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Top Rated 10 Best Dog Collar for Yorkie In 2022 (A Detailed Review)

Are you a Yorkie owner who is looking for the Best Dog Collar? Have you been searching high and low for a collar that will look not only great on your pup but also is comfortable and durable? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will review 10 of the Best Dog Collar for Yorkie available. We hope that by reading through our reviews – which include the pros and cons of each collar – you’ll find the right one to meet your needs. Let’s get started.

Best Dog Collar for Yorkie

1.JIATECCO Bow Tie Best Collar For Yorkie Puppy With Bell

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Key Features

  • Comes with a 5ft long leash
  • Adjustable size for any dog breed or size
  • Durable fabric that won’t irritate your dog’s skin
  • Soft but durable PU leather

The JIATECCO Bow Tie is one of the best dog collar for Yorkie. This durable fabric collar comes with an adjustable size that protects your dog’s fur and skin from sun damage and provides comfort during wear time.

The five-foot-long leash lets you keep them in check when walking through public spaces like parks or on walkings near other people.

The Yorkie bowtie set is designed carefully to ensure that your dog’s collar and leash are very comfortable. Both pieces of this fashionable accessory were specially made out of high-quality materials, which means they’re soft but durable too.

The plaid design on the top of this collar is stylish and makes your dog look attractive and elegant. This ideal collar comes with a bowtie that has to be removed if you want, which can easily come off when they’re at home or without the need for one.

One of the best things about this dog collar is that it can fit any size. You’ll be able to find one just right for your pet, no matter what breed or girth measurements they come with! It’s also perfect if you have an extra small breed like a Yorkie as well.

This patented, high-quality dog collar and leash set is perfect for all walks. Not only does it have a 5ft long leash, but it also comes with an expanding handle that can be used when on the go or if you are feeling too hot outside.

The bells attached to this accessory make sure that you are always aware of your dog’s whereabouts and help to keep them safe by being able to hear them coming.

This collar is made of soft and lightweight PU leather and polyester that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. The material has also been carefully designed to withstand years of wear without showing signs of tearing, pulling, or fraying as other fabrics would do. Finally, the buckle clasp ensures that both the collar and leash are firmly fastened around your dog’s neck.

  • Durable fabric collar
  • Stylish plaid design
  • Fits any size dog
  • Patented high-quality design
  • Lightweight and soft materials
  • Buckle clasp for a secure fit
  • Bowtie can easily come off when not in use.

2.BONAWEN Crystal Best Dog Collar For Yorkie

Key Features

  • 100% soft and durable material
  • Comes with a beautiful bow tie
  • Led tags for safety
  • Rhinestones for added style
  • Fits all breeds

For those who are looking for the best dog collar set, BONAWEN Crystal is your perfect solution. It comes with a beautiful bow tie that will add weight to help train Yorkies properly, as well as led tags so you can take him on walks outside daily.

The rhinestones also make both items look fabulous, which means they’ll be very fashionable in addition to unmatched quality.

This premium quality leather dog collar is made of 100% soft and durable material. It has padded inside, which makes it comfortable for your pup! The size range goes up to 17 inches neck circumferences, so all breeds will fit perfectly with this one-of-a-kind accessory.

This collar’s velvet lining and durable buckle provide a soft, comfortable experience for your dog. They can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable due to its high-quality materials that are perfect in every way.

Additionally, the metal ring is attached to this dog collar which allows you to attach your leash. Thanks to the buckle closure, it’s effortless to put on and take off your pup.

The buckle on this perfect size collar is made from a superior metal alloy, which will never rust and remains strong for an entire lifetime. It fits comfortably around your pet’s neck due to its heavy-duty construction as well as being equipped with D rings so you can attach the leash easily without worrying about any damage whatsoever!

This collar has 5 adjustable metal eyelets, ensuring that it perfectly fits your Yorkies. With a weight range from 3-6 lbs, this collar is excellent for all types of dogs.

If you’re looking for the perfect collar to match your pup’s fur or coat, this is it! This 8 cool color variety will have whatever kind of style (bow tie bling included) that suits both small dogs and big ones.

