per your pet’s needs.

Q14. Can shock collars be used for at least two dogs?

Yes, there are some models of shock collars available that can accommodate at least up to three dogs at once.

These models usually come with two sets of receivers, so you can easily keep an eye on both your dogs at the same time.

Q14. Are shock collars good or bad?

Some people believe that using one for training purposes is a type of animal abuse, but if you use them properly, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with them because your pet won’t feel any pain or discomfort when you use them.

In fact, some veterinarians even recommend their usage as long as you make sure to use it over something like an automatic bark collars. 

Q15. Why can’t I shock my cat?

Most of these progressive correction collars are made for use with dogs, so technically, cats aren’t supposed to wear them.

However, some cat owners say that they have been able to get away with using them on their pets, but not all of these models work for both types of animals.

You can always try out a collar just on your pet and see if they are receptive to wearing it before you buy.

Q16. At what age can you use a dog shock collar?

You can begin using them at the age of 6 months. There is no harm in trying it with your younger dog.

Still, most professionals suggest waiting until they are older because some young dogs may be fearful or nervous about wearing one.

Q17. What Do You Use a Dog Shock Collar For?

A dog training collar is a device that applies a brief electric shock to a dog’s neck.

They are most commonly used in behavioral training, particularly for dogs that exhibit problem behaviors such as aggression, excessive barking, or running away.

Training dogs with a dog collar seems simple, but it’s important to use the device correctly in order for it to be effective and safe as it can cause physical and psychological harm if used incorrectly.

What Can You Teach a Dog With a Shock Collar?

With a dog training shock collar, you can use these e collars to teach your dog to come when called, sit on command, stay, or lie down. You can even use them to help your dog learn to walk on a leash without pulling.

In short, shock collars are a versatile training tool that can be used to teach your dog just about anything.

Will The Prongs On Shock Collars Be Painful To My Dog?

No, the prongs will not be painful to your dog. The shock that the collar emits is not strong enough to cause pain. It is only meant to startle your dog and get its attention.

Moreover, the level of shock can be adjusted to be more or less intense, depending on your dog’s size, dog’s skin, and sensitivity.

So if you are concerned about the e collars being too harsh, you can always start with the lowest Collar Sensitivity and gradually increase it if necessary.


The dog shock collars featured here are considered the best on the market because they have a good reputation and offer you a wide variety of features along with different correction types.

They may be expensive, but if your goal is to keep your long haired dogs safe, that shouldn’t matter as much.

Keep in mind that these models are only meant for dogs older than 6 months, and make sure to read through all the instructions before using them on your long hair dogs.

So what do you think?

Do shock collars work, or do they not? If so, then why wouldn’t dog owners want to use them on their pets?

Anyways. I really hope you enjoyed reading this article about electronic collars. I would love to hear back from you after giving one a try.

Feel free to share your experiences with it, and if you have any questions about them, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!