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10 Best Harness For Great Dane In 2021

Does your Great Dane pull on the leash and is an escape artist? Does he get too excited when you take him for a walk and end up running circles around you? Is it difficult to control his behavior in general? If so, it’s time to invest in a new harness. Harnesses come with many benefits that can make walking your dog much easier on both of you.

We all want to take our dogs on a walk with us, but sometimes it can be hard. Some breeds are too big or strong for regular collars and leashes, and others just don’t like being restrained in any way.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best harnesses for Great Dane so you’ll never have to worry about your pup pulling your arm out of its socket again!

Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to dog gear that it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out what will work best for your pooch.

But not anymore-we’re here to help make picking the perfect one less stressful by providing you with some great info about which ones are best suited for Great Danes. So lets get started.

Best Harness For Great Dane

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1.Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness Vest

For those who love hiking with their dogs but hate having to drag them back every time they get ahead of you, the Rabbitgoo no-pull lightweight harness vest is a great solution. This vest provides comfortable control and allows your Great Dane to move freely while feeling safe and secure due to its innovative design.

You’ll find that walking your dog will be easier than ever before thanks to this adjustable no-pull harness vest. The light weight material reduces fatigue for both you and your Great Dane while also keeping it cool on warmer days with its mesh lining.

This vest will snugly around your Dane’s torso and provides excellent support. The adjustable straps are made of heavy duty nylon webbing and feature quick release buckles. This makes this harness very versatile because it allows you to quickly change between pulling and walking modes.

The chest belt is padded which helps reduce pressure points on your pup’s body if you have the need to pull hard on his leash at some point during your walk.

The best feature by far is the fact that you can control your dog from all four directions, and you never have to worry about this vest coming off because it features an adjustable safety buckles on each side and a quick release handle. And unlike other harnesses, there are no straps going under your dog’s legs which means you won’t end up with dirty, muddy stains all over your favorite shirts!

Furthermore this durable harness comes equipped with two shoulder pads and one chest pad. The shoulder pads are removable and adjustable to prevent rubbing against your pet’s skin.

This harness comes in four sizes , ranging from extra small to extra large so whether you have a puppy or a fully grown adult Great Dane, they should be able to use this product. It comes in three colors, so you can pick and choose depending on your own preference.

  • Highly adjustable
  • Available in different colors
  • Durable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • The D ring provides you with increased control
  • A bit expensive
 best harness for Great Dane

2.EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness

The Expawlorer dog harness is perfect for walking and proper training your Great Dane . This padded harness with extra wide straps will keep your pet from chafing, rubbing or sagging. The strong material allows you to properly train, walk and exercise your Great Dane so he’ll be fit and healthy while having fun at the same time.

This perfect harness for your canine comes equipped with additional heavy duty D-rings on top of the shoulder areas which can come in handy for those times when you need to secure him firmly without putting pressure on his neck.

These rings can also make it easier to attach a leash or lead tug line if that’s what you prefer. As an added bonus this product features reflective parts, which allow other people and vehicles to see your dog in dark conditions.

This highly adjustable harness comes with two straps with buckles for the neck and belly so you can make sure that this product is secure at all times while also letting your Great Dane breathe comfortably without feeling restricted.

It comes in three sizes ranging from small to extra large which should fit most adult Great Danes. The Expawlorer dog harness also comes equipped with a lifetime warranty, and if anything happens to it you’ll be able to get a free replacement or refund because of the confidence that this company has in their product!

This well-made padded no-pull dog harness can also come in handy if your pooch tends to be nervous or anxious around other animals, especially those he doesn’t know. It helps your dog focus on you and what you’re doing, rather than getting distracted by other animals or their behavior.

The best part is that because it’s padded, this anti-pull harness will provide comfort to your Great Dane if he tends towards being sensitive or nervous at times.

The ergonomic design also helps your pooch improve his posture which can be a big help for older dogs with joint problems like hip dysplasia! This product does not limit the movement of your dog in any way and is safe for all ages and breeds.

