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10 Best Dog Bed for German Shepherd In 2022 ( MAY 2022 Updated )

Do you know that a lot of big dogs need a sleeping bed, and you’re most shocked by this thing? Yeah, and the reason being that the dog gets extreme muscle pain and joint pain as time passes.

Thus, a strong bed is important because of these problems that occur with age.

In particular, a good-quality sleeping bed would give the dogs very advantages when they sleep on the cold floor as protection. Therefore, if you have big breeds of dogs in your household, you must have a bed for them.

But you will find a bit of confusion while going to buy the best dog bed for a German shepherd. As you know, there are different types of products with the same name and that thing creates confusion in minds. 

Best Dog Bed for German Shepherd

So, in this article, to tackle this problem, I have included a list of the best dog beds that will help you find out the product you need. It will also guide you to find the best bed for a German shepherd.

Well, let’s just get into that!

best dog bed for german shepherd

1.Pet-Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Do you know that one of the most recommended items for your dogs is the Pet-Fusion Supreme Dog Bed? Yes, it is, and that’s just fantastic! With the very latest features and specs, this revolutionary item was designed. 

Let’s go into the depths of this thing here!

This sturdy 4-inch memory foam base offers optimal general support that decreases discomfort in the joints and improves wellness. Optimum protection and convenience are also supported by the framework and reinforces. 

Additionally, the product has a water-resistant and tear-resistant surface that delivers a texture and touch of high quality.

Also, it has a non-skid surface that fits smoothly mostly with conveniently available alternative parts.

To make it entirely safe and protective for your dogs, it transfers tougher European availability quality standards.

Also, it has therefore been made with agreements with foreign foam mattresses, and no asbestos, carbon, phthalates, triclosan, and chlorine depletes are essential.

This truly outstanding tool for the indoor environment has minimal pollution levels. 

Mercury, lead, arsenic, and other contaminants are removed from the product material. And to the atmosphere, it’s kind and the shield is a comfortable substrate of extremely fluffy, polyester by being kind to noses and palms. 

And to fit that bedroom interior, the bed arrives in a massive range of shades. This high-quality dog bed is completely waterproof, and for a removable tray, it works with a zipper.

When separating it, just be careful that the zipper will rip the surface highlights off. All these features make it one of the best dog bed for German Shepherd


  • Superior overall comfort
  • Comes equipped with 4 inches of memory foam
  • Reduced joint pain 
  • Improved health, mobility, and energy
  • Recycled green support bolsters


  • Durable and comfortable polyester
  • Smart design 
  • Optimal support and ultimate comfort
  • Large pet blanket
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Water-resistant and tear-resistant cover
  • Replacement covers available
  • Certi-PUR-US Memory foam
  • No mercury, lead
  • Ablaze filling

2.Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa

The second most impressive and awesome bed for dogs is Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa. Moreover, these best dog beds are recognized as the most recommended product for big breeds, especially larger dogs, in the homes.

For more detailed information, keep reading this article! 

Thus, the bed is highly suitable for some very smaller animals that still like it spacious or 1 medium breed or 1 big dog breed up to 100-lbs, as well as excellent face, hip, and bone protection.

Thus, with all of this new, optimal, and pleasant bed, the pet Loving families will receive important goals from their pets. 

It seems to have a light, flexible, sturdy, and machine-washable cover. With the high purity collars, you can remove the outer cover at any time and continue your animal’s bed warm.

As the security of your animal, it is a big priority, the bed has indeed been constructed with special support and your dog will have a strong night’s sleep in this comfortable bed.

Also, for dogs with joints distress or injuries, the carpeted plush methyl bolster promises the dog extraordinary warmth. 

In connection to this orthotics bed, it has a moisture-free lining and animal comfort mattress that has been thoroughly tested to be reliable and lengthy.

In my opinion its a worthy investment as it is the best orthopedic bed for German Shepherd sleep time.


  • Low VOC emissions
  • Reach safety standards
  • Ideal for larger size 
  • Waterproof foam liner


  • Designed with extra care
  • Cushioned plush poly-fill bolster
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Easy to Clean
  • Washable cover
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Soft, removable cover
  • Durable, and machine-washable
  • Great head and bone support
  • Removable and washable cover
  • A bit toxic smell

3.FURAVEN Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa (best dog bed for German shepherd)

FURAVEN Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa was built for your pet with very cool features and specifications. This product is very powerful and effective for a variety of dogs, big breeds, and German shepherd.

Can’t wait to explain more valuable features of this best type of bed for a German shepherd! 

The bed contains an L-shaped chair configuration with dual validates that facilitate the protection and also provide head resters with enhanced power mattress protection.

