10 Best Bark Collar For Long Haired Dogs In 2023

Is your dog the sweetest little munchkin in your life but it’s a nuisance when it starts barking non-stop?

Well, don’t you worry for I have found the most perfect solution for you – bark collars? Bark collars are a special type of collars used to tame the excessive barking of dogs.

While most people fear that bark collars are torture to their little ones, there are a variety of non-static collars that do not harm the dog. These collars include spray collars, ultrasonic collars, and vibration collars.

Getting a bark collar might seem like an easy solution to your dog’s barking problems but it does require special attention. Leave a bark collar for too long results in pressure sores so it should be left on for 8 hours max.

Long-haired dogs pose a problem when fitting into normal collars because of their hair. The leash connectors have to be adjusted well or the hair at the back of the neck needs to be cut off.

My article today focuses on long haired dogs. Bark collars are already limited and finding special ones of long haired dogs? Hard to do! But don’t you worry, I’m here to help you out. Below are 10 bark collars. These will help you find the top quality bark collar for long haired dogs.

Without further delay let’s get on with the article!

Best Bark Collar for Long Haired Dogs

Table of Contents

best bark collar for long haired dogs

1: Dogtra YS600 Dog Collar

The first on my list is the Dogtra YS600 dog collar that not only functions well but the sleek silver exterior gives your dog an elegant look as well.

The high output dog collar checks all the marks when it comes to functions. From being waterproof to HPP stimulations, this dog collar will leave you in absolute awe!


Like most good collars, this rechargeable perfect tool has the waterproof feature as well.

You will be able to train your dog in all kinds of environments, and inclement weather without the fear of malfunctioning or electrocution. Let your dog enjoy the rain with his collar on.

Dog Sizing

The YS600 is made for all types of dogs that weigh 35lbs or more hence it can be used on any sized dog.

The belt and buckle system instead of the usual clip adjusts around the neck well and holds firmly in place. What’s more, is that the prongs further secure the collar in place.


The HPP along with 10 stimulators makes these training collars better than the rest of the collars.

The stimulators give you 10 different stimulation levels to find the perfect level for your dog. The HPP, high-performance pager alerts dogs when training by giving them a clear vibration with a combination of sound.


  • The accelerometer detects fake and real barking style, barking volume of your furry friend and hence functions accordingly
  • Has a persistent bark indicator that informs the owner of excessive barking even when the device is not in use.
  • It indicates when stimulation levels need of basic training modes to be increased.
  • This bark dog collar is fully waterproof
  • The sleek design is lighter and more powerful than the rest of the collars
  • Has a 2-hour rapid charge lithium battery
  • Comes with 10 levels of static corrections

Final Verdict

When it comes to looks, this collar with adjustable sensitivity level surely is unique as it is much lighter and more powerful according to its size.

The belt design looks pretty to the eyes as well. This makes it the best bark collar for long haired dogs.

If you’re looking for something a little advanced and extra, this is your product. In the end, I’d give it 10 out of 10.

2: DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

The DogRook collar certainly beats other dog collars due to its extremely long-lasting battery. What’s more that it has 5 sensitivity levels and 2 training modes as well.

The dog collar assures no false shocks due to its updated technology. This humane bark collar is perfect for training your dog to be polite.

Automatic technology

While most people opt for bark collars, they’re also fear that their dog might get electrocuted. To prevent that, the DogBark bark collar has an extremely low voltage to train your dog.

It automatically stops when your dog doesn’t respond to the shock in 30 seconds to prevent prolonged shock that might make him lose sensation.

Adjustable strap

The adjustable strap helps to fit the dog according to your dog’s neck. When a dog is long-haired, it is already so hard to find a good collar that might fit his neck. Adjustable straps come in handy when fitting hairy dogs.

Training mode and sensitivity level

It has a special training mode instilled that works according to the needs of your dog. It gives a low amount of shock and it has special sensors to detect fake triggering.

So now you do not have to worry about your dog getting hurt just because the neighbor’s dog is barking. Be worry-free and relax! These kinds of training methods are very effective.


  • Has dual training mode– vibration and shock
  • Switch between modes by pressing a single button on collar receiver
  • You do not need a remote to control it, it works automatically
  • Stops when the dog doesn’t react for 30 seconds
  • Has progressive training method installed in its chip
  • Has a long-lasting battery, lasting up to 7 days
  • It has a clear battery indicator that indicates when the battery is low
  • The strap can be adjusted from 8.8 to 20.8
  • Has 5 sensitivity levels to find the perfect level for your pup
  • The indication is set to 113dBs that hardly causes accidents

Final Verdict

In my opinion, it is a pretty great collar. Yes, it does lack a complete training mode system but it covers it up by having 5 sensitivity levels that assure perfect care of your dog.