  • Quality material used in its construction
  • Easy to use
  • Soft cushioning provides your dog with all the comfort
  • Offers better control
  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • Dosen’t come in small size

3.Embark Adventure Dog Harness ( best harness for Great Dane )

The Embark Adventure dog harness is one of the least constricting and most versatile harnesses pet owners can find.

This product offers 3 size options along with multiple color options , and is made with a non-slip design using ripstop nylon , which makes it military-grade, so you can hold on tight for any occasion.

This advanced training harness is strong enough to withstand the force exerted by a 13o lbs pet. Meaning that there’s no chance your pooch will break free from his leash while running or swimming.

It also features reflective material webbing to keep him visible at night, and easy to spot when trying to grab your dog out of the dark. it’s got quick release buckles in case you need to get this thing off fast!

The best part about this safety harness however is that it comes equipped with four points of control so you can pull your Great Dane from all directions without having to worry about him breaking free of his leash or vest.

This means you won’t even have to worry about getting dirty on walks because you’re not going to be tripping over a leash all day long!

Instead, you’ll be able to direct your dog better and give him the kind of workout he needs even if it’s raining! All you need to do is secure this harness over your gentle giants fur and he’ll be good to go.

Keep in mind that even though the Embark Adventure Dog Harness comes equipped with four sets of straps and buckles, there are no restrictions or limitations on how your Great Dane can move around while wearing this device.

This means he will still be able to run, swim, jump and play like an energetic pup! The only difference is that it will help keep him safe while doing so by keeping him from getting stuck on his leash or running into the road.

This product is a bit pricey compared to some of the other harnesses on this list, but it’s definitely worth every penny! It’s durable and comes with a comfortable yet simple design for your dog for his obedience training.

You’ll be able to focus more on moving forward with your walk or play time session than stopping to readjust loose straps or having to find something that can easily cut off circulation if worn incorrectly.

  • Safe and Comfortable to use
  • Available in different in colors
  • Adjustable according to your needs
  • Easy to use
  • Soft cushioning
  • None that I could find

4.Eagloo Dog Harness

The Eagloo dog harness is the most affordable no-pull harness on this list, so if you’re looking for something that won’t break your bank but still offers all of the same great features as more expensive products, then this one is definitely a viable option!

This product comes in a plethora of sizes and colors , so whether you’ve got a Great Dane puppy or an older pooch, there’s bound to be something that matches his needs.

It’s also very easy to adjust with its four buckles which makes it convenient for dogs with expanded rib cages or short torsos alike.

And what’s even better is how comfortable this thing is! Your furry friend will be able to move around without having any materials rub against his skin and irritate him. The material is made with high-density compression materials, which means that it will mold to fit the shape of your dog’s back and chest perfectly

It also features a deep chest plate that helps distribute the force evenly over the entirety of your pet’s body to reduce any discomfort or chafing. This thing really does safety come first

But perhaps best of all is it’s no-pull design . Once you’ve got this harness on, your Great Dane can’t get out of it even if he tries so there won’t be any need for him to leap out from under his leash or vest in an effort to evade capture!

You’ll still be able to lead him easily while enjoying a hands free experience yourself. Not only will this cut down on the likelihood of him chewing or scratching himself, but it will also make your next dog grooming session a whole lot easier because there won’t be any loose hair to get stuck in his harness!

This harness also features two sets of metal rings so you can easily reinforce your control over your Great Dane. You’ll never have to worry about losing grip while trying to wrangle him back into line again .

It also comes with reflective strips so that if you like taking walks at night , then this will definitely be a useful feature for you. You’ll always feel safe and secure knowing that drivers on either side of you are able to see where your dog is at all times!

The best part is that these rings are made with an inflatable vest , which means you can safely and comfortably hold onto your pooch even when he’s lunging at another animal or person who has caught his attention

And while we’re talking about comfort, anybody who has tried putting on a dog collar before knows it can be quite the hassle. There’s always a struggle to get them over your pet’s head, and once you do, they’re likely to slip right back off.

