10 Best Shock Collar For Great Dane In 2023

The Great Danes are magnificent dogs. Their size ensures they are always going to stick out in the crowd. Usually, they seem calm; however, occasionally, they start to misbehave, and due to their size, it might become difficult to handle them. That is where we need the best shock collar for Great Dane to handle and train them.

Shock collars are also known as electronic or E collars, which don’t have a good reputation due to people’s misunderstanding of the technology. They operate by employing digital stimulation and mean no harm to the dog, and also have the added extreme range benefit. The best shock collars do it without the risk of damaging their necks as no pulling is required here as we see it in martingale and prong style collars.

These collars will help you to train your dog’s professionally. The training plays a vital role in their overall gentleness and obedience. An untrained Great Dane can harm you and others as well.

Best Shock Collar For Great Dane

If you have a Great Dane and you want to train him well, in this article I have included a list of the best training collar for Great Dane. This will help and guide you to pick the right product for your dog.

So let’s just get started!

Best Shock Collar For Great Dane

1. Slopehill Dog Training Collar

Some dogs have bad Behavior, which could be frustrating to their owners. This behaviour puts the owner under stress, and the relationship between you and your furry friend can get disturbed.

This is where training is required for your dog, and that thing is not that easy. Thanks to technology nowadays that has made our life easy. For dog training, the collar under review today is an inexpensive but powerful, secure, and effective dog training Collar.

It will surely meet all your requirements. It is a product that gives you control of when you can vibrate the collar. It is a shock collar, but the vibration is very strong to get the attention of your dog.

The product comes with a 2600ft wireless range between the remote and the collar, which is incredible. It’s rechargeable and waterproof. It can also do light flashes at night time.

If you can’t find your dog, this thing around his neck will blink and help you find him with ease.

You can train up to three dogs at one time if you want because the remote here allows you to connect it with 2 additional collars simultaneously. On the bottom of the collar, there are contact points that don’t harm your animal when it vibrates.

The collar comes with 4 Training Modes. For vibration and static stimulation, it comes with 99 levels; this will allow you to choose the perfect level according to your dog’s behavior and breed.

This collar can be shortened, and the length will cover a lot of different size dogs with a neck size between 8 to 26 inches, which is great. Both the remote and the collar come with long lasting rechargeable batteries.

The batteries can get charged fully within 2 to 3 hours, and then the dog’s shock collar battery is good for 15 to 20 days, which is exceptional.

So if you are an owner of Great Dane specifically and searching for the best shock collar for Great Dane, do have a look at this very best cheap collar. Slopehill can help assist you a lot in this regard.

2. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

In this article review, I have put all the necessary information for this dog e collar.  The Educator dog collar provides the best quality for training dogs with ease. They come in different sizes and models with an affordable price tag.

This collar is a static power electronic collar that comes with sound and tone training modes. It will help you enhance your dog’s behavior easily. It is equipped with the best-built quality, which makes it mean no harm to your dog.

It comes with a handheld remote, a beautiful stopwatch that is well suitable for people with small hands, and a collar strap along with its receiver.

The range of this device is about half a mile. (With other variants it may vary) It has static stimulation levels from 1 to 100 along with boost stimulus levels from 1 to 60. They come in handy to train your dog properly.

The collar and the remote are lightweight. Both are waterproof and come with low battery level indicators.

The collar comes with specific touchpoints making it suitable for different neck sizes. They are made of premium titanium and not stainless steel as we see in most of the dog collars.

This feature provides extra comfort to the dogs. The dogs educated with the assistance of this collar won’t ever frighten you. The Company is well known for delivering the ideal dog training collars. All these features make it a suitable choice in our search for the best training collar for Great Dane.

great dane dog collar size

3. Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs

The dog is a man’s best friend. If you are tired of your dog’s bad behavior, and you want to make him obedient and train him for outdoors as well, this is where different collars in the market come into play.

Great Dane is one big good looking dog and if you have that and you are looking for the best training collar for Great Dane you are in the right place. The next on our list is Petrainer shock collar that can fulfill all your requirements.

The Petrainer comfortable collar comes with 3 modes that include beep, vibration, and static shock feature. It is waterproof also so your dogs will have no trouble in the water. The collar has 100 sensitivity levels for both shock and vibration mode, so you will have no problem finding the perfect level that suits your dog.

It is skin friendly and won’t cause any irritation or allergies to your dog. The remote is of decent quality and is durable. The maximum distance between the remote, paired with the collar is about 900 feet, this is a handy feature allowing the users to get full command over their dogs.