For sprawlers and herding dogs, a cozy curled up kindle for burrowing animals is fantastic. 

Although the validates are covered in incredibly simple mini suede, the mattress surface is reinforced with super fluffy cashmere, and both are smooth materials that no animal will ever stop hugging into.

Dense and powerful, this sturdy ophthalmic insulation includes unlimited broad popularity for breeds of all sizes.

For an even more pleasant night, the silky soft further help includes additional stability for the stomach back, hips, and limbs. 

Moreover, pets can raise some efficiency measurement difficulties through this bed, hence why FURHAVEN quickly realized that the reversible dog bed sheet is perfectly completely waterproof for your comfort.

Also, the package comes with an extended warranty of 90 days for component deficiencies and it can also eligible for an anxiety-free 60-day scheme, but there are limitations as well.


  • Pet-Friendly Design 
  • L-shaped chaise design
  • Promote security
  • Additional high-loft cushion


  • A cozy nestling nook
  • Perfect for sprawlers and cuddlers
  • Ultra-plush faux fur
  • Easy-care microsuede
  • Solid orthopedic foam
  • Maximum high-loft comfort
  • Fluffy-filled bolsters
  • Optimum support for the neck
  • A bit tricky to travel

4.Best Friends by Sheri Best Dog Bed For German Shepherd

Best Friends by Sheri Package Savings is the fourth most impressive and fantastic dog bed. To make it preferable, this best couch for a German shepherd has been built with very high-class, soft, and smooth content. 

Keep reading this article for more comprehensive information!

This extremely comfortable bed is crafted that provide pets of all ages with optimal flexibility.

For an extremely carpeted loft, the bench look requires dual L-shaped fuzzy enhances, as well as wonderful ophthalmic assistance with both cats and dogs. 

Moreover, the sleeping ground is fitted with increased leopard print padding that is extravagantly smooth and warm to the fingertips, a fantastic compliment to the soft, wear-resistant mini brogues that wraps the edges and enhances. To purposely protect your favorite mate warm and dry in their night, the product even has molding features. 

For dogs that love to snuggle, this reasonably priced detachable hood donut snuggles bunny cat and a dog bed is appropriate.

The elevated rim generates a feeling of comfort and offers support for the head and spine, whilst the ultra-soft lining offers protection from joint and muscle pain. 

Also, these beds can be transported under gravity to reduce the environmental footprint, providing up to 48 hours enough for padding to extend and reclaim its original appearance.

Thus, shove and release some grouped construction materials lightly for validates, to encourage faster recovery after contraction.


  • Some unique cleaning challenges
  • Removable dog bed cover
  • 90-day limited coverage
  • Destructive chewing behavior


  • Poly filled bolster cushion
  • High-quality zippered
  • Creates a sense of security
  • Super-soft filling
  • Cozy, flexible, and finished
  • Warming luxury zippered bed
  • Pre-loaded Bolsters
  • Full, restful sleep
  • Fewer flexibility beds

5.Jumbo XL Orthopedic 7-inch Thick High-Grade Memory Foam Bed

Jumbo XL Orthopedic 7-inch Thick High-Grade Memory Foam Bed was built for your pets with very cool features and specifications.

This system is very powerful and effective for big, small, and other dogs and pets.Its also one of the extra-large size dog beds for german shepherds.

Can’t wait to explain more valuable features of this

This high-quality bed is reflective of a mum’s fur cover, comfortable, adjustable, and completed with vegan faux lick fur. Also, it is associated with deep nooks and crannies that encourage your pet to burrow for behaving better in a proper rest.

Moreover, it is also nice to be lifted off the surface on the joints and trigger points of your dog, leading to your GSD’s convenience.

And that is why this is even good for older dogs with sore joints. Although from the information I’ve heard, it’s easy to walk in and out of the bed for German Shepherds through hyperthyroidism. 

Thus, the product is a pleasure to vacuum the Coolaroo and just sweep off the hair and towel off.

The crocheted textile indicates that excess energy runs out, and there’s no moisture pooling in the bottom. It will dry rapidly and therefore will not rust or develop dampness.

Also, the bed is provided in wonderfully light products, and both your cat and dog beds are a flawless enhancement to the color scheme of any room.

Therefore, it is completed with moisture and grime tank tops, eliminating unwanted messes from accessing the surfaces.