This is where the Eagloo no-pull harness’padded handle comes in handy! It allows for easy on and off access with its quick release buckles that eliminates any frustration that may come with getting ready to go out or during playtime sessions!

  • Comes with durable and long-lasting fabric
  • Offers better control
  • Extra cushioning for increased comfort
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Thickened straps
  • No choking back clips
  • Not for small dogs

5.OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness Vest ( best harnesses for Great Dane )

Durable OneTigris dog harness comes with two D-ring for leash connection and one grab handle to control your dog easily. It is the best tactical dog vest that is a great fit for all terrains and activities; it keeps you sturdy, safe and in control at all times during any activity.

This adjustable vest has soft mesh padding which not only make you feel better when using but also provide maximum comfort for your canine buddy.

Four adjustment points allow you to easily adjust the size of this quality harness according to your pet’s body shape from head to tail so that it fits perfectly on your pet .

Its made of durable Nylon Webbing that won’t fray or snap easily. The heavy duty material used in its construction will be enough for extra pulling force when needed.

The belly straps along with the chest straps are adjustable and padded for comfort which is perfect to wear during long walks or advanced training sessions . It helps you have extra control over your dog while walking, jogging or running.

The service dog vests come with double steel ring on each side of the chest plate can be used fixedly or inflate to provide extra pulling force when needed.

The reflective straps enhance the safety of you and your dog during night walks or jogging ;the nylon handle is strong but not hard enough to hurt your hands so that you can hold on your dog firmly whenever he/she pulls away.

They manufacturer offers one year warranty for this product that shows how confident they are in its quality. The service dog vest is the best choice item for who owns large dogs, such as German shepherd, boxer, English mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, Golden Retriever etc.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful design
  • Made with pure Nylon webbing
  • Adjustable straps
  • Balance issues of the pet was noticed

6. Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Turn your walks with your pup into a fun experience and eliminate unwanted pulling, choking or coughing. This reliable harness from PetSafe  will make your dog feel right at home while giving you the control to stop those pesky leash tugs.

This product is a simple, comfortable and effective alternative to majority of harnesses. Unlike most other available options, this one does not have any padding to protect your dog’s sensitive skin from rubbing and chaffing against hard plastic or metal.

Its an intentional design choice by manufacturers who want their product to deliver some discomfort when the pooch begins pulling on his leash with no injury. This innovative approach helps train dogs not pull in a firm but safe way while also providing more control for you as they walk beside you!

The front-chest leash training attachment also helps provide better level of control as your pooch moves forward by applying direct pressure to his chest.

The PetSafe brand has tons of experience making dog products, so you can be sure that durable material is used in its production. Some dogs may resist at first against having something put on them, but with a little patience and positive reinforcement, your pooch will learn to like it in no time!

The five adjustable points make it easy to get a custom fit for your pooch. Furthermore the padded straps help in keeping his skin safe from any abrasions as he goes about his daily life with you.

All these features combined provide users with peace of mind that this is a safe, comfortable way to teach your dog not pull without causing tension on their body or the risk of choking them if they pull too hard on their leash!

To top it all off, this harness can be used by dogs that weigh up to 80 pounds and also features a step-in style closure that makes putting it on and taking it off very simple.

  • Four Adjustment Points
  • Quick Snap Buckles
  • Easy to Put On
  • Durable Nylon Construction
  • Will take time for your dog to get used to it

7.Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

When you need to get outdoors with your pup, but don’t want to spend all of the time chasing him down when he’s distracted by new smells and sights, this Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness for dogs is perfect.

The five easy adjustable points and plastic quick release buckles make on-going adjustments a breeze as your dog grows so you can get the best fit possible with our unique one-size-fits-most design provides a secure fit without excess pressure on any one part of the body.