When your dog has this collar on, you do not need to worry about switching it on or off, it does so itself! What’s fascinating is that it is adjustable making it perfect for long-haired dogs.

All these features make it a worthy choice and one of the best bark collar for long haired dogs.

best anti bark collar for long haired dogs

3: Educator BP-504 Collar (best bark collar for long haired dogs)

The educator BP-504 is another collar that not only focuses on its functions but the overall look as well. With a black sleek belt-and-buckle design, it is bound to capture your heart right away.

As for its functions, it has anti-stress properties, showing that your dog’s health comes first.

It also gives a variety of contact points, a feature that we don’t normally come across. The dual-mode further adds to the wow factor of the product and makes it more appealing.


The stimulation is blunt and soft unlike most collars and that prevents stressful environments.

The dog has a much more relaxed training when wearing this collar. The collar provides just the right amount of shock for your dog to stop unnecessary barking without startling him.

Contact Points

The contact points of this humane bark collar are available in three distinctive materials.

One is made of aluminum, one made of stainless steel, and the third is made from comfort pads. The points also have the option of small for short-haired dogs and long for long-haired dogs.

The contact points should be placed comfortably on the dog’s skin just above or below the vocal cords.

5-Second Safety Delay

The safety system of the collar includes a 5-second safety delay. It has multiple levels of sensitivity and when all of them have been crossed, there is a five-second delay before the next cycle starts. This ensures the safety of your little one


  • This anti-barking collar has the newest ABST
  • A multi-mode ultrasonic bark collar
  • Standard contact Points
  • 3 stimulation modes beep vibration shock with an efficient vibration sensor
  • 3 levels of sensitivity
  • Impressive standby time
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Made with antibacterial plastic
  • Sleek and smart design anti-barking collar

Final Verdict

While most bark collars have up to 7 levels of sensitivity, I was disappointed to find out that this only has 3.

If that level works for your dog, be sure to give it a try, considering it has dual-modes, it is not bad.

4: Stopwoofer Bark Collar

This bark collar is pretty exceptional than the rest. It is available for all sized dogs. It has a no-shock feature and 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity settings. These assure the absolute safety of your little one, giving only vibrations and sound signals.

Updated Technology

This rechargeable collar has 7 levels of correction, the correction level includes a mixture of sound as well as vibration.

It will start at the lowest setting and then increases the static level as the dog continues to bark. When the 7th level has been reached and the dog still persistently barks, the device s turned off for 1 minute to ensure your dog’s safety. After that, it continues from level 1 again.

Smart Chip

The updated smart chip in this perfect bark collar protects your dog from getting shocked due to false barking.

It recognizes sounds from other barks, car horns, and such things and does not react or send any false corrections. This training tool keeps your canine companion safe and secure.

Fits All Sizes

The collar fits all sized dogs. From 7lbs to 120lbs, all sized ones. This makes it suitable for small, medium, large, and extra-large dogs. The reflective strips on the collar make the collar adjustable to all sized necks.


  • The automatic detection does not require a remote to turn the device on
  • Cute clip design
  • Recommended for dogs more than 3 months old
  • Has 2 vibration contacts
  • It is waterproof bark shock collar with a digital screen
  • Is a no shock bark collar
  • Doesn’t use fit-restricting holes
  • When the dog is an irritated state, avoid using the collar
  •  The smart chip of this waterproof bark collar easily detects unrelated sounds

Final Verdict

Unlike every other collar on my list today, the Stopwoofer no shock bark collar guarantees no shock hence no harm.

According to me, this is a huge plus point. That is so because most people are afraid of shocking their little ones. If you’re one of them, this is your product.

5: TBI pro shock collar (best anti bark collar for long haired dogs)

All the dog owners know that when it rains, your dog gets extra excited and gets the house roaring with barks.

At such a time, one worries that the collar might pass current and hurt the dog. But don’t you worry, TBI pro shock collar is waterproof that saves you from such a worry.

It also has different modes for your different needs and even has an anti false alarm triggering system, meaning no more false shocks for your dog.

Training modes

Different tactics work for different dogs. If your dog is stubborn, vibration might not work on him and he might need a little something extra.