The collar and the remote include high quality rechargeable lithium batteries that provide decent backup time. To save your time company has provided the feature of charging your collar had the remote simultaneously. All these features make it a perfect option for dogs of various sizes and one of the best dog training collar for Great Dane.

4. SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

Before getting into its feature, it’s important to note that 425x is the newer and updated model of their predecessors. The key difference between them is that now it has 21 levels of static simulations which were limited to 7 in the old model.

It’s one of the lightest collars that the company produces. It’s basically designed for training the dogs in fields or hunting. This collar is water-resistant and is submersible to 25 feet because it is using DryTek technology.

The collar has a wide range of 500 yards allowing you to use it with ease outdoors. It is best suited for dogs weighing 8-120 lbs , with neck sizes of 5-22 inches. It comes with the standard contact points.

The Lithium-ion, rechargeable batteries show outstanding performance. They get quickly charged in 2 Hrs and then last about 50 to 70 hours which is remarkable. Its low battery indicator will let you know when you have to charge it.

In my view, SportDOG provides impressive and high-quality products at an affordable price. Moreover, they provide you with a year’s guarantee. This period is precious to the consumers because it gives them enough time to test it and get satisfied.

The dog collars include many excellent features, which makes it an incontrovertible selection for those users who are looking for the best electric shock collar for Great Dane.

5. PATPET Dog Training Collar (best training collar for Great Dane)

PATPET products are of high quality merchandise at an affordable cost. Dog training collars are the requirement now a days to make your dog obedient in case he’s being really naughty or behaving oddly.

Nonetheless, it’s best suited for big dogs so it can be a good training collar for Great Dane. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if your dog loves to jump in the pool.

The collar comes with a lithium-ion battery that provides excellent backup and takes about 4 hours to get fully charged. This comes in handy while out of home or traveling. Charging the device is simple enough with no complications.

It comes with 3 training modes that include beeping, vibration, and static mode. The device is also integrated with 16 levels of stimulations that are strong enough to get your dog’s attention. The vibration of this collar will be enough to train your hyper dog, and you might never happen to use the safe shock mode.

This adjustable collar comes with an impressive range of 3000Ft, which proves very useful to hunters and dog owners who want to use their collar in long ranges.

Well, dogs are man’s best friend. So treat them well. The thing to be noted here is that when these collars are used appropriately, they proved to be handier than the regular collars.

So if you’re bored with your pets’ aggressive behavior or you would like to modify their barking routines. They will undoubtedly help you to train your dogs properly.

6. Dogtra 1900s ( best dog training collar for Great Dane)

Let’s be honest we all want our dogs to stick out with respect, behave appropriately, and listen to our commands, but that’s not as simple as it seems to us.

So to train our dogs, the collars are of great importance. The Dogtra 1900s collection is best for big dog owners who want to train their dogs with no extra hassle.

The company has made it with the latest technology available to make it one of the best dog training collar. It has all the features for both the dog and the owner, thus proving itself to be one of the most effective big dog e-collar.

The collar is lightweight, slim, and comfortable. It allows the user to put it around the dog’s neck with no worry quickly. It has improved contact points for the dog’s neck. The remote design is also impressive.

The checkered grip makes it comfortable to hold without the danger of slipping from hands. The device is IPX9K waterproof and has an impressive ¾ mile range.

Dogtra 1900s comes with Lithium polymer batteries that last longer and can get charged quickly. The device has three training modes with 127 stimulation levels so that you can adjust it accordingly. The LCD screen indicates the stimulation level along with the battery percentage.

Another advantage of this device is that it comes with the added benefit of pairing another collar. If you have two dogs and want to train them both, all it will take is to buy another collar and pair it with a remote.

Lastly, if you have a large dog like Great Dane and you are looking for the best tactical dog collar for Great Dane, which is reliable and durable so that it should last for years in challenging circumstances then, the Dogtra 1900s series is for you.

7. DOG CARE Remote Dog Training Collar ( best shock collar for Great Dane)

This fantastic tool is known as one of the most successful training devices on the market, and a 50,000 global rating on the store is enough to prove its worth.

If you face problems in training your dog, you don’t have to worry about it as Dog Care supplies you with the very best training collars. So you can prepare your furry friend and make him more obedient and gentle.

Let’s jump into the features of this remote dog training collar.

It comes with a good range of 300 yards between the collar and the collar receive, which you can handle quite easily, and it’s more than enough for everyday usage. It has three training modes, which include tone, vibration, and stimulation mode.

Another thing the company is providing here is that it has 99 levels of stimulation, so you can quickly and safely find the right level according to your dog’s bread.

This collar also allows you to set the stimulation level to zero and use only tone or vibration when required.