With two variants available – one without decorations at all if simplicity suits better. There are many ways in which each person can find their own favorite design.

  • 100% soft and durable material
  • Comes with a beautiful bow tie
  • Led Tags for safety
  • Rhinestones for added style
  • Size range up to 17 inches neck circumferences
  • Comfortable for your pup
  • Fits all breeds
  • The bow tie may be too flashy for some people.

3.Blueberry Pet 9 Best Dog Collar For Yorkie Puppy

Key Features

  • Collar is made of high-quality nylon webbing
  • Velcro closure for adjustable sizing
  • Lightweight design for comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flower accessory for increased cuteness factor

This blueberry doggo collar will make your pup feel like a total boss with their favorite fruit adorning the straps! The durable webbing and buckle are perfect for prolonged use while also being easy to clean.

With such an adorable accessory set included in this package, you’ll be able to dress up any dog ideally every time- no matter what color fur they are!

The collar comes with a pretty flower design that will make your dog look adorable. This beautiful flower accessory for your dog’s collar will make it look more impressive when you are out and about in the park. It’ll be hard to avoid people stopping, taking notice of how well-cared-for both their human companion as well as Fido looks!

The design is attractive and simple, making it perfect for any type of breed. You can take off the petals if you’re not into them, but we think this is one of those accessories where they’re just too cute to Return!

This adorable collar is made of high-quality nylon webbing, which will not irritate your furry friend’s skin with heavy weights or pressure points. Its lightweight material ensures that they feel no extra weight while wearing the decoration around their neck!

With a Velcro closure, you can adjust the size of your Yorkie’s collar according to their needs.

With its simple design and easy-to-use buckle, it’s a snap for owners to clean or wash their dogs with their hands. Plus, the collar fits necks well, thanks largely because of this sleek loop closure system! Additionally, its lightweight design will help ensure that they won’t get tired from wearing one!

In terms of sizing, the collar comes in different sizes with a range adjustable for small dogs to large. For smaller breeds like pugs and labs who often have their fur get tangled up easily when running around outside or just need an extra bit more room, it has measurements from 7 1/2 to 10 inches long and 0.6 inches wide.

For medium measuring up at about 10″ total length with just enough width (0 – .8″) is available. While larger dogs require 10″ or more length, its large size comes with 13 to 16 inches long and 1 inch wide.

  • The collar is made of high-quality nylon webbing that is durable and will not irritate your dog’s skin.
  • The flower accessory is pretty and makes your dog look adorable.
  • The collar is lightweight and will not cause your dog to feel uncomfortable or tired.
  • The size of the collar can be adjusted to fit your dog’s needs.
  • The closure system is easy to use and helps keep the collar in place.
  • The design of the flower may not be appealing to all dog owners.

4.Bow Tie Best Dog Collar For Yorkshire Terrier

Key Features

  • Adjustable in any size
  • Won’t irritate your pup’s neck
  • High quality for durability
  • Secure closures
  • Plaid design is classic and fashionable
  • Leash included for convenience

This product is an excellent choice for your canine friends and will make him the center of attention wherever he goes. This leather collar can adjust in any size, and it won’t irritate your pup’s neck as some other collars might. The quality ensures durability so that over time you don’t have breakings or lose its shape on them too easily with use.

Your pup will be the talk of the town when you take him out with this bow tie dog collar. The plaid design is classic and not outdated at all while also making it fashionable!

Thanks to its comfy design, your little Yorkie won’t want to go anywhere without wearing his outfit.

The adjustable buckle is high quality, and you can set it to fit your pup’s neck for convenience. And with the convenience of having the leash included with this purchase, it will make a perfect gift for any dog lover who can’t resist spoiling their pooch!

This is the perfect pet accessory for cat and dog lovers! If you want to make your pets walk with style, then this 59-inch long leash will do just that. Three different collar styles (bow tie, bandana, or D ring) can represent their personality while also wearing something stylish.

The high-quality leather material of this collar and leash is not only stylish but also makes sure that both will last you for years to come.

The durable design ensures the collar doesn’t lose its shape or irritate your dog’s neck over time while providing comfort with a non-rubbing fit on his delicate skin.