  • Versatile design and maintenance 
  • Beautiful natural colors
  • Seamless addition
  • Water and dirt-resistant
  • Perfect for dogs with arthritis


  • Removable shell 
  • Safe to machine wash and dry
  • Made with durable luxurious nylon
  • Ensure safety and comfort
  • High-density foam
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Great for pets
  • Double layer protection
  • Cover Design Waterproof liner
  • Fabric cover protects the bed
  • Not an outdoor bed

6.Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed 

Are you a person who is searching for an excellent dog bed for a German shepherd? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right spot. This tool is a very favored bed for dogs and cats, with very interesting features and specifications.

Keep reading this post for more exciting features! 

The transparent shell is also suitable for washing and drying the bed, but you should not abandon the bed to wind dry.

These pet beds are sustainably sourced, produced with sturdy faux leather of comfortable acrylic and non-toxic synthetic covering to guarantee you and the comfort and security of your pet. 

Furthermore, a thicker, enhanced rim resolves an issue with another double acute angle that offers reliability via wearing and rinse.

A small bed is suitable for machine washing and drying. The adjustable zipper frame of the bed however is, secure for machine rinsing.

Since the mesh structure would not collapse under the weight of DevOps, the ultimate construction of the bed is sturdy.

This is a strength given the crispness even with low powered Border Collies. 

It has a 100% ophthalmic, specially formulated mattress protector that is found in high-end mattresses of the same performance.

Not only can it ensure greater assistance for some more deep relaxation, but for piglets with arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, and other joint issues, it also can help to calm joint and muscle discomfort.


  • Hypoallergenic and resistant
  • Waterproof Fabric zippered cover
  • Premium memory foam
  • Hypo-allergenic


  • Removable cover
  • Easily removable and machine washable
  • Simple to spot clean
  • Flame retardant material
  • Extra Large Bed
  • Built-in nonslip rubber backing
  • Unmatched warmth and comfort
  • Breathable and good resilience
  • No warranty product

7.Lai-fug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed 

Another more interesting and outstanding product on my list is Lai-Fug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed.

This is known as the pet-fusion ultimate dog bed that has made the life of German Shepherds very simple and easy having very powerful functions. 

Don’t stop reading this if you want more information! 

This superlative bed is appropriately equipped with outer reinforces that offer excellent support and curled up possibilities.

It is suitable for dogs of all ages and offers enhanced relief for dogs with joint pain, recovering from treatment, or residing with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, or other defects of the joints, limbs, or muscles. 

It has a clear and easy to clean waterproof cover with a waterproof inner lining to shield the synthetic fibers.

Polyurethane cover is made to be soft to the touch and also have higher durability and unique style convenience. 

Besides, the bed will have exceptional sleep and security for your dog with many of these functions. Your Project team, along with an incredibly secure and no-headache selection, will maintain warmth and comfort in the winter.

Hence, during the next 3 years, the revered Laifug polymer will maintain a minimum of 90% of its appearance and comfort.

Foraged, injured dogs, the incredibly simple technology has made this a perfect opportunity as well as for kittens, and after operation for dogs no doubt it’s one of the best dog bed for German Shepherd puppy as well.


  • High-density memory foam
  • Ultimate sleep experience
  • Rubber particles
  • Soft and Full comfy cotton-padded Bolsters


  • Hidden zipper
  • Orthopedic dog bed 
  • Internal liner to protect the memory foam
  • Removable cover
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof Denier Base
  • Bone shape squeaker toy
  • Easy to find and remove
  • Average time warranty

8.JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam 

JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam has been designed especially for your adult German shepherd to provide the maximum comfort and ease using this. Using this innovative tool, your dog can easily sleep the whole night with ease and comfort.

Therefore, this has to be suggested as one of the best bed for german shepherd. Its a very preferable tool for your home. 

Are you interested to know a little more about it? Then keep scrolling down! 

Memory Foam framework for full support Foam and heat resistant coating to better match the body of your pet.

The dog bed’s bottom material comes with a built non-slip framework based and a suitable inner cover for older dogs with serious injuries. 

The fabric provides unprecedented comfort and security, along with a broad and comfortable bolster. This is designed to provide you with breathable comfort and strong durability.

Memory Foam framework for full support Foam and heat resistant coating to better match the body of your pet.

The dog bed’s bottom material comes with a built non-slip framework based and a suitable inner cover for older dogs with serious injuries. 

Additionally, the fabric provides unprecedented comfort and security, along with a broad and comfortable bolster.

This is designed to provide you with breathable comfort and strong durability.


  • Premium Materials
  • Comfy cotton-padded 
  • Effectively reduce the burning time
  • Line dry better


  • Premium High Loft Polyester
  • Fully machine washable
  • Gentle cycle, air dry
  • Straighten their spines
  • Highest Quality
  • Washing Instructions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stable design on soft durable cotton
  • Average quality material

9.Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products 

If you are looking for a product that needs optimum efficacy and less commitment to perform then this Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic

Pet Products is the perfect product proposed for your dog. It has also grown with several good reviews with very interesting features. 