This product is made of incredibly strong nylon material that doesn’t wear down easily. It’s also extremely easy to put on, which means you can spend less time fussing with it and more time enjoying the great outdoors!

Furthermore, over the chest wrap helps lift legs out of harms way when running, jumping or climbing and it is highly reflective for your pet’s safety in low light.

This pet harness has a stainless steel D ring for leash attachment at front and back with a 10 inch tether to restrain your dog during car travel or use as a leash training tool. It is best for dogs up to 100 pounds so it’s a great choice for all breeds of large dog such as Dobermans, border collies, huskies and standard poodles.

This product comes with a life time warranty and it is made in the USA! Furthermore, this kit comes with a booklet that will provide you with all the information you need to keep your pooch safe and comfortable while using this product.

  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Premium quality
  • Offers better grip and control
  • Easy to take off and take on
  • Adjustable as per your need
  • Includes the seatbelt as well
  • Week cushioning might make your dog feel uncomfortable

Buyer’s Guide To Have The Best Harnesses For Great Dane

best harnesses for Great Danes

Great Danes are big dogs with a lot of power, which means they need to be properly contained in some way or another if you don’t want them chewing the furniture.

The harness is a great alternative to traditional dog collars since it wraps around their torso and keeps them from choking themselves when they start pulling. There are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the best harness for great Danes.

1. Materials

The first thing that should be considered when choosing a the best harnesses for Great Dane is quality materials. The most common materials used in making dog harnesses include leather, nylon webbing, cotton canvas or other fabrics, and synthetic fibers such as polyester.

Leather is by far the strongest of all these options, but it also tends to wear down quickly over time. Nylon webbing offers good strength and durability, but it doesn’t hold its shape very well.

Cotton canvas, on the other hand, is weaker than leather or nylon but it tends to be more comfortable. Polyester material is soft and comfortable for dogs and is also less hot than most other options.

If you want to buy an anti pull harness for your Great Dane, you as a pet owner need to make sure it’s made out of the right and durable material. This way they won’t be able to chew on it and potentially hurt themselves by breaking off pieces over time.

You also don’t want a product that has exposed stitching because dogs can easily tear this apart and get hurt in the process. This is why it’s highly recommended to go with a heavy duty nylon material instead of something else like cloth or leather which tends to wear out faster.

2. Style

There are a few different types of harnesses available including standard ones that wrap around the body of your dog like a shirt, no-pull vests which use gentle pressure to discourage pulling habits, and H-style harnesses which attach to the top of the head as well as around the torso.

Most Great Danes weigh upwards of 100 pounds so h style harnesses tend to work best for them since they keep their heads up high thus preventing injuries in case they do run into something by accident. For smaller dogs, none of these harnesses are necessary since they can be easily controlled with the right training.

3. Durability

Shopping for a harness for your Great Dane is much like shopping for a dog bed or crate – you want something that will last as long as possible. No one wants to spend more money than they have to and because of this, most people tend to go with the least expensive option available.

While price should definitely be considered when making purchases, it’s also important to remember the saying “you get what you pay for”. The cheapest options available, regardless of the type of product, just aren’t going to hold up very well over time. Some experts recommend sticking with brands that are known in the industry these options are a good choice.

4. Comfortable Fittings

The fit of the harness should be as snug as possible without compromising comfort so that it doesn’t slip or slide around when your dog is running or walking. It should also be durable enough to withstand wear and tear

It’s essential to purchase a pet harness with quality materials that won’t break easily and styles which work well for big dogs like the Great Dane.

You’ll want an x-tra large size but not too bulky so you can move comfortably throughout the day. I recommend spending up to $100 so you get excellent quality and something that will last over time.

5. Reflective Features

Dogs love to run or walk at night time and reflective features will keep them visible in case someone is driving by at the wrong hour of day. Great Danes are big dogs so they tend to be more visible, but it’s still better to have a quality harness with a reflective strip.