This bandana collar is a great way to make your dog feel comfortable and safe. The material of the fabric ensures that no matter what, it will always be soft for their sensitive skin.

With so many colors available in addition to patterns like hearts or bears on them, you can find one just perfect matching how much cuter they are than any other type out there.

With the bow tie collar, you can keep your Yorkie’s neck and vocal cords warm and cozy during fall and winter. The bandana is adjustable in design, so it will fit any Yorkie well. The bow tie behind the neck is large enough for you to adjust it according to breed size, medium or large.

This collar fits dogs with necks around 9-11 inches wide and has an error range of 0.98 inches, so your pet can wear this comfortably all day long! The leash is 59 inches long, which should be plenty when walking on average length walks or jogs.

  • The collar is adjustable and won’t irritate your pup’s neck
  • The quality ensures durability
  • The bow tie dog collar is fashionable and stylish
  • The leash is long enough for walks or jogs
  • The bandana is adjustable in design
  • The bandana might be too large for some dogs.

5.Candofly Best LED Collars for Small Dogs

Key Features

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Reflective nylon stitches
  • 4 colors available
  • 2 modes for flashing
  • Quick snap buckle for easy on/off use
  • Water repellent material
  • Satisfaction guarantee

As a dog owner, you really want this collar because of its USB rechargeable battery and environmental friendliness.

There are 4 colors to choose from as well as 2 modes for flashing it in different ways that will keep your pup happy (and less likely to wander off!) The only thing I’ve found wrong so far is the size options – they’re kind of limited, and they won’t fit most large and medium breeds.

This Yorkie dog collar is made of TPU light-guiding tube, also with reflective nylon stitches for increased safety measure. Besides being visible up to 500 meters away on dark roads, drivers will easily see this pet due to its vibrant colors that match any fur color!

The great thing about these collars is they have different modes available depending upon how much time you want your pup out there exploring – no matter what size or breed he may be.

This LED dog collar is the perfect accessory for your pet. It will shine bright and provide you with all of those important cues, whether it’s meeting new friends at night or just wanting to keep an eye out while they’re away from home in low light conditions!

The whole length on this special design measures 12″, so it will fit just any Yorkie out there.

The collar is rechargeable, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries. With a 40-45 hour runtime on one charge (depending on how bright your pet prefers), this product will be able to keep their mind engaged for days without having them get bored or distracted!

While this product does come in one collar size for small dogs, it doesn’t offer any other options to suit larger or thicker breeds. If you have a medium-sized pup, then chances are that this collar won’t provide you with all the features you want; however, they are great for small breeds!

This LED collar is perfect for any pet. With its quick snap buckle, it will be easy to put on and take off! Not only does this make life easier when you need an extra light around your furry friend’s neck, but you can also keep your pet safe on walks with this LED dog collar.

With water repellent material, it’s easy to clean when needed, and one size fits all ensure that they’ll be comfortable in any situation. Finally, the LED dog collar’s size may be altered to fit your pet with a 33-inch adjustable range, and one size fits all.

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • 2 modes for flashing
  • Fit any Yorkie
  • Limited size options
  • May not fit larger or medium breeds

 6.ILLUMISEEN LED Best Collar For Yorkshire Terrier

Key Features

  • Bright colors
  • Weatherproof
  • 5 different light modes for any situation
  • Keep your pet safe at night.
  • Rechargeable design

With its bright and fun colors, the Illumiseen Dog Collar will be your pup’s favorite accessory. It has 6 sizes to accommodate any size dog – perfect for brushing against trees or hiking in nature.

The rechargeable design also means you can charge it on most USB ports without worrying about electrical outlets being inaccessible where ever he goes. With 5 hours of illumination per hour charge, this collar will always provide you with all the lighting you need.

The new Illumiseen Collar is water-resistant and weatherproof, so your dog can go on adventures with you no matter what. This collar will protect their batteries from rusting or short-circuiting in wet environments. This durable device also comes equipped with five modes for different types of lighting conditions like nighttime walks where visibility matters most.

These 5 different modes on this collar make it an excellent choice for any pet. The steady mode can be used as a regular training tool; rapid flashing is great to get their attention when you need them; quick and slow flicker will provide your dog with a more gradual light.

It’s an all-on-one leash that won’t slip off easily due to its specially designed design. Additionally, the Illumiseen Collar is the perfect accessory for your dog. It can be worn at any event and will never get boring because it comes in 6 different colors or sizes.

This LED dog collar is a brilliant way to keep your pet safe while you are out and about. It’s available in 6 sizes, small through extra-large, with the option for 2XL or 3XL if needed for larger breeds.

The rechargeable battery will last up to 30 hours on one charge, which can be charged via USB cable included, so they’re protected from water damage. This waterproof collar has it all covered.

  • Rechargeable design
  • 6 sizes to accommodate any size dog
  • 5 hours of illumination per hour charge
  • Water resistant and weatherproof
  • 5 different modes
  • Not Much Durable

7.Lucky Love Dog Collar For Yorkie

Key Features

  • Easily remove tags
  • Various colors and patterns
  • Comes with leash and buckle
  • Comfort and softness
  • Gentle on skin or fur
  • Easily cleanable with soap and brush.

The Lucky Love Dog Combo Set is well made and durable, flexible enough that it doesn’t cut into the pup’s skin or irritate their fur. It’s easy to do up with click buckle closure. The color options are great for smaller dogs such as Yorkies or others who prefer monotone colors!

This is the perfect collar for your Yorkie. It comes with a convenient design and adjustable options to ensure it stays sleek. The high-quality nylon material gives you four or five sizes depending on what fits best, plus there’s no chance of stuck fur thanks to its easy click buckle closure!

The Yorkie collar is the perfect accessory for your furry friend. This product will allow you to easily remove those pesky tags for identification purposes without any trouble at all.

The design of this particular style fits dogs with neck sizes between 5-0 .5 inches up until 1.3″. So no matter what size Yorkie buddy has, they’ll be able to wear it comfortably around their neck.

The collars come in various color combinations and patterns, which can be put together to make your dog look fancy or stylish. You will feel good about the way he looks wearing one because it provides him with comfort while also ensuring that his fur stays clean from debris on walks outside!

This smart collar offers your dog the best value because it comes with an additional leash attachment and matching high-quality, durable buckle. This, coupled with its soft loop handle, gives great control when taking a walk in any weather or environment!

This dog collar is designed to allow your pup to enjoy the company of other animals by removing their tags.

The product’s 100% nylon construction ensures comfort and softness around your pet’s delicate neck while also being gentle on skin or fur without irritating either factor with rough materials. Additionally, this affordable option can easily be cleaned using soapy water and a brush to keep it looking as good as new.

  • The Lucky Love Dog Combo Set is well made and durable.
  • The collar is flexible and doesn’t cut into the pup’s skin or irritate their fur.
  • It’s easy to do up with click buckle closure.
  • The color options are great for smaller dogs such as Yorkies or others who prefer monotone colors!
  • The product doesn’t come in a variety of sizes, so it might not fit all dogs.

8.Lionet Paws Dog Collar with Bowtie

Lionet Paws Dog and Cat Collar with Bowtie,Soft and Comfortable,Adjustable Collar

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Handmade by professionals
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Metal alloy clasps are strong and durable
  • Easy adjustment

The Lionet Paws dog collar for Yorkies is a brilliant option if you love the look of your pooch but want them to be comfortable and stress-free too! The collar is made from high-quality fabric that feels soft against their skin while being durable enough, so they don’t feel like they’re wearing it.

This is one of the most comfortable products your pup will ever wear! Furthermore, these Lionette pup pastes were handmade by professionals who really went above And beyond to ensure each product had its own individual style.

The Lionet Paws dog training collar is the perfect accessory for any Yorkie! It’s made from durable cotton fabric that will withstand even your most challenging pup. Not only does it feel comfortable, but this material also lasts long, so you don’t have to worry about buying new collars often.