The collar has a safety lock feature that allows the user to lock its buttons. This feature will give you more command over the jolt, and at the same time, it will also stop its accidental triggering. It has extra support for up to nine dog collars.

The remote and the collar both have an excellent battery backup. The receiver’s battery lasts up to 45 days, and the collar battery lasts up to 15 days with a single charge.

The company is supplying the highest quality products at affordable rates. So, if you are looking for the best Great Dane e collar at an economical price that has all the required features, then you should get this particular dog training collar.

8.Garmin Delta Sport XC

The collar under our review is one of the best training collars for Great Dane from Garmin. It is waterproof to ipx8 standards and is integrated with 36 levels of momentary and continuous stimulations. The Garmin Delta Sport XC comes with three modes of operation.

The first one is vibration continuous momentary; the second mode is tone vibration momentary; the third one is tone continuous momentary. It also has a bark limiter feature and an increased range to three-quarters of a mile.

The device comes with Multi-dog compatibility. The receiver is lightweight that weighs about 2.9 ounces only. It comes with a Biotene strap providing extra protection to the dog’s neck. The power button is located between the two contact points.

The contact points are of premium quality, and the dog is very comfortable wearing it. To turn the device on you’ll press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps, and for turning off the device same procedure will be applied but this time beep will be only one.

This beautiful collar comes with lithium-polymer batteries that perform exceptionally well. The device will go from empty to full in two hours or less, which is impressive. Once the battery of the receiver is fully charged, it lasts up to 80 hours.

The dog device battery timing is up to 60 hours of continuous use. So shutting it off during different periods of time will increase its battery life.

Overall it a useful device, with many features and benefits. It has a fantastic battery life; the device range is good. With all these features, in my opinion, it is one of the top-quality shock collar for Great Dane.

9. Bousnic Shock Collar for Dogs (Best shock collar for Great Dane)

Bousnic is assisting all types of pet owners by providing them with premium products. The collars are the main thing when it comes to dog training and making them obedient and enhance their friendly behaviour.

So the 3 qualities that will best explain this collar are safe, powerful, and durable. It comes with the support of an extra collar with the remote which lets you train two dogs at precisely the same time.

The collar has a very simple design which is also wear-resistant. The receiver thin, small, lightweight, and IPX7 waterproof. While and the collar is adjustable in between 6 to 27 inches so you can use it for all sizes of dogs. The contact points are silicon covered to provide extra comfort to your dog.

The range of 1000 feet between the collar and the receiver allows the users to control their dog’s activities comfortably and train them effortlessly.

It comes with 3 consistent training modes allowing you to choose the mode, which will best suit you to train your dog as all modes are equally useful. The modes include beep, vibration, and safe shock.

The collar comes with different levels of stimulations. Level one is the lowest, and level 16 is the highest level. When you use the shock mode, please always start from the lowest level and work your way up.

The collar and the receiver both come with good battery life and take only 2-3 hours to get fully charged.

Lastly, if you have a big or small dog that has bad behaviour, and you want to train him most gently without hurting him, then this company manufactures the best dog training collars.

10. Ankace Shock Collar for Dogs (best Great Dane e collar)

Akace has been operating in the market for some time now and successfully provides its customers with the best and reliable pet products. Thus, this company is continuously increasing its customer base. This success’s main reason is happy customers who come back to the same company and recommend it to others.

The collar under review comes with a remarkable 2000FT maximum distance range between the collar and its receiver. No doubt the company has used here the latest microprocessor to boost up signal strength.

The Ankace collar comes with 3 equally effective training modes. The training modes include beep, vibration, and shock mode to train your dog are the best possible way.

The collar comes with 100 flexible static levels of vibration and Shock stimulations. So be careful and make sure you pick the right level that’s ideal for your dog.

The shock collar also includes the casual shock shield mode, which helps in the prevention of any unintentional stimulation to your furry friend.

This ergonomic design collar is waterproof, so you can even use it whenever your puppy jumps into a pool or if he goes out in the rain. And with more than F500 yard range, it gives you the freedom to control and train your dog’s activities from a distance.

This 500 Yard Range E-Collar with Static stimulation includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery that gets fully charged in about 2-3 hours and provides a good backup. With all these features, it’s overall a good training collar for Great Dane.

Best ways to keep your Great Dane from barking

dog training collar for great dane

Barking is a dog’s way of communicating with the world, but sometimes it becomes too much. If you have a Great Dane and he barks excessively, there are some steps you can take before turning to a bark collar.