6. Narrow Chest Panel

The Great Dane has a wide chest so you want to make sure the harness fits well without being too tight. Also, even though they are very big dogs, their necks are quite small so it’s vital to get one with a narrow neck leash attachment and a D ring that is also smaller in size.

You’ll want your dog harnessed to something strong but not bulky so they can still run around freely. If the leash isn’t attached properly, there could be some escape attempts.

7. Buckles and Straps

You’ll want a dog harness for Great Danes that is very sturdy, but also lightweight and breathable. You definitely don’t want something with sharp edges like metal buckles as these could hurt your dog if they step on them by accident.

Plates of plastic are quite common in many different designs but you should only use heavy weight nylon straps or doggie reflective strips to keep them safe and visible in the night time hours.

One simple strap design that is easy to use is known as a snap buckle which allows owners to put the collar on really quickly without having to mess around with a lot of hardware.

Nylon straps are less expensive than leather options but may need replacing more often because they wear out faster over time when exposed to moisture or snow and salt.

8. Color

When shopping for a dog harness,  pet owners should always check to see if it comes in more than one color. The ideal choice would be red or yellow reflective stripes as these colors stand out and are easy to spot when walking the dog at night time.

Even though some dogs don’t tend to like wearing this type of gear, it’s important to use so others can see them clearly at all times and avoid any potential accidents from happening.

9. Strap Designs

You’ll want heavy duty straps that won’t break easily and should also be able to withstand some pulling. Some designs feature padding on the inside that helps with comfort but this is only necessary if your dog has sensitive skin.

If they have thick hair instead, you may just want something without any extra padding. Your dog’s collar should also be adjustable in case the unit doesn’t fit quite right from the beginning.

10. Dog’s age

You will need to purchase a specific harness for hiking your Great Dane based on their age. You can do this by using Canine Growth Charts which are available online.

For example, if you have an 8-week-old puppy, you will want an extra small size while an adult dog would need something that is sized much larger.

It’s important to choose the right one because the wrong type of accessory could actually hurt them or even cause them to escape from certain areas when running around outdoors.

11. Very Large Dog

The fact that Great Danes are very large dogs means they have unique needs when it comes to safety. It often requires a lot more effort and coordination in order to find the best options for them compared with smaller breeds.

One mistake lot of pet owners make is using a collar or  an anti pull harness that isn’t designed for their body size and shape. It can be very problematic especially if they have a tendency to chew on things because the wrong accessory could cause them to choke or get tangled up without even realizing it.

12. Ring position

There are a wide variety of Nylon harness designs available to buy, but they aren’t all equal in terms of quality. Those that feature rings at the back and front offer improved control compared with those which have only one on the top.

The advantage here is that you’ll be able to stop your dog from pulling while walking them by using both sides instead of just one. It’s important to do this because it reduces the risk of hurting their spine or neck if they suddenly pull too forcefully without warning.

13. Size of harnesses

The size of harnesses also needs to be considered even though they come with adjustable Velcro straps. It’s important to get them fitted properly and make sure they aren’t too tight or loose at the same time.

If it’s too big, there is a risk that the dog could slip out of it easily when running around outdoors. You want one that feels secure while still being comfortable for your dog on hot days in order to ensure their body temperature doesn’t rise too much. This ensures that they won’t overheat and pass out from exhaustion.

14. Price

Some Great Danes are really active dogs so you might need a more durable option which comes with heavy duty materials. In this case, you may need to pay extra money for something that can withstand a lot of pulling and chewing without breaking. This is especially important for young dogs that are still growing into their adult body size.

15. Types of decorations

This is another important thing to consider for pet owners because they will want something that looks great and doesn’t have any unnecessary decorations. This way the dog will be able to focus on their owner while running around without getting distracted by anything else going on around them.

16. Lifting and Safety Handles

One thing you want to look for is a harness which has lifting handles with heavy duty stitching in order to protect the dog’s neck. If they are knocked over or tripped up by something, there will be no risk of them being injured as long as you catch them quickly enough.