Keeping that in mind, TBI designed three different modes for the training of your dog , depending on the kind of shock they need.

The three different modes are sound signal, vibration, and light shock. The light shock is harmless and produces just a tingling sensation.

IPX7 Waterproof

The IPX7 waterproof technology makes it the ideal shock collar to wear in times of rain and snow.

It even promises you safe swims in the water with your pet without harming even a single hair on his body.

Safe for small dogs

Most people worry that small dogs have small and delicate necks that might not be able to stand the shock system of such collars.

TBI understands your worries; therefore it created a shock collar safe for small dogs. Now don’t worry even if your dog is small, he can be trained through this collar.


  • Large adjustable strap for sizes of dogs
  • Smart anti-false bark triggering protects from fake shocks
  • Should not be used more than 12 hours a day
  • Has LED light indicator
  • Rechargeable dog collar
  • Helps fight anxiety
  • Beeps and then vibrates or shocks, giving off an alarm first

Final Verdict

Shock collars are a great way to train your dog, no doubt. In my opinion, the TBI pro shock collar is a great bark collar.

That is so considering it has three distinctive modes according to the needs of your dog.

It is resizable which makes it the best bark collar for large dogs and small dogs. Although it does lack dual motors, it is still a great way to go!

6: Trulrox IP67 Waterproof Collar

This no-shock bark collar is for all the worrying pet owners that fear that their dog might get hurt from the shock. It has trigger sensors and an automatic protection mode for further safety and is super lightweight so that it does not tire out your dog’s neck. After all, an unhappy dog makes you unhappy.

Trigger Sensor

Then trigger sensor differentiates between the barks of other dogs and your dog through the prongs placed on the skin of the dog. It prevents false alarms and shocks to ensures the safety of your dog.


The weight of the collar is light which makes it easier to wear all day long long.

Most small dogs cannot carry such a device for long due to its weight but don’t you worry. This remote dog training collar is so lightweight that even the smallest dog won’t feel a strain on his neck when wearing it.


The waterproof feature is a must-have by now. IP67 waterproof technology is the main highlight of this collar.

Furthermore, you get around 14 days per charge out of this collar which is handy when you plan on outdoor activities session with your beloved pet.


  • No shock bark collar
  • Vibration and tone technology
  • This electric shock collar comes with 5 sensitivity levels with cutting edge technology
  • Charge for 1-2 hours and then use for 14 days
  • The charging voltage must be 5V, if more, the device will beep continuously
  • Overvoltage safety chip
  • Can be charged via PC and power bank
  • Training guide
  • Can be used for dogs from 6lbs to 150lbs

Final Verdict

I would give this product a nine out of a ten. Since it has only 5 adjustable sensitivity levels, it does lack when compared to other products.

But overall, it is a good no-shock bark collar that fits all sized dogs.

7: Dog no bark collar ( best no bark collar for long haired dogs)

My favorite one on the list, the Dog no bark collar is the perfect blend of all the features needed to make a good collar.

It has LED indicators for different modes, has a long-lasting battery life and 7 levels of sensitivity. I mean, what else can one ask for?

Smart LED Indicators

This waterproof bark collar has dual-mode and each mode is represented by an LED light on its digital display. The display has a power button, a few control buttons, and an LED light indicator.

The red light is used to show the shock mode consisting of a beep, vibration, and shock. While the green light indicates no shock mode and consists only of the beep and vibration setting.

Waterproof and Long-lasting Battery Life

The collar is waterproof that guarantees an absolute worry-free environment when playing around in the water.

The battery life is long-lasting. With a single charge you can use this device for 10-15 days.

Dual Mode

The collar has a dual-mode as mentioned above. It has a shock and no-shock mode. Shock mode is for aggressive and stubborn dogs while the no-shock mode is for timid dogs.

Start with the no-shock mode and if your dog does not show any progress, move on to the shock mode.


  • Intelligent identification chip
  • Smart design
  • 7 levels of sensitivity
  • IP67 waterproof design
  • Excellent customer service
  • Involves smart testing mode
  • Do not use for dogs under 6 months

Final Verdict

If you’re willing to buy it again and again, seeing as it less durable, surely go for this product.

It does not lack anything. From having a dual-mode to smart testing, you will find everything you need in this collar. It’s one of the best best anti bark collar for long haired dogs available in the market.