The Lionet Paws dog collar for Yorkies is not only attractive but also very soft and stylish. It has become a popular choice among pet parents because of its unique design that makes it perfect to wear at both casual or formal events.

This beautiful collar comes in sizes ranging from extra-small up to large. It is essential for those who want this product and will use it regularly, like Yorkies or any other dog with a neck size around 10 inches could comfortably fit into the small size category. So make sure you check which one fits before buying.

The metal alloy clasps on the collar are strong and durable, making them a better option for your dog. The easy adjustment makes this style more versatile than Velcro fastening collars that can only fit one size each time they’re used- so there’s no need to worry about losing any identification tags with these sturdy buckles!

This handmade, one-of-a-kind bowtie will make your pup stand out in any crowd. The elastic Nylon straps are securely sewn on to ensure these ties don’t come off, so you can enjoy switching them up for different looks or events!

You can easily clean this dog product by hand or in the washing machine if you think it needs a wash. However, be careful with how much water and soap goes into its fabric because too much exposure might damage them.

  • Made from high-quality fabric that is soft against the dog’s skin
  • Durable and will last a long time
  • Comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause any stress
  • Handmade by professionals with a lot of attention to detail
  • Unique style that will make your pup stand out
  • The metal alloy clasps are strong but can also be difficult to open

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Dog Collar For Yorkie

Yorkies are the smallest breed of dogs and as such, they need special care because of their petite nature. It’s important to note that they are not low maintenance dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers need more than just food and water for them to survive. They also require socialization, training, grooming and playtime. Fortunately, you can do all these things with the right equipment which includes dog collars.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to dog collars. However, the right collar for your Yorkie will depend on a variety of factors.

Size Of Dog Collar

Yorkshire Terriers stand at a maximum of 7 inches and as such, the length of the collar you buy should be half an inch larger than its size.

These dogs are also sensitive to pressure which means that if a collar is too tight on their necks, they will start suffocating and can suffer from tracheal collapse because the dog’s trachea is flexible and made of rings of cartilage. The best collar for them should have an additional ½ inch to allow free movement of air.

The collar should also be placed at the centre of the neck and not touch the ears. However, it’s crucial that you measure their fragile necks before going out to buy a collar because there is a chance they might have grown bigger since the last time around and then might face neck issues.

Collar Material

Material plays an important role when choosing the right collar for your pup. Leather collars are not only attractive for pet owners but also strong and easy to clean. They come in different color options which allow you to easily match them with your pet’s outfit. However, leather collars can cause allergies among some breeds of dogs.

A breathable mesh fabric is another great choice. They are easy to clean, strong, and very comfortable against the skin of your dog. Another material that is commonly used to make standard collars is nylon.

It’s durable and great for training your pup because it gives them a clear idea of what you expect from them. Nylon also comes in a variety of colors and design patterns that can match your dog’s personality.


Dog collars are worn by pups for extended periods of time. As such, you need to ensure that the material used at the back of the collar is soft and comfortable enough not to cause any discomfort or pain. You can check if your Yorkie has no irritation on its neck by gently touching it after putting two fingers between their skin and the collar.

If your pup starts making unusual movements, you can try replacing the current collar with a softer one that will put less pressure on their necks. It’s important to note that some collars might feel comfortable when they are new but can cause discomfort later on.

Collar Type

There are different types of collars in the market which suit different dogs. For instance, some dogs might prefer a standard collar while others might want a no-pull harnesses made of nylon. The choice will depend on the size of your dog and also their individual behavior.

Buckle Collar

This is a classic collar with a buckle that goes around your dog’s neck. They are strong, durable and come in various sizes to accommodate various breeds of dogs.

A standard buckle collar can release the pressure on your pup’s neck when it becomes loose. However, this type of collar is not recommended for dogs that are famous escape artists because of their high activity levels they might be able to chew through them.

Flat collars

These types of collars are made of durable nylon webbing which can last for years. They fit comfortably against your dog’s neck and are essential when training them because they give you more control over their movements. These collars usually have secure closures that ensure they stay in place and don’t cause any discomfort or pain to your dog.