You also want to make sure it comes with safety belts that attach at both the front and back so you have more improved control over your pet when walking through congested outdoor areas.

Back Clips vs Front Clips Harnesses

best harnesses for Great Dane

The main difference between a back clip harness and a front clip harness is where they connect to the leash. With a back clip harness, the connection point goes behind the neck so there is no restriction on your dog’s head movements.

However, some breeds may find themselves uncomfortable wearing a harness if their heads aren’t free to move naturally. On the flip side, a front clip harness restricts your dog’s ability to turn his/her head freely.

If you’re looking for something comfortable for both walks and runs, then a front clip harness might not be right for you. If you prefer having full access to your dog’s head when running, then a back clip harness will probably suit you better.


Q1. What is a better option for Great Danes, a head collar or harness?

The answer is that it depends on the size of your dog and their needs when it comes to playing around outside. If they are very active and tend to pull hard in one direction more than others, then you may want to use something with a double ring design at both the front and back.

This way you can have more control over them without worrying about hurting their neck if they unexpectedly lunge forward due to another animal, loud noise or other cause.

When you walk them using this method, go slowly until they get used to it and don’t force them into any unwanted position as this could lead to even more problems down the line. The head collar also gets the job done but again you have to choose it according to your pets needs.

Q2. How to fit your dog for a harness?

Fitting a dog for a harness is relatively simple but you do need to make sure it’s done correctly. The most important thing to look out for is that the strap from the chest to the back doesn’t cross over their neck, as this could choke them if they pull against it.

If you have a problematic or untrained Great Dane then avoid getting anything with only one ring on top because they may be able to slip completely out of it when pulling hard in any direction.

Expert Tip: It’s also helpful to fit your dog with one of these at night before bedtime because they can get used to wearing it while sleeping and soon become accustomed to having something around their body without feeling restricted in any way. When you go to take it off in the morning, there won’t be any conflict or struggle involved before they can get outside to go for a walk.

Q3. How do I stop my Great Dane from pulling on the leash?

This is a common problem with Great Dane owners due to the fact that they can be really strong and pull hard if they see something of interest out in front of them. When you first start walking them, use your best judgment as to how much leash length you will need for each trip outside.

Keep it short at first until they learn to listen and focus on what you want them to do next instead of continuously pulling forward. If they continue doing this when outdoors make sure you have trained commands that will get their attention and let them know which way you want them to go or what behavior is expected from them next.

Don’t forget that dogs respond better when training is repeated multiple times so don’t rush everything at once and end up forgetting about it a few days later.

Q4. Are Great Danes good on leashes?

The answer to this really depends on how much leash length you leave out between the collar and your hand each time you take them outside. The more of a pull they have, the harder it will be for you to control their movement at any given point in time so keep their size in mind before heading out for a walk or run with them.

They are very strong dogs and can easily become loose while playing around with other animals or just running free outdoors, so make sure everything is properly fitted beforehand in order to avoid any problems later on.

You always want to know that they won’t get away from you when climbing up or jumping over things that are within reach because if there’s one thing Great Danes love doing, it’s being able to get up high and see over objects in front of them.

Q5. Can Great Danes go on long walks?

They can, but make sure you don’t overdo it when they are younger because their bones and joints aren’t fully developed until around two years old. Also avoid running them too much on pavement or concrete whenever possible, as this could lead to joint problems later in life due to the extra pressure placed on them when hitting something hard like that.

If you do decide to run them for long distances then remember that big dogs also need more water and rest time than smaller breeds so check with your vet first before doing anything like that outside.

Expert Tip: The amount of exercise a Dane needs depends on how active they are and what kind of lifestyle their owners have planned for them each day.

If yours tends to sleep a lot during day time hours then it’s okay to let them have a nap every now and then while you’re going about your business. Just make sure they stay up later each night in order to keep their energy level consistent with how much exercise they received earlier that same day.