8: Petyeah Bark Collar

The Petyeah bark collar for dogs is an all-rounder as it has multiple sensitivity levels, a dual-mode system, a smart test mode for the owners, and even an adjustable strap.

It has everything that a good bark collar needs and makes it a very good choice for every dog owner.

Smart Test Mode

For owners, there is a smart test mode to check out the intensity level before applying this to your dog.

When the sensitivity level is set at 0, you can shout near it and it will vibrate first and then give you a shock. The shock will be light and is bearable. You can check so by placing your hand on the collar.

Automatic Protection

This durable dog collar features a dual-mode, a non-shock mode, and a shock mode. The no shock mode is pretty moderate and works with vibrations and beeps.

The shock mode has 6 different levels. It takes turns turning on each level. Once each level has been activated, it sleeps for 2 minutes and then turns on the levels again starting from the lowest level.

The automatic protection system turns off the device so it does not harm the dog.

Adjustable Strap

The adjustable collar strap has a clip at the end and adjusts according to the size of your dog’s neck which assures utmost safety and security.

The nylon strap even has reflective strips to find your dog in the dark.


  • Has an intelligent identification chip
  • Has dual-mode for all kinds of dogs
  • Consists of an automatic protection system
  • Is waterproof
  • 2-3 hours of charging gives 10 days of use
  • LED light indicators

Final Verdict

I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the dual-mode and the 6-level shock cycle.

It even has a smart testing mode that most collars lack. This helps build the trust fo the user and gets this bark collar some brownie points. I would say, this is a pretty good deal.

9: NPS bark collar

NPS is known for its sensitivity when it comes to their customers. They design products with extreme care, keeping in mind all the worries of their users. This collar also meets the standards of the NPS brand completely.

With automatic censoring to led indications also including the adjustable straps, every little detail has been looked after for your utmost convenience.

Automatic censoring

This amazing collar for dogs automatically detects when the dog is barking. This dog shock collar has 2 prongs placed to your dog’s neck.

It detects barking and hence gets to work. It has 7 adjustable levels of vibration and shock combination to stop your dog’s barking within 1 minute. This is even higher than the levels of the last two ones on my list.

Safe and Secure

The collar automatically detects when the dog is not barking and has an anti-false trigger system. It assures your dog’s safety and security.

It also detects when your dog isn’t responding and stops the vibration or shock.

While most static collars produce feelings of anxiety and fear, this rechargable collar does not as it increases the level of training with your dog’s resistance.

Meaning it will only give your dog the amount of barking correction training that he would be able to handle.

LED Indicator

The LED light indicator displays when the device is on or shut off through a red LED light on the top of the box in the front.

It helps you stay alert and indicates when the charging is finished by going off.


  • No remote or monitoring is needed
  • Has a trauma-free anti-barking training system
  • The 7 level training rises each level as the dog continues to bark
  • Is available for all neck sizes 
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Advanced bark suppression technology
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • The nylon band expands around the neck to provide more comfort
  • The strap is hypoallergenic promising no irritations for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Is waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors in every weather condition

Final Verdict

This is the best dog collar on my list yet. With its light shock to its 7 levels of training, it is the perfect tool to train your dog to be polite and bark less.

It creates better relations with neighbors and even brings you closer to your dog. In my opinion, this makes it a better option than the rest of the collars in the market.

10: Trulrox bark collar

Trulrox has several great bark collars and they do not stay back when it comes to adding the best features for the utmost convenience of their buyers.

The intensity of beep vibration mode at the start is a feature that most collars lack and what makes this one so special. Let’s get on with finding more about this collar.

Overload Protection

To not give your dog too much shock the built-in Accelerometer Bark Sensor comes into play, the first bark only results in light vibration and beeping.

If the second bark occurs within 30 seconds of the first bark, the device gives a light shock. If the dog barks after 30 seconds, it again gets just vibrations and a beep. This way your dog gets a little rest of 30 seconds or more between his training process.

Safety and Security

To protect your dog’s skin and fur, this rechargeable bark collar has conductive silicone prongs attached to it.

The silicon prongs guarantee no added shock or accidents due to metal prongs. The silicon prongs are soft and light against the skin and rest smoothly on top of your dog’s fur.

Moreover, it also comes with 1-5 adjustable intensity levels where an increase in stimulation level only occurs when the dog barks.


The waterproof features of these adjustable collars guarantee zero added shock when the collar meets water.

Most dogs are messy and love to get wet. To safely play in water and rain, Trulrox electric collars add a waterproof feature.

Now sit back and enjoy seeing your dog happily enjoy the rain or in any inclement weather without being in danger.


  • Long silicon prongs make it the best collar for dogs with thick fur
  • Has an advanced anti-false triggering system
  • Double reflective tape helps prevent the collar from cutting into your dog’s neck
  • The collar fits dogs of all sizes
  • Resizable collar
  • Can be used along with an installed lightbulb
  • Has a test mode for you to check before using it on your dog
  • Adjustable sensitivity setting
  • Safe shock levels range from 1 to 5
  • 2 adjustable nylon collars available
  • Reposition the collar every 1-2 hours when possible
  • Should not be worn for more than 12 hours
  • Charge for 1-2 hours and use it for 12 days to come

Final Verdict

As it is said, simplicity goes a long way. Similarly, this product is so simple to use from its adjustment to its digital display, everything is user friendly and it does not even require a remote.

The auditory beeps at the start are reassuring as it gives them as well as you a little warning before starting. It is safe and it is useful which is just great!

Buying Guide

Now that you already know the different bark collars out there with different features, it is time to buy one.

But before you move on and buy a bark collar, it is important to know what you’re looking for and how it suits your dog.

To help you out, I have compiled a list from a wide range of factors to consider before buying a bark collar.

Best Bark Collar for Long Haired Dogs1

1. Dogs size

First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind your dog’s size. Even adjustable bark collars have a certain limit. Before selecting one, always look at the collar size chart displayed with the product that states the sizing requirements. The weight of the device is per the size of the dog.

Most collars are available for small to medium and the rest are for medium to large. If you come across one that is good for all sizes, you’ve hit the jackpot. If the rest of the requirements match, you’re good to go.

2. Dogs Neck Circumference

The dog’s neck circumference is important as the belt needs to fit around the neck of the dog. If the collar is not resizable, consider moving on to the next product. If it is, check if your dog’s neck circumference fits into the sizing requirements it has. If yes, then that’s your deal.

3. False Trigger Proof Feature

The most torturous thing would be to see your dog get shocked again and again because your neighbor’s dog keeps barking. If the collar you’re looking at does not have a false alarms proof feature, then it is a plain no-no item.

Always go for collars that have an automatic protection mode backed up by anti false triggering feature to ensure the safety and security of your dog.

4. Safety and Security

This includes a lot of features. Since safety is the top priority when it comes to your dog, always check all the features and eliminate the option if any of them pose any harm.

For example, check if the collar has a reflective strip. It helps the collar stay in place and prevents it from cutting into the neck of your dog.

Another secure feature would be checking if the collar is waterproof. That prevents accidents in rain and when your dog is playing around in the water. It lets you be worry-free and enables your dog to enjoy even when the collar is on even when in foggy conditions.

5. Types Of Bark Collars

There are three different types of bark collars.Each is made for different kinds of dogs. To find out which one fits yours, you will need to read the description and choose which one you think fits your dog best. These collars include:

Shock bark collar: A shock collar is one that has prongs placed on the skin of your dog near his vocal cords. It detects when the dog is barking and sends out a light shock. The shock startles the dog and prevents any further barking. The shock level can be adjusted according to your needs.

Citronella bark collar: Citronella is a substance with an unpleasant smell that most dogs despise. When the dog barks, the collars spray citronella and the dog is startled. When the unpleasant smell accompanies every bark, the dog soon quietens up.

Ultrasonic bark collar: Used the least, this bark collar is an unpopular device among dog owners. It sends out a high and unpleasant pitched sound every time the dog barks. The ultrasonic sound can only be heard by the dog. It is recommended to discuss this with your veteran before ordering this item.

6. The Sensitivity Of The Device

Always check if the sensitivity level of the collar is there. The more the sensitivity levels are, the better the product is. If there is no such level and the device automatically shocks your dog at his first bark, it will leave feelings of fear and anxiety. In order t avoid this, always check for this level before buying a collar.

7. Dual-Mode Feature

Also, check if the collar has a dual-mode feature. This might come in handy when your dog is moody. For days when he doesn’t comply and keep being stubborn, you can turn on the shock mode. And for days when he quietens up even with just a vibration or beep, you can have the no-shock mode activated.

This way you can tune in the collar according to your dog’s needs without harming him. The excess shock when he is quietly complying would be unjustified and cruel. To prevent that, be sure to check if the collar has a dual-mode feature.