Martingale collar

Another safer option is a Martingale collar which is designed to tighten if the dog pulls away from you. This type of collar is perfect for small breeds as they provide a comfortable yet firm grip without strangling your pup.

You can also find other unique designs such as those with adjustable neck strap or those that go around the dog’s neck and chest. Always make sure to put two fingers between the collar and your pet’s necks to ensure that it doesn’t cause any discomfort or neck injuries.

Best dog Collar for Yorkie

Buckle Of The Collar

Dog collars have fasteners called buckles which are the most commonly used ones. These hold the collar in place while making it easy to pull it off in case of an emergency.

You should ensure that the buckle is sturdy to avoid any accidents especially in the case of pets with high activity levels and due to it breaking apart after repeated usage. Even if you opt for a plastic buckle, it should be strong enough to withstand the weight of your pup when they pull on their leash.

Reflective Stitching

A reflective strip is a great addition to your reflective collar as it makes your pup easy to identify at night. It will also help you track them down in case they wander off into unknown territory or get lost. The reflective stitching can be made in a variety of colors and designs.


If your dog is a frequent swimmer, you should look for a collar made of waterproof material. A waterproof collar not only keeps the water out but also prevents it from getting moist and rotting due to the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Color options

Dog collars come in a vast range of colors and patterns that allow you to choose those that match with their personality. There are those with different shades of their base color and those with metallic or neon colors. You can search for everyday collars made of material that matches the shade of your pup’s fur to make them stand out in crowds.


Dog collars can be found in a wide range of prices. However, if you want to get the best value for your money, choose those that are made of highly durable material and offer your toy breeds with all the important features they need.

Cheaper alternatives might seem like a great deal but it’s advisable to invest in something well-made and comfortable for your pet so they can enjoy their walks.

Dog collars can be a great way to keep your pup safe and in one place when there’s no one around to watch over them. Make sure you choose the right materials and designs that not only match with their personality but also makes them comfortable enough to wear in all types of weather.


Investing in a durable and reliable collar for your pups is an essential task as it saves you the effort of having to buy new ones every single time. The important features to look out for are the type of material used, whether it is safe enough to withstand their movements and if they come with any decorative options. Choose something that matches your pup’s personality and size as well as budget range.

I hope this article was helpful in guiding you toward finding the right collar for your dog and if you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.


Can I use shock collars for training my Yorkie?

No, shock collars are not recommended for Yorkies as they might actually make your dog aggressive. Electronic collars are also known to worsen their behavior as they might feel both stressed and threatened by its presence. In case you want to train your pup using a collar, go for the flat or martingale type.

Can I use a Bark Collar for my Yorkie?

Yorkies are known to be loud, barky, and itchy. To stop them from barking too much, you can use a bark collar for small dogs with activity monitor. These are great to help correct your pup’s unwanted barking behavior by emitting an unpleasant stimulus that will stop them from doing so. Moreover, you can also make use of its vibration mode to train your pet to respond to certain commands.

What is a good collar for a Yorkie?

Yorkies come with tiny necks and it’s important to choose a collar that doesn’t cause any discomfort, injury, or trachea collapse. The best collars for Yorkies should ideally be lightweight, non-restrictive, and made of high-quality material to ensure that it doesn’t cause any skin problems.

The best type of collar for Yorkies is the one with a quick-release buckle safety feature that makes them easy to take off in case they get into something dangerous or accidentally get trapped somewhere. Collars are also required to have an ID tag with your contact number to ensure that they can be returned if lost.

Is a collar or harness better for a Yorkie?

Yorkies need to wear a harness or a collar depending on your preferences. However, it’s important that you take into consideration their tiny necks when choosing between one and the other. It may be easier for you to find a harness that fits your Yorkie perfectly because they come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate toy breeds better.

On the other hand, if you are opting for a collar, it should be lightweight to prevent injury. It should also have enough room in the neck area so your Yorkie doesn’t feel restricted while wearing it.

The difference between collars is  that they have a lead attached on both ends where you can attach a leash. Meanwhile, harnesses only have one attachment point that’s near their shoulders. In the end, it’s important that you choose a collar or harness that makes your pet feel comfortable when walking or training.

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