Q6. How far can Great Danes run on one trip?

It really depends on how fit they are and what kind of endurance levels you want to push them towards, but the general rule of thumb is not more than two miles at once or else you could end up having an injured dog on your hands later down the road.

You might be thinking this doesn’t sound like much so why would I even take them out if I can only run for around twenty minutes, but remember that adding up several short trips can sometimes add up to the same amount as one long trip, especially if you’re moving at a slower pace than normal.

If you get tired of walking them then try jogging or sprinting for two minutes and afterwards move onto a slow walk until your heart rate comes back down to normal again before repeating the process all over again.

If they are too young then try doing things just like this but make sure you don’t push it too much because otherwise they could grow up with bad joints and bones that never fully develop correctly thanks to lack of exercise when they were younger.

This is why owners need to choose their steps carefully before letting them run for extended periods of time outdoors whenever possible, plus remember that small dogs will also need more water and a break from everything when they start to feel the effects of running around for long periods of time.

Q7. Are harnesses bad for dogs?

In general no, they’re not if you find a good quality one that will fit well and never pull or choke your pet whenever using it. The kind of harness you buy also depends on the age of the Dane and if their collar size is still on the smaller side then don’t go too large with anything for now.

You want to avoid walking them as much as possible when their collar’s hanging loosely around their neck because this could lead to bloat in some dogs so always keep an eye out for any unusual signs that they might be experiencing any kind of pain while wearing it.

Q8. How tight should a harness be?

You should never use a tight harness, but make sure you can still comfortably fit one or two fingers between the straps of the harness and them at all times.

There are some owners who like to walk their canine companions with no kind of strap around their neck at all, in which case you should only use a collar that’s made for dogs than cannot breathe while running around in the hot sun.

Avoid pulling the collar too tight when putting it on or else this could lead to potential problems with how they breathe later down the road, especially if used for extended periods of time during their greatest active time each day.

Q9. Are Great Danes difficult to train on a leash?

They can be just as any other dog when it comes to this, but the key is consistency and praise for doing things right. Just remember that they are very large animals who will sometimes act more like a horse than a cat or dog so be careful about what you’re asking them to do while moving around town together.

Never treat them unfairly because of their natural strength, but also remember that they will soon catch on to commands like sit or down better than any other breed of dog out there in the world.

Q10. Is a harness good for a Great Dane?

That depends on your unique situation and what kind of life you’re trying to lead with them, but in general many owners like to use them for short periods of time if they are going on a long walk or running around outdoors.

This helps to minimize the overall stress that they can experience when pulling against their collar too much, especially from large dogs that have a tendency to want to pull their owners all around town while they’re walking next to them.

best dog training harnesses for Great Dane

Q11. Is a martingale collar better than a harness?

When it comes to a Great Dane then the answer is no, they’re not because of their general size and overall strength. This kind of collar can in fact hurt them or even lead to future problems if used for long periods of time at a time while also taking into account how active they are on a daily basis.

It can potentially cause damage to the trachea and neck muscles whenever pulled too tightly over an extended period of time, so always keep this in mind when making your final decision about what’s right for you and your pet as far as where you like to take them most throughout the year.

Q12. Do Great Danes get along with other dogs?

Yes, they do if you train them to be friendly around other dogs from a very early age. Socializing them with other canines is also something that should be taken into account wherever you are in the world, but it tends to make more of a difference the longer you wait and the more time goes by without them meeting or being trained for anything specific.

Q13. Do Great Danes get along with small dogs?

That all depends on the size of them, but in general most dogs will be friendly around one another if they are trained properly from a young age and if you have time to work with them throughout each day.

Some Great Danes might not always get along with smaller breeds, but that doesn’t make them mean or dangerous by any means, they just enjoy different things than what others find entertaining at times.

Q14. Do Great Dane’s like cats?