Want more information? We’re going down!

It has a high performance, durable plastic lining that by maintaining inner walls in good shape, maintains humidity and moisture out.

It even has a non-slip platform, which when moving on and off the bed, protects the dog from stumbling. A clear advantage either you have tiled or timber floors. 

Thus, the cover is taupe and platinum in appearance, which fits well together with every design.

For super-strong protection, the cover is loaded with appropriate dense, 100 percent styrene.

I consider preferring the largest alternative to provide your Shepherd dog the necessary capacity to branch out. However, this is a wider bed, turning around this is comparatively easy. 

Moreover, if you decide to fly with it, however, you may need to strip the covers and place the pillows on board of each other.

Premised as to how much outdoor space you have. It was built and constructed in the USA with imported raw materials that are promised to provide the best quality dog/cat ramps.


  • Warm wash, tumble dry
  • Super easy to clean 
  • Just brush and hose down
  • Not chewable


  • Outdoor or indoor Bed
  • Limited 5-year warranty
  • Waterproof due to heavy canvas lining
  • Extra thick, overstuffed 100% poly-fill
  • Extra covers easily available
  • Non-skid base
  • Solid egg-crate orthopedic
  • Waterproof on bottom and sides
  • Average durability

10. Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed for Dogs and Cats 

Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed is an interesting product that has been designed with very high-quality material and functions.

The very durable and reliable construction of the tool makes it a preferred tool for your dog. 

So, don’t miss the chance to know more about this best orthopedic dog bed

Hence, the cover has a comfortable surface of extremely fluffy, animal prints and is kind to heads and palms. As well as to accommodate every interior design, the bed arrives in concrete with the addition patterns. 

The poly-canvas material of the bottom and sides of the cover are watertight having a clean and dry texture keeping the inside mattress clean.

Although shielding furniture and ground from hair, mud, and debris. 

For additional warmth, the interior of the bed is composed of a luxurious, deluxe, sturdy embryo foam mattress.

Extra reinforcement for those large joints is a plus for your dog and it’s simple on pressure areas. For added relaxation and improved blood supply, the rises and peaks of the cushion correspond to the body of your puppy.


  • Easy to clean removable cover
  • Foldable steel frame
  • Easy to roll up for traveling
  • Easy to move around


  • Excellent sleep and comfort 
  • Small and compact
  • Foldable steel frame
  • Machine washable
  • Optimal support and comfort
  • Durable and comfortable polyester
  • Restorative night’s rest
  • Emissions and durability
  • Less reliable

Choosing the Best German Shepherd Dog Bed

A German shepherd is a big dog meant to stay outdoors because they are herding dogs. But this can lead to problems with fleas and ticks, which can make your dog very uncomfortable.

You need the best bed for your German Shepherd as he grows up, so you have fewer problems in the future. The bed material should be able to repel liquid and pest control repellent or even proof for maximum comfort sake.

The bed should be durable but soft for your pet. There are several different options that you can get for your dog to choose from according to his preference.

The most common materials used in making German Shepherd dog beds include wool, cotton, faux fur, and polyester. All of these materials are comfortable against the skin. However, they support the growth of bacteria and mites, so it is best to avoid them if possible.

They also harbor fleas and ticks, which can make your pet uncomfortable at night and lose sleep as he tries to scratch himself, keeping him awake.

best dog bed for german shepherd puppy

Waterproof material is what you must look out for next when choosing a bed for your dog. A cotton sheet is waterproofed because it has a water-repellent coating, making it ideal for most cases.

Breathable materials like cotton also allow air to flow through, preventing your dog from sweating a great deal during the night.

Also, another material to avoid for your German Shepherd’s bed is memory foam, but it does not provide enough support for dogs with back problems.

High-quality memory foam is used in many mattresses today. Memory foam is made in layers that mold to the body when your pet lies on it.

When your furry pal sleeps on it, the foam adjusts and cushions his weight by moving the weight from one layer of foam to another, allowing airflow between them, which relieves pressure points helping reduce or even prevent pain from developing further.

This material allows a lot of airflow, keeping your pooch cool. It can last five times longer than ordinary mattress materials, but this comes at a high cost as memory foams are considerably more expensive than standard foams.

Also, it is difficult to find stores that sell this bed in smaller sizes for dogs except for specialty shops, making it inconvenient for some people with small breeds.

It provides excellent muscle support, which older dogs need in their joints as they develop arthritis due to years of activity, wear and tear causing pain and discomfort when they move around.