Here are six tips for managing excessive barking:

1. Put up an obstacle

Place an object in front of your dog so it blocks its vision of what might be triggering its nuisance barking (e.g., children playing in the next yard.) This will stop the dog from seeing what’s causing it to bark and making it stop.

2. Train with reinforcement

Reward your Great Dane when they stop barking with something yummy like food or playtime to reinforce that their silence was good. Be careful not to reward silence that results in the dog simply remaining quiet for the treat and immediately starting to bark again.

3. Put them in a crate

If you have an extra crate, put your Great Dane in it when they start barking. Dogs will often stop barking if this is what they’re used to doing when their owners are away; since the owner isn’t present, the Great Dane figures silence is best.

4. Use a toy

Attach a tug rope or fun designs ball to something heavy so that when your Great Dane starts nuisance barking, he has to do some work in order to pull it towards him. You can get tired of these distractions, and their barking can become monotonous.

5. Feed them

If your Great Dane is hungry, they’ll be much less likely to bark at a noise.

6. Contact your veterinarian

If these methods don’t work, call your veterinarian. It could be that something is wrong with your dog, and excessive barking may be a symptom.

Buying Guide

Great Dane is a giant breed dog, so you will need a collar that can keep its self up with Great Dane’s temperament and growth for training him. The dog training collars are necessary for training your dogs and making them obedient.

At the same time, being a dog owner, you will certainly not want to hurt your dog, so there are several smart features you will have to consider before buying the best dog collar for a Great Dane. Below I have tried to explain most of them.


As Great Dane is a big breed dog, so what you will want is the best quality collar for this gentle giant, which comes with a reasonable price as well. This requires a well-established brand that can fulfil with ease.If the collar material is of low quality, it might hurt your dog’s neck, which no pet owner will want.

Quick release buckle

A quick release buckle ensures that you can quickly take the collar off your dog if it becomes caught on something. This is not something you will want to happen, but if it does the quick release buckle should make removing the collar easy.


While training your dog, the electric collar range is also essential. The collar range will define the distance of operation, but that depends on a pet owner’s requirement. Generally, a half-mile distance is recommended as a minimum for a shock training tool because it will give you more control over your dog’s activities. Extended ranges help you increase the area of operation to make your dog comfortable in any surrounding.

Color combinations

Color combinations of collars are very important as dogs of same breed have different fur color so the collar should be of a proper color to identify them immediately.Moreover bright colors collars also gives a stylish look to your dog and increases his personality.

Modes Of Training And Intensity

This is undoubtedly an essential thing in the process of selecting the best training collar for Great Dane of any other breed you own. The more levels of stimulation with decent intensity levels will give you maximum control over your dog.

Generally, most collars in the market come with all the basic functions along with three modes with adjustable levels, which include beep, vibration, and shock mode. These levels allow you to find the right amount of stimulation that best suits your dog.

Collar Size

The Great Danes have approximately a neck size between 20 to 26 inches, so you should keep this in mind when selecting a flat collar. Aside from size, the collar must be comfortable so it wouldn’t hurt your dog’s neck.

Many collars available in the market are cheap, but the material those manufacturers have used is of low quality and can hurt your dog’s neck or make him feel uncomfortable.

So I will highly recommend choosing a collar of premium built quality with comfortable contact points,made with durable material along with a few adjustment points so you can adjust the flat collar as your dog grows.

Keypad lock

Keypad lock is a great solution to prevent accidental pressing of buttons and to keep your training collar safe from any mischievous person or children. This is a common feature in many shock collars and highly recommended as it ensure accidental shock protection and makes the E-Collar training process smooth.

Battery backup

Battery built quality and their backup time is also a key feature in selecting the best tool for training Great Dane. Due to good quality, most collars nowadays come with rechargeable lithium batteries. It is the battery backup time that reduces the pet owners’ worry, so they can enjoy their outdoor time and train their dogs comfortably.


Most people nowadays like the waterproof collar so the, remote control of the training tool needs to be waterproof or water-resistant at least. This extra feature gives the owners more flexibility. They can train their dogs outdoors without worrying about the rain or their dog jumping into a pool. In short, this allows the dogs to have maximum fun in any weather.


Q1. What is the purpose of using a shock collar for a Great Dane?

Shock collars can be designed to administer an electric current when the dog barks too much. It teaches the dog not to bark so often because they know if they bark, they will get a painful stimulus, or at least that’s how it is supposed to work.

Q2. Where do I put the collar on a Great Dane?

A Great Dane’s neck is wider than a regular dog’s. You will want to measure the dog’s neck before getting a collar to make sure you get the right and adjustable size. A shock collar should be placed on the top part of the chest. When training your dog, they should be wearing a regular leash, not a shock leash.