They can be very cat aggressive when it comes to small animals out there in the world so be careful about how you’re raising yours because the potential is there for other problems down the road when deciding whether or not to bring home a furry friend while also working on how you’re going to introduce them to one another.

Q15. Do Great Danes like water?

Yes, they do and you can take them out for a swim in a swimming pool or ocean whenever it’s hot outside without any problems at all. Just remember that the longer their hair is the more likely it is to become heavy with moisture later on when they are experiencing some kind of rainstorm outdoors so keep this in mind before deciding where you’re going to spend your time together as far as outdoor activities go.

Q16. Do Great Danes shed a lot?

They shed year round, but heavier during springtime and fall months than others. If you have allergies then make sure that you’re wearing proper clothing while spending time outdoors with them because no dog is immune from shedding each day, but it can be more of a nuisance depending on what you’re doing with them and where they are at all times.

Q17. Is a Great Dane good with kids?

They can be very good around other kids in general, especially if raised with them from a very early age. They are strong, playful and take on the role of protector whenever they’re indoors or outdoors with their owners at all times so keep that in mind when it comes to what you’re trying to teach them along the way.

Q18. Are dog harnesses better than collars for walking a dog?

Yes, they are because of how much more comfortable they can be for dogs in general. A harness simply spreads the weight evenly around their body which is something that most dogs enjoy and can make them feel stronger while walking next to you whenever it’s time to go outside.

It won’t pull at all on their neck or throat area like a collar will do without being properly fitted, so always keep that in mind as well whenever comparing what works best for your dog in the end.

Q19. What style of harness is best for your dog?

It’s all up to you, but something that fits comfortably around their neck and chest area is what most people tend to like the best. Some dogs can even handle a harness with a leash attached to both sides at the same time, so it really depends on how you’re planning on using one for them in advance before you make your final decision about what’s right for you and your pet over time.

Q20.  What size harness does my Great Dane need?

The size of harness is going to depend on the dog, so always check the sizing charts provided by most manufacturers before purchasing anything online.

You can also ask your local pet store if they have a few right in stock for you to try out when it comes to how big or small they are at all times as well and this will be more than enough for anyone that wants comfort their dogs can enjoy compared to something they hate using over time.

Q21. Is it better to use a collar or harness on a dog?

Both can work great for your dog, but it’s going to depend on what they prefer the most over time. If you run into any issues then a try using both of them at the same time just to see if that makes a difference or not in how they respond to trying something new as well.

Always be gentle when putting either one of these on to begin with, so keep that in mind whenever working out something that is right for them over time.

Q22. Do Great Dane puppies need a harness?

Yes, every puppy does and you should never leave them alone outdoors without wearing one whenever possible. They are still growing so their bodies and necks haven’t grown large enough yet to handle pressure from anything too heavy at the moment, but they are strong enough to take on much more than you think.

Q23. What is the best companion for a Great Dane?

A German Shepherd is always a top choice along with any type of dog that has the same energy level as they do. Not many dogs will ever be considered good companions for them, but some can work out if you’re careful about what you’re doing each day at all times.

Q24. What are the best cart pulling dog breeds in the world?

The Great Dane is considered to be one of the best after being bred for such uses in the past, along with other large dog breeds like the English Mastiff and St. Bernard when it comes to carrying loads over long distances at all times without any issues.

Q25. What is a Great Dane known for?

Being excellent guard dogs and companions when trained properly from an early age by their owners. They’re also known for being well-mannered around other kids, especially after having been raised with them since they were puppies at all times and will look out for their safety no matter what happens in the end.


Harnesses come with a comfortable design to provide improved over a dog’s movement. The best harnesses for Great Dane is one that provides the most comfort and safety, without inhibiting your pet’s natural movements or causing any discomfort.

There are many different types of harnesses that serve a variety of purposes, so it is important to know what you need before looking at the options.

I hope you find this article helpful .If you have any questions about selecting the best harness for your Great Dane or how to use one properly feel free to reach out anytime in the comment section. I’ll love to hear from you.

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