Memory foam also has blood circulation benefits helping with the healing process if your pet recuperates from an injury or surgery.

It promotes healing by reducing the swelling that could occur after an operation, thus keeping your pet comfortable.

Hip dysplasia is common among German Shepherds and joint problems that make them susceptible to arthritis in the first place.

Memory foam mattresses are one of the best choices for their bed. It offers comfort and support and aids in the healing process as they age.

How do You Fit Your Dog for a Bed?

best orthopedic bed for german shepherd

Fitting your dog for a bed is not as easy as it sounds. You may be tempted to measure your dog head-to-toe, but this isn’t the right way to go about it.

Instead, you should first think of his weight and estimate how big he would be when fully grown.

Furthermore, you should also take the fact into consideration that from which breed of dog he belongs.

His size will depend on his bones and muscle mass which can change depending on how much exercise and activity he gets making him overweight or even underweight at times requiring your constant supervision.

To properly fit him for a dog bed, place a pad in the bottom of an empty box spring, then have someone hold your pet while you lift one end of the box spring with him inside.

If he can comfortably stand in it with sufficient room to move around and turn, then you have got the right size for him.

You may place a few blankets or pillows in the bottom of the box spring if your pet is small enough so that he won’t feel too uncomfortable when lying down for long periods, especially if you plan on leaving him home alone or outside where he will be exposed to cold weather.

German Shepherds are naturally inclined to be dominant, which makes them apt at protecting their territory from intruders.

This trait also makes them prone to getting into fights with other dogs, big and small.

They are usually very restless and playful; hence always wearing out their owners providing comfort after a tiring day is essential.

Beds are the best choice when it comes to comfort since they can mold around your pet’s shape and provide enough support for his joints and muscles.

If he’s allowed to sleep on an uncomfortable bed, this will cause him much stress which may damage his health or even shorten his lifespan due to high blood pressure.

A good quality dog bed is very important not only for their physical health but also mental well-being.

This is because dogs are known to be loyal beings who look up to us as their partners in life, so providing them with love and care should be our utmost priority, especially providing them a comfortable place to rest.

He will feel safe and secure under your protection while you’re away, thus keeping him happy, knowing that you’re always with him and you love him.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, then investing in a bed for giant dogs could be the best option for him since he won’t be able to destroy it easily.

The material used on these beds is tough enough to withstand heavy chewing, even by heavy chewers.

Best of all, there are no chemicals or additives that may give your pet health problems like allergies.

Likewise, if you live in an area where your pet will be exposed to insect bites and attacks such as mosquitoes, you might want to purchase one that has been infused with insect repellent properties that keep them away from his body while he’s sound asleep inside the housekeeping himself protected against harmful diseases carried by insects.

Different Dog Bed Styles

There are different styles of beds available for German Shepherds. Choose a bed depending on your dog’s needs. Some dogs love close sleeping with their owners, but some like to sleep alone.

Dogs can get sick quickly when they do not have enough rest in a night, so keep that in mind while buying them a Dog Bed. Good quality foam-based beds and orthopedic beds are best for older dogs or dogs who suffer from joint pain or hip problems.

If you want an extra soft option, then choose a memory foam mattress as they provide additional comfort to the body by molding around the contours of the dog’s body shape.

best orthopedic bed for german shepherd

1. Pet Folding Crate

A crate is an excellent option for dog lovers who have their own style of Dog Bed and want to keep it always with them around. Small crates fit in a car, truck, or airline kennel without any hassle. There are also large size crates available if you need one for your Shepherd dog.

These crates can be folded flat so that they take significantly less space when not required. You can put a blanket inside the crate for extra comfort while napping during travel time or other important events. Foldable Dog Crates come in different sizes according to the breed and age of the dog as well.

2. Dog Furniture

If your home has a limited area, then it’s better to go with furniture-style dog beds. You can keep them in the living room, bedroom or other rooms of your house. If you are looking for a simple style bed, choose a memory foam or latex mattress.

You can also place an orthopedic mattress over a crate if your couch doesn’t have enough space to put one there.

3. Dog Cots

When it’s summertime, or you are going out camping with your pup, then Dog Cot is something that you should buy for them. It’s a perfect choice when the temperature goes high during the daytime, and as they say, “it’s too hot to move.” German Shepherds love sleeping under trees or any shaded area.

Hence, cot is the perfect option for a situation where dogs can stay cool and calm. Cots are available in different sizes so that you can choose accordingly.

4. Nested Style Beds

For dogs who don’t like to chew on things, then Nested Style Beds are best for them. This type of bed is made up of different layers, and the dog will enjoy playing with it.

There are also some beds available in the market with balls or squeaky toys inside so that your German Shepherd will find it more interesting to play with it and rest at the same time.

Never leave your dog alone when he plays with nesting-style beds, as they can swallow something inside and get choked if their mouth gets blocked because of that thing.

5. Pillow Beds

Dogs love pillows, so why not giving them one instead of buying a new bed? Pillow beds are available in different shapes, sizes, and color options according to your dog’s personality. Dogs love to sleep in different positions, so why not choose a bed that has something they like inside.

You can choose feather or memory foam pillows for it but always keep one thing in mind “what size is it?”. Pillow beds are perfect for older dogs who have joint pain and hip problems, as these beds help them get more comfort during the nighttime rest.

6. Waterproof Beds

If you don’t want to buy an additional cover while going on a trip, then simply go with a waterproof Dog Bed. These beds are suitable, especially in rainy seasons when your German Shepherd likes sleeping outside and gets wet due to rainwater easily.

Waterproof dog beds will also help if you live near any river or stream and your dog loves to play around there. Choose the waterproof one according to the size of your dog, and it’s not necessary that every bed will fit your German Shepherd as they are available in different sizes.

You can also use waterproof beds inside the house if you have wooden flooring or marble flooring at your home because water from wet paws can easily ruin it during those rainy seasons. It’s better to have one or two beds so that dogs can choose their favorite one and sleep peacefully without worrying about their surroundings.

7. Padded Dog Beds

Padding helps a lot in increasing the comfort of the Dog Bed and provides extra thickness for older dogs who don’t want more pressure on their joints and bones. Dogs love to sleep in cozy places, so if you are looking for a bed with more padding, go with this option.

Make sure that you buy a bed according to your dog’s age and size; otherwise, they will not be comfortable inside it.

8. Square or Rectangle Beds

Square and rectangle dog beds are suitable for outdoor use because dogs love to sleep under trees or grass. These beds also prevent them from getting any rashes from their fur if they sleep in wet grass or dirt during the daytime.

If you want your dog to have more space for movement while playing, then go with a rectangular type of bed that has a long length and short width than usual ones.

9. Bolster Bed With Supportive Bolsters

For dogs who like to sleep with their head up, bolster beds are the best option. These beds support the dog’s neck and head so that they can easily take rest without any pain.

Bolster beds are available in different shapes, like L-shaped bolsters, orthopedic design, and many more. You can choose any type of bolster bed according to your dog’s sleeping habits and position.

10. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic beds with orthopedic foam mattress are designed especially for older dogs who have joint pain, spinal cord issues, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, or any other age-related issues. These beds provide optimal comfort to the dogs and help them get a sound sleep at night.

An orthopedic foam mattress also helps in preventing any pressure on the dog’s joints and muscles, so it’s a perfect bed for older dogs.

11. Heated Dog Beds

If you live in a cold country/cold climate or your dog doesn’t like to sleep in cold weather, then heated beds are the best option for him.

These beds are made with high-quality materials and come with an internal heating system that helps maintain the bed’s temperature according to the dog’s body heat.

Heated beds are perfect for older dogs who have arthritis and cannot move their body easily in the cold weather.

These beds are also suitable for new born puppies who need more warmth during the initial days.

12. Flat Dog Beds

As the name suggests, these beds are completely flat and don’t have any raised sides or bolsters. Flat beds are perfect for dogs who like to sleep in a stretched position or like to curl up while sleeping.

These beds are also suitable for larger breeds who have joint pain or muscle pain as they provide a flat surface for the dog to rest their body.

13. Donut Dog Beds

Donut dog beds are one of the most popular types of beds among dog owners because of their unique design and shape. These beds have a raised edge that helps the dog feel safe and secure while sleeping.

Donut beds are perfect for dogs who like to sleep in a curled up position as the raised edge provides support to their head and neck.

14. Travel Dog Beds

If you are a dog owner who loves to travel with their furry friend, then travel dog beds are the perfect option for you.

These beds are designed in a way that they can be easily carried around in hot climates and cold climates equally and are also very compact.

Travel dog beds are perfect for dogs who get anxious while traveling as they provide a sense of security and comfort to the dog.They come in a wide range of sizes for your adult doggo to choose from.

15. Foldable Design Bed

These types of beds can be easily folded and carried around, so they are very convenient for traveling. Foldable dog beds are also very easy to store as they occupy very little space.

If you are looking for a bed with comfort for your dog with and easy portability, then a foldable design bed is the best option for you.

Buying Guide

I hope by now you will be having somewhat of an idea about what kind of a bed you would like to have but keeping in mind that the dog you are having is not like ordinary dogs.

In this case, you have to be a bit pickier while selecting, so that you can have the best size dog bed for your German shepherd.

Still, if you are confused among the choices available and you don’t want your hard-earned money to be spent on a bed in which your dog won’t be comfortable.

To clear this confusion, I have compiled a detailed guide to help Shepherd owners pick the right options which best match their pet’s habits.

It will help you in purchasing the best dog bed for the German shepherd.


Think about how big bed is your pet requires. It is the first thing to be thought about. The German shepherd is a somewhat large size.

So do have the right measurement of your pets height, weight and his overall body. These are the minimum requirements.

Apart from that, I will suggest to that when your dog is sleeping soundly, consider the tape measure and quantify just how big of a place he occupies when sleeping comfortably.

Here I will recommend buying a bed slightly bigger than those minimal measurements so that he can stretch out just as far as he desires.

Many beds may state they are made for dogs up to a particular weight. However, that doesn’t come true every time, because the difference in body type is not always related to the weight of the dog. Dog beds are available in different sizes.

Generally, an extra-large bed or a jumbo size bed will serve well for a German shepherd if you aren’t thinking about using the mattress in a cage.

The choice of sizes is not just about the weight of your dog but also the amount of space he takes up when lying down.

So choose a bed size large enough for your dog to comfortably rest his head and stretch out his legs without hanging off the edge.

2. Material

The next step is to decide on the filling material. It can be anything from memory foam, orthopedic foam base, Cooling Gel, recycled material poly fill, Hypoallergenic material, or cedar shavings.

Each of these materials has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to choose breathable fabric and the one that will be most comfortable for your dog and also suits your budget without having an allergic reaction on your dog.

Memory foam is the most popular choice among dog owners as it contours to your dog’s body and provides support to his joints. However, memory foam can be quite expensive.

Recycled poly fill is a cheaper alternative to memory foam that is just as comfortable. Poly fill is made from recycled plastic bottles and is hypoallergenic, so it’s a good choice for dogs with allergies.

Cedar shavings are often used in dog beds as they have natural insect-repellant properties. However, cedar shavings can be quite sharp and may not be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and orthopedic issues.

Cooling gel is perfect for dogs that tend to overheat, as it helps to regulate their body temperature. However, cooling gel beds can be quite expensive. So people tight on budget shouldn’t opt for these expensive items.

3. Water-Resistant Cover

If you want the Shepherd dog bed to be placed both indoors and outdoors, then it is recommended to choose a bed with a water-resistant cover. It will not only prevent any chances of allergic reactions in your dog but will also make the bed last longer.

Moreover, a removable washable cover is easy to deal with. I am using shredded memory foam with a microfiber cover, for my larger breeds which are working very well for me.

4. Best type and placement of the bed

Think about the type and manner of the bed which you will be purchasing for your dog.

There are different shapes available in the market. But the best Dog Bed for a German shepherd or any large breed dog is of rectangular shape. It gives them the most surface area to stretch and feel comfortable.

I will here recommend using orthopaedic beds for your German shepherd; even he is young. It will support his joint health and reduce the chances of dysplasia when he gets older.

This will give them maximum support along with canine comfort and space and make them feel at home. Also, make sure to place the bed in a quiet and draft-free area where your dog can feel relaxed and safe.

One more thing pet owners will need to do is to set the bed in a place where he usually sleeps. Because if it’s put in the wrong place, then he likely will not use at all.

5. Comfortability

One of the primary functions of a dog bed includes its comfort level. Your dog comfort is crucial for you right isn’t it?

The cushioning within the bed performs a key role in providing comfort for dogs. It is the component of the mattress which supports your pet’s joints and body.

When picking the best dog bed for a German shepherd, on the first priority, you should look for a bed cushioning with its own filling.

Polyester filling is just one of the most frequent techniques of cushioning. Which is not a bad option, and this reduces the overall cost of the bed also.

High levels of polyester are usually found in economical dog beds. But for the best support memory foam is a much better and more comfortable option than poly filling especially if your dog has orthopedic problems since they want just a tiny bit more support due to their achy joints.

6. Water-Resistant Liner

A waterproof base with a water-resistant liner is easy to wash and will significantly increase the life of your dog bed. Water-resistant base not only will make the bed last longer but will also provide a little bit more comfort to your pet.

A waterproof base has many other benefits as well like it will not let the bed absorb any smells, and it will also protect your dog in case of an accident.

The outer liner of the bed will also protect the memory foam from any chewing or clawing by your dog.

7. Attractive Design

Your dog bed should have an attractive design with durable cover so that it can complement the décor of your house. It should also be according to the taste and preference of your dog.

Some people think that dog beds are only available in boring and dull designs, but that’s not true. You can find a dog bed in any design, different color options, and shape.

I have personally seen many dog beds which look very stylish and attractive. So, when you go out to buy a bed for your dog, make sure to choose the one with an attractive design.

8. Average Rating

The average rating is the best way to know about the quality of a product. You can find many dog beds with a high rating, but that doesn’t mean that they are of good quality.

Many companies inflate their ratings by paying people to write fake reviews. So, my advice would be to not only look at the rating but also read the reviews to get a better idea about the quality of the bed.

9. Durability

Durability is essential when you’re purchasing a bed for your dog. Nobody would like to keep buying a new dog bed every month or two.

When purchasing the best type of beds for German shepherds, you should think about the durability of substances and the guarantee the company is providing because it’s one of the essential things to think about when picking a dog bed.

The bed should be extra tough with double stitching to reduce claw punctures because the German shepherd is a big breed dog with powerful jaws. As far as the guarantee is concerned one-year warranty or for life is great to have.

But that’s not going to apply if you have a heavy chewer at home so beware.

10. Anti-Slip Bottom

The bottom of the bed should have an anti-slip surface so that it does not move around when your dog is sleeping on it. An anti-slip bottom will also keep the bed in place, and your dog will not be able to move it around.

This is an important feature to look for when purchasing a bed for your German shepherd because they are an active breed, and they like to move around a lot.

Some people think that dog beds with an anti-slip bottom are more expensive, but that’s not the case. You can find many dog beds with an anti-slip bottom at an affordable price.

11. Easy to clean

No one of us will want our dogs to infest the furniture or carpets of our houses. Thus while buying a dog bed, you should also keep this point in your mind, and select the bed according to it.

In my opinion, if you are going to buy the best dog bed for German shepherd. Then the mattress you choose should have a detachable cover that is easy to change and is completely machine washable.

Therefore, you need to make an effort to get your hands on a premium product which isn’t difficult to clean.

They come in wide variety nowadays, and most of the dog beds are available with them, so it won’t be difficult for you to pick the right one.

12. Completely Machine Washable

The bed should be completely machine washable so that you can easily clean it. Some dog beds have a removable cover, and you can wash the cover in the washing machine.

But some dog beds are not machine washable, and you have to clean them by hand, which is a very tedious and time-consuming task.

So, if you’re looking for a bed for your German shepherd, make sure to choose the one which is completely machine washable.

13. Orthopedic Memory Foam

If you want your dog to have a good night’s sleep, then you should get an orthopedic memory foam bed for him. That is even more important for dogs with arthritis  or joint pain.

Memory foam contours to your dog’s body and gives him the support he needs. It relieves pressure on the joints and muscles and helps in pain relief.

There are now many faux fur lining orthopedic memory foam polyester cover dog beds available in the market, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

14. Color Options

As I have told you before that dog beds are available in variety of colors , designs, and shapes. It entirely depends on you which one you want to choose for your dog.

Some people think that only one color option is available in dog beds, but that’s not the case. You can find dog beds in any color you want. 

The most common colors for dog beds are black, blue, and brown. But you can also find dog beds in other colors like red, green, and pink.

So, when you go out to purchase a bed for your dog, make sure to choose the one which is available in different color options.

15. Elevated Design Beds For Hot Climates

If you live in a hot climate, then you should definitely get an elevated bed for your German shepherd. 

An elevated bed will keep your dog cool in the summer months because it will allow air to circulate around them. An elevated bed is also a great option if your dog likes to sleep outside. 

So, if you’re looking for best dog bed for German shepherd, make sure to choose the one which is available in an elevated heat resistant design and is a few inches tall to withstand dust mites. There is a huge variety of such beds available in the market, and you can easily find one which suits your needs and budget.

16. Chew Proof Bed For Aggressive Chewers 

As I have told you before that German shepherds are big dogs with powerful jaws, so it is very important as a pet parent to get a bed that is chew proof. 

There are many dog beds available in the market which are made from chew proof materials like nylon and Kevlar for aggressive chewers.

So, if you’re looking for a bed for your destructive chewer, make sure to choose the one which is made from chew proof materials.

17. Warranty

When you purchase a dog bed, make sure to check the warranty period. A good quality dog bed will have 1-year warranty at least. Some dog beds have a lifetime warranty, so make sure to choose the one which has a long warranty period.


If you have gone through this article carefully then you might come to know that which one is the best dog bed for a German shepherd. 

I have provided enough information about the top products along with pros and cons. 

Moreover, if you are looking for the best performing and high-quality product then Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products is the best suggestion for you. 

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