8. Dog’s Mental Health

It is recommended not to use dog bark collars or collars with high-intensity treatments with dogs that have anxiety or such issues. If your dog is overly aggressive, it won’t help to get an aggressive collar for him. It will only make him more stubborn and give him pain.

To treat such dogs, visit a veteran and get to the roots of such issues, instead of buying a bark collar. That will create trust between you and your dog and help your relationship with him. It might even stop him from barking without using a dog collar.

9. Multiple Modes Of Beep Vibration Shock:

This is one of the best features that a bark collar can have. A lot of times, the dog just needs a beep or vibration to stop barking. If the collar has only one mode of beeping or vibration, it will become ineffective after a while. The dog will get used to it and won’t be startled anymore.

But if the collar has multiple modes, it will keep working even after your dog gets used to one mode. It will change things up and prevent your dog from getting used to it. That’s why this feature is a must-have in any good bark collar.

10. Price

Affordable price is something we all look for. There are many cheap products available but they don’t last long. So, buy something durable used in nylon cinch collar which lasts longer than others. Also, ensure that the quality of the material used is good enough so as to withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you want to save money, then go for a cheaper version of the same thing. But remember, durability comes at a cost. You need to spend some extra bucks to get a reliable product.

Safety Considerations For Using A Bark Collar

Barking is an important communication tool for dogs. We might not always want to listen, but they need our help to communicate. According to the Humane Society, more than 40% of dogs that enter shelters are there for a behavior-related problem.

Barking can be triggered by many reasons, such as territorial and protective instincts, separation anxiety, boredom, or fear. Rather than punishing barking with a shock collar or other painful device (which may only worsen the situation), it’s best to address the underlying cause of your dog’s barking.

Then train him not to bark in certain situations by making those situations undesirable or uncomfortable.

Best Bark Collar for Long Haired Dogs1

When to Use a Bark Collar with your pets safety?

I don’t recommend using a bark collar as an on-demand punishment. Instead, use it when you’re out of the house, and your dog is most likely to bark (around the house).

There’s generally no need to put a bark collar on your dog with modes of beep vibration shock before you leave the house.

If your dog has just one remote-control collar, and he’s been wearing that all morning, he’ll likely remain quiet while you’re gone. Excessive exposure to the collar contact may desensitize your dog to its effects.

Now, if you live in an apartment complex with close neighbors, or if your dog is particularly yappy, a bark collar may help to reduce the amount of noise your dog makes while you’re away.

i) There are two types of anti bark dog collars: vibration-only collars and citronella-spray collars.

The silent vibration of the former or the harmless spray that emanates from the latter will cause your dog to stop barking. In my experience with these collars, they work well as long as they’re used correctly.

ii) If you’re not sure where to buy a quality product, make sure you buy from a reputable company that sells it. Shop online or at a brick-and-mortar store with high ratings and reviews from customers.

iii) Make sure it fits comfortably around your dog’s neck. It should be tight enough so that you need two fingers to pinch it together, but not so loose that it can slide off over his head or off one shoulder and down his back (so he can still reach his neck with one paw).

iv) Ensure you check the product description very carefully to make sure that the collar you’re buying is for dogs. Some sound collars only work for dogs, and some are only safe for pets; some only work on dogs and some are safe for cats, too (but that’s another story).

v) One of the most important things to keep in mind is that these collars should be used as a tool and not punishment.

They should never be used to hurt your dog or curb his barking habit intentionally. If you have concerns about your dog’s behavior or if his barking is getting out of control, don’t ever use a bark collar on him. Instead, invest in an anti-barking device, a training book, or a dog trainer.

vi) The best way to ensure that your dog doesn’t get hurt is to stress the importance of staying safe while using your bark collar with reflective stripes.

As you become more familiar with how this tool works, you’ll have fewer worries about using it safely and effectively to train your dog.

vii) Bark collars are not for long-term use, as they tend to cause skin irritation. I would say that some of them are better than others, but the best ones, for me at least, are products that emit a harmless citronella spray.

Because dogs can’t see these and because some dogs have sensitive noses or eyes or skin, they work just fine. Keep in mind that they’re not a perfect solution when your dog is barking to attract attention to himself, so don’t rely on them entirely when this happens.

Different types of bark collars

There are many types of anti bark collars, so I’ll discuss the five most popular ones, especially for long-haired dogs:

The remote-controlled collar

This type of Anti Bark collar can be used in two ways: a citronella provocation collar (described below) or a remote-control self-rewarding collar. If you use it only to set off the air vibrations or spray, then it’s not a true bark collar. This is the method I recommend.

The citronella spray Anti Bark Collar

Nowadays, it’s replaced by remote-control collars and ultrasonic devices, but they’re easy to find if you’re interested in shopping for that type of item.

I prefer citronella spray Anti Bark collar instead of a cheap collar for use by people who have experience with dog training.

I don’t own a citronella spray collar because I consider it to be an inferior option than other bark collar rechargeable collars that offers multiple safe modes for efficient training.

The self-rewarding remote-control collar

This type of collar has a button on the top that cycles through four levels of stimulation: vibration, static shock, vibration, and static shock. It’s a favorite among urban dwellers who want to be able to give their dogs treats or even their dinner when they’re not home.

You can also use this option when you want your dog to bark only at specific people or on an other period of time such as Halloween.

Ultrasonic collars

Ultrasonic collars send out high-frequency sounds that are not audible to human ears. They work the same as bark collars but cause dogs a lot of stress, particularly if they have been trained using a vibration-only collar.

These collars can be used as an alternative to citronella spray or remote-control collars. The type of correction of the ultrasonic sound is dependent on the model you choose. The Battery charges via USB and will give you a low battery indicator.

Sound bark collars

Sound-activated bark collars are the newest type of bark collars. They use special software to analyze your dog’s barking and identify why he’s barking.

It then automatically delivers a shock to stop your dog from making the same noise again. They’re effective, but they can be painful for your dog if you don’t follow proper training procedures as it increases in intensity if the barking sound is not stopped.

Note: I do not recommend using sound-activated bark collars as they can be very confusing and stressful for your dog.

There are many advantages to using a good bark collar, namely:

They’re safer for dogs than citronella spray or remote-control collars • They’re not as easy to use as ultrasonic devices and citronella spray collars. Hence, people tend to use them more diligently (which is necessary if you want your dog not to bark).

If you decide to go with this method, make sure you use them only occasionally and only when you predict your dog will bark.

This collar for dogs protects against both indoor and outdoor barking. It also has a training mode so you can teach your dog not to bark unnecessarily. It comfortably fits around most neck sizes, and it’s very easy to use.

The five types of bark collars described above are all set off by vibrations or sprays that dogs don’t like (such as citronella). That’s what makes these devices effective. It’s also what means you’ll need to train your dog not to bark if you use any of these collars.


Are bark collars cruel?

Bark collars are cruel as they give pain or discomfort to the dog to make them stop barking. While this is an effective method, it certainly isn’t the only method, and there are other alternative methods that include zero harm. A dog might be barking out of fear or irritation that electronic collars cant take care of.

Do anti-barking collars work?

Yes, Anti-barking collars work. While most collars might need to amp the shock or vibrations up a bit to train the stubborn dogs, they do work. They create a distraction or something unusual so close to the neck of the dog that it scares them into being silent or quit barking.

Can anti-bark collars kill?

No, anti-barking collars cannot kill. The amount of shock in Anti Bark collar is safe and tested, which only creates a distraction for your dog instead of harming it.

Also, the collars with safe modes are meant to be a deterrent for bad behavior instead of a punishment. Meaning, that they are supposed to make the dog leave its habit instead of harming it.

Are bark collars safe for dogs?

Bark collars are safe for dogs; therefore, it is okay to use them. They only make the dog stop barking under certain circumstances and do not make them harm the dog.But it will take a bit of time for your dog to get used to this collar.

Do bark collars help with whining or howling?

While barking can be a sign of whining or howling, it is possible to train your dog not to do it.

With certain anti-barking collars for sensitive skin, there are extra modes along with a vibration sensor for this kind of behavior. Also, you can use the anti-barking collars not to be as harsh.

You can choose from citronella spray collars, remote-control collars, vibration bark collars, ultrasonic bark collars, and sound bark collars. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully based on your dog’s specific set of behaviors.

What is a Part 15 certified collar?

Part 15 refers to the section of the FCC rules that has guidelines for electronic collars. To be considered safe, these devices must not cause harmful interference with other electronics. This is why it’s important to choose static collars that the FCC has approved.

Will a bark control collar, hurt my dog?

No, a bark control collar will not hurt your dog. It’s designed to make them uncomfortable rather than harming them. However, you should look for a collar that has variable intensity settings so that you can adjust it to your dog’s level.

Can my dog wear a collar while it sleeps?

Yes, your dog can wear a bark control collar even while sleeping. You should get one that is not too tight that it’s choking them too much but snug enough that they can’t just easily slip out of it.

What is a bark warning?

A bark warning is a feature that alerts the dog owner that their dog has started barking. It doesn’t affect the dog but helps let the owner know to take action.

How long does a citronella bark collar last?

A Citronella collar comes with refills that need to be replaced periodically. For this reason, you should estimate how many refills you’ll need to get through the life of your dog’s training.

How do I get my dog to stop barking when left alone?

Getting a dog to stop barking when left alone is a difficult task. You may need to invest some time and money into board-and-train or a pet-sitting service to help you through this process.

In the meantime, try using a bark control collar, static shock collars with automatic mode, Citronella collars, or another anti-barking device to help you get through this period.

What is a dog bark control collar, and how does it work?

A dog bark control collar is a device that emits some kind of stimulus when your dog barks. It might be a sound, vibration, or a spray of citronella. The stimulus is supposed to distract your dog and make them stop barking.

Is there a way to prevent my dog from barking?

Yes, some devices can help you train your dog not to bark. However, sometimes the best solution is just to spend time with them and teach them how you want them to act.

However, an Anti Bark collar with optional modes that come in combination of vibration sensor, reflective stripes and are adjustable for all neck sizes, may be an effective way to prevent your dog from barking.

Can dog bark collars be used with invisible fences?

No, most anti-barking collars aren’t able to work together with an invisible fence. These offer two different electronic systems that can interfere with each other and cause problems for your dog.

If you don’t want to put up a physical fence around your yard, consider using an underground dog fence.

Do vets recommend bark collars?

Vets do not generally recommend bark collar for dogs, but if your dog is continually barking and the behavior starts to make you or other people uncomfortable! It might be a good idea to ask your vet for their opinion.

I personally think static collars with automatic mode or non-shock mode that come with barking intensity vibration detection are the best.

These are89% effective in reducing barking and work automatically, which is great for busy owners or those who have more than one dog.

Do citronella bark collars work on all dogs?

Citronella spray bark collars might not be a good idea for dogs that are difficult to train or have especially small necks.

These devices require you to put them around your dog’s neck. If you’re unsure how well they will work, you should test them out on a small piece of your dog’s fur before putting them around their neck.

Can I use bark collars on small dog breeds?

No, you should not use bark collars on small dog breeds. These devices require you to put them around your dog’s neck. If you try this with a smaller breed, it could be dangerous for them.

Is there any way I can stop my dog barking in the car?

Yes, there are products that you can buy to stop your dog from barking in the car. For example, there are devices that you can pop into their cage before you put them in your car that emit a high-pitched noise when they bark. This will hopefully stop them from barking.

Do bark collars work on big dogs?

Bark collars with multiple levels of vibration are usually not recommended for big dog breeds because they may be too strong for them to handle.

If you have a big dog, it might be better to try an electronic fence or electric collars also known as static shock collars. These collars come with all the optional modes such as low, medium, and high voltage. They are designed to give a mild jolt which helps to deter unwanted behaviors.

Are no bark collars humane?

No bark collars are not humane. Although they might stop your dog from barking, there’s no way to tell how much this interferes with their day-to-day life. For this reason, they are considered to be an inhumane way to stop your dog from barking.

How to stop territorial barking?

Territorial barking is often considered to be one of the most annoying types of barking. The best way to stop this behavior is through training, exercise or maybe using an ultrasonic collar.

A collar suitable with a sensor microphone, automated level of intensity, and built-in USB rechargeable battery can help to reduce your dog’s territorial barking.

What Size Bark Collar To Get for long haired dogs?

When determining the best bark collar for long haired dogs, make sure that you choose a product with a low activation level. You don’t want to irritate your dog by using a device that is too strong. This is especially important for dogs with sensitive skin or long fur.


So here was everything you need to know about dog bark collars. From the products to the buying guide, I’ve made sure to cover all areas so that you get the best information. That should help you choose the best bark collar for long haired dogs.

Remember, bark collars might scare you a little but they’re harmless. They’re just an essential tool to train and discipline your dog into becoming a more polite dog.

While occasional barks are cute, endless barking can cause a nuisance, not just in your house but around your neighborhood too.

So get your dog a bark collar now and save all the trouble! Let me know in the comments below if you think bark collars are a good tool.