You want to make sure that you are in control of the situation at all times like professional trainers and do not want your dog getting zapped by accident because they got too close to an electrical wire or anything similar. A shock collar should only be used when you are walking your dog.

Q3. What size collar does a Great Dane need?

Measuring your dog’s head is the best way to determine the size of collar that you will need. A standard collar, also known as a choke collar, should be 1 to 1.5 inches wide for an adult Great Dane.

You can also use martingale collars that work as a standard collar but have latches on both ends and prevent them from slipping off over your dog’s head.Everyday wear prong collars on the other hand have metal prongs that sit on their neck to help control them better.

Q4. What is the difference between the e collar and a shock collar?

An E collar or electronic collar emits a tone sound that gradually increases in volume if your dog starts to bark too much so that you can correct your dog before they get a stimulus from the shock collar. This is more humane as well.

Q5. How do I know if my dog has a sensitive neck?

You want to make sure that you are always using the lowest level of static correction possible. There should be some indicators on your everyday collar to tell you which level you are using. You can test out the gentler corrections levels by starting off with no shock and testing different levels until you find one that works for your dog.

Q6. Can I use a shock collar with puppies?

Yes, puppies can wear a shock collar as well- but only the lowest setting at first. Dogs have been known to get used to things quickly, so it is important not to push them too hard or learn nothing from being shocked.

Q7. Is a shock collar humane?

Many people have problems with using shock collars on their dogs, especially if the collar is set too high. The dog gets shocked too much, but it can affect your dog’s behavior if used properly. This training method is most effective if the collar tone is set to a high enough level that your dog can hear it and not a sound that they would easily ignore.

Q8. What kind of collar is best for a Great Dane?

It’s best to keep your dog from getting used to only wearing a shock collar and also allowing them some freedom without one on. As an experienced trainer, you want your dog to learn how to respond to you in certain situations when you say no. They will develop bad habits if you don’t give them enough chances to practice new things. Leash freedom will help them explore their surroundings and not get so distracted when they are off-leash.

Q9. Does a Great Dane need a shock collar?

That’s up to you. All dogs, including Great Danes, need to get positive reinforcement training to learn something from experience instead of just being shocked whenever they bark too long. Your dog should know that when they bark too long, you will teach them a new behavior or get rid of an old one. A properly used E-Collar can help make the training process faster, easier and more humane.

For a great Dane, this will make their life easier and will allow them to learn and develop into a well-mannered dog instead of someone who’s barking and pulling on the leash because it has become a habit for them.

Q10. How long should a shock collar stay on the Great Dane’s neck?

The regular collar should fit where it is not tight around your dog’s neck but also not too loose that it would fall off during a walk or playtime with your dog. It should not inhibit your dog’s movement, comfort, or breathing.

Be sure to always place the prongs of the collar in between your dog’s neck and their fur so that it will not irritate them when they move around.

Q11. What is the difference between a bark collar and a head collar?

A head collar is a type of training equipment for your dog to wear over their nose and around their muzzle. This prevents them from pulling on their leash while walking and gives you more control. A bark collar sends out a static correction when your dog barks.

It is important to find the right fit for your dog- something that they won’t be able to slip out of. With any of these collars you can easily teach them basic commands like sit, down, and stay. It is best to use the collar for training during specific times when your dog may need it.

Furthermore, if your dog has the habit of excessive barking the bark sensor in these bark collars can pick up the vibration of the bark and emit a corrective stimulus. The type of training equipment you use for your dog is ultimately up to you, but you should consider what might work best for your pet’s size, temperament, and personality.

Q12. What goes on a Great Dane’s neck?

A regular dog collar that goes around your dog’s neck is best for a Great Dane. You should try to find the right fit for your dog’s neck, but the collar should not be too tight or resting on their throat. You can attach a leash to both of your dog’s collars to make walking easier for both of you.


Great Danes are stunning dogs, but it can become tough to handle them because of their size. To make sure your Great Dane remains secure, behaves well, and returns to you; a high-quality collar is needed, including all the advanced features, to make your training sessions more successful. This choice will also allow you to train your gentle leader professionally and make him obedient.

The best training collar for Great Dane must be of the finest quality, with multiple training modes. The collar should be water-resistant so that you can use it in any sort of weather.

The extended battery life will also be a plus point as it will allow you to train your dogs in extended outdoor sessions without any worry.

I have reviewed the best training collars above, so do choose from them. They will prove to be a good overall choice for you. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments section how helpful my review was for you. If you still have any search query, feel free to use the comment box below. I’ll try my best to solve